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  1. Assuming they didn't turn his guitar off, he actually learned the whole song, too. Jambi is a f***ing killer track
  2. Based on the way it's being advertised I'd say the set will be leaning harder into the Van Hagar albums and less into his solo stuff, Montrose, or whatever else he plays these days. Like, maybe they pull out stuff from Balance or F.U.C.K. that hadn't been played since the booze apocalypse in 2004 Time will tell if that's true though, or if he's just gonna keep playing the same half a dozen songs from Van Hagar mixed in with his solo hits
  3. That's totally fair. I suppose lyrically it's not exactly a walk in the park.
  4. DT 1. Six Degrees 2. Scenes 3. Black Clouds 4. Distance Over Time 5. Awake 6. A View 7. Images 8. ADToE 9. Train of Thought 10. Octavarium 11. Dream Theater 12. Systematic Chaos 13. Falling Into Infinity 14. The Astonishing 15. WDADU
  5. +1000 points for putting Distance over Time and A View towards the top -10000 for the Six Degrees slander!
  6. Idk if I'd call that one the worst, but it's definitely bad (on a much overrated album too if you ask me).
  7. Flying Colors' second album I like a lot, they can be a little "preachy" for me musically. Like uplifting to a point where it's a little much. Some absolute fire in Second Nature though
  8. I wonder if Dreamsonic tanked financially and this is their attempt to salvage. That's a really cynical take, but I'm just confused why they'd suddenly move on from Mangini after a string of hugely successful albums at the twilight of their career (James at least).
  9. Honestly don't know why. They gotta be close to hanging it up at least with James struggling live. Their last couple studio albums were amazingly good.
  10. Holy shit Mike Portnoy is back in the band.
  11. Best shot at King Gizzard, excited to see where the new synth album lands. Like Devin Townsend, the discography is so wildly different I have to settle for buckets instead of true ranking. I prefer their heavier or jammier stuff overall, and the microtonal albums are all good. If K.G and L.W would both chop off a small handful of songs and combine it would move to the top category. Untouchably Perfect Nonagon Infinity PetroDragonic Apocalypse Flying Microtonal Banana Ice, Death, Planets, Lungs, Mushrooms, and Lava Polygondwanaland Great L.W. I'm In Your Mind Fuzz Omnium Gatherum Infest the Rats Nest Laminated Denim On the cusp of greatness K.G. Changes Mixed Bag Murder of the Universe Butterfly 3000 Gumboot Soup Mostly not for me but a few goodies Quarters 12 Bar Bruise Fishing for Fishies Maybe they can pull some stuff off live but not revisiting the studio material Float Along - Fill Your Lungs Oddments Paper Mache Dream Balloon Sketches of Brunswick East Excuse me what the f**k Eyes Like The Sky Made in Timeland
  12. Riverside after giving their new album most of the year to bake 1. Love, Fear, and the Time Machine 2. Anno Domini High Definition 3. Second Life Syndrome 4. Shrine of New Generation Slaves 5. I.D.Entity 6. Out of Myself 7. Wasteland 8. Rapid Eye Movement New album is okay but they've certainly done better. The new guitarist is perfectly capable.
  13. The new album is on my list after I stop digesting the amazing new Tesseract album but I wanted to offer my favorable opinion on The Future Bites compared to what I've read in here so far. I like the electronica as long as there's an organic element to it. Some songs work pretty well like Personal Shopper, but once it goes too robot it starts to tank. This is why I love Daft Punk's Random Access Memories, one of the 2010s absolute best albums. I like TFB more than To The Bone, aka Wilson goes full 80s.
  14. Skipping the single releases. His discography is better off experiencing in the album format. Bands are releasing half their album early these days and it's just not the same listening experience
  15. Tesseract after binging the new album 1. War of Being It's perfect. Insane vocal diversity where the screams actually work and don't just hurt my ears, alongside some massive melodic and emotional range. Drums are on fire, bass is on fire, riffs and ambience are perfect. 2. Sonder If anything, it's too short. Great album. Luminary is a neat "here's what a radio single would sound like from a djent group" lol 3. Altered State Ashe O'Hara sounds like a whiney vocalist from a Midwestern emo band's 2008 demo. The songs are pretty great, though. If Dan Tompkins re-recorded the vocals it'd be even better. 4. One Beats out Polaris because Concealing Fate exists. What a monster of a suite. The rest of the album is nothing to write home about and has too much screaming for the sake of screaming. 5. Polaris Some songs are decent to good, some are absolute duds. Nothing on this album is what I'd call great, and because One has Concealing Fate, this album loses.
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