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    No particular order: Limelight, The Trees, Test For Echo, Natural Science, Lock And Key, Nobody's Hero, Headlong Flight, Subdivisions
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  1. Nightingale is a banger. Really curious how they're gonna sound after losing Diego.
  2. YYZ had some trouble but 2112 and Working Man were incredible. Grohl served those songs really well
  3. Spencer Strider threw 16 K's tonight. God damn boy!
  4. I hope he does it, it would be great for the game. I also hope the Twins finally get the monkey off their back and beat them in the playoffs.
  5. Visions (the title track) is one of the greatest songs they've ever written.
  6. Visions is also an awesome album, basically their "Dream Theater" album.
  7. Vector was one that didn't stick for me. Puzzle Box and Veil are pretty good but I have it near the bottom with Aquarius. Aquarius is arguably some of their most unique, but another one that doesn't stick. Big fan of Affinity and Virus!
  8. Album still holds up really well for me. Dignity in particular is a real gem. Really excited to hear a live version.
  9. No particular order Haken - Affinity Haken - Virus Iron Maiden - Seventh Son Iron Maiden - Powerslave Iron Maiden - Brave New World Dream Theater - Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence Dream Theater - Scenes From a Memory Ghost - Meliora Devin Townsend - Ocean Machine Porcupine Tree - Fear of a Blank Planet. I'm counting this album as metal.
  10. The definition of what's "metal" has certainly evolved over time. 2112 to me is Rush's "metal" album, because honestly it was some of the heaviest, loudest music to come out during its time. Idk. I just consider metal to be loud guitars, drums, and typically some kind of aggressive vocal style. The criteria's not that extensive from my perspective.
  11. I'm happy to take recommendations where screams/growls are more of an exception than the norm. Examples of where I enjoy this are Devin Townsend's non-Strapping work. The screams are actually melodic and hold a specific note and aren't there for the sake of jarring, and he mixes it in with majority clean vocals. An example of where I'm not into unclean vocals is actually Haken's first album. I'm glad they moved away from the growls after Aquarius, because to me they were just unpleasant. Another one who does this really well is Dave Grohl! Some Dave screams are really fun in some of the Foos work such as Wasting Light.
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