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  1. Need more spins. I think I'll always prefer FOABP and In Absentia but this is upper tier. Better than The Incident and can contend with Lightbulb Sun and Deadwiing
  2. See, it feels like somewhere between The Incident and Lightbulb Sun to me. Herd Culling could've been on Fear of a Blank Planet or Nil Recurring but the rest of this album feels closer to late 90s PT than it does 2002-2007. I'm thoroughly enjoying this album. Even the stranger bits like Walk The Plank. This feels like Barbieri's most important album in the catalogue alongside FOABP.
  3. Crazy game. Officiating was pretty rough for both teams, quite a few missed penalties. Bolts looked pretty tough in the first period but the Avs woke up for the rest of the game.
  4. I liked Future Bites quite a bit, tbh. A lot more than To The Bone. He's good at making this cold, impersonal sort of music that you get with 90s PT. To The Bone seems to be a necessary album for him but I'm glad he took a slight left turn for Future Bites instead of diving straight deeper. Hand Cannot Erase is probably most PT fan's favorite solo album, but I don't think he could ever make another "conventional" prog album under the solo name again to that quality. He's said what he needs to say in that vein. And to his point in a few interviews so far, PT can't continue any more without more input from the other guys.
  5. This is an excellent album. I think this fits between The Incident and Lightbulb Sun in terms of direction. As it's always been with PT, the sound and production quality are off the charts. Still need to listen to this with headphones. Harridan and Dignity are my current favorites. Dignity feels like it could've been on The Division Bell or Raven. Gavin and Richard are the consistent stars of the show for me. I hear a lot of Pineapple Thief-esque dynamics (quiet/loud and rhythms I'd hear from Dissolution).
  6. Busy this weekend with some personal stuff but I'm gonna give this a loud spin when I get back home. I did not listen to the last two singles because I want to experience the album in whole. Harridan and OTND are awesome but they basically released half the album early and I'm gonna keep away from that for just a bit longer.
  7. You've got it. Those verses are definitely 7/8 after I gave it another listen. Gavin is a real trickster. Any Gavin-era Porcupine Tree or Pineapple Thief song I'm just constantly gravitating towards his drum parts and having my mind blown. Barbieri's keyboards are the icing on the cake, too.
  8. One of my favorite songs with odd times is one I still can't figure out because Gavin is insane with his polyrhythms and trickery. I think it's in 4/4 in the verses but the drum groove makes it impossible for me to really know for sure. The heavy refrain is definitely in 5/8.
  9. This Cubs team sucks ass. Morel has been a nice surprise, though.
  10. The final album, 10 years ago. And in my opinion, one of their absolute best. A lot of bands with that kind of lifespan make crap in their later years, this was a late career gem.
  11. I just moved into a new house (my first!) Most of the basement is finished, with the exception of a storage area and an unfinished bedroom space with an egress window. I decided the unfinished room was going to be my guitar room, so I've moved everything down there (5 electrics, one 12-string acoustic, amp head/cabinet, smaller amp, and a bunch of pedals and cables) and have an area rug over the concrete floor. I'm learning the joys of homeownership and I'm starting to have concerns that over time this might not be the best environment for this stuff, since Iowa weather can get humid as hell in the summer, and have really cold and dry spells in the winter. Anybody have any opinions on this? Will they be okay, should I consider upping my electric bill with a dehumidifier, etc. I read somewhere along the lines of "if you're comfortable in the room, they should be fine too" but I could definitely use more opinions from other homeowners with guitars
  12. The album is great. I still like it after repeated listens, and there have been many! It's headed in a pop direction that I hope doesn't forecast something even further in that direction on album #5, though. I'd like to see the pendulum swing back the other way.
  13. I'm really f***ing sad. This sucks. One of my favorite musicians ever. Brought so much energy and fun to one of my favorite bands
  14. The drums seem better than ever before though don't they? How do you pay attention to the drums when the melodic hooks are so good? Can only speak for myself, but I always keep an ear out for the drumming. To me, lacklustre drumming really let's an album down for me. This new Ghost album, and the latest from DT, Mastodon and Epica are actual highlights for me as far as drumming goes. I think the latest Ghost is fantastic, with the drumming being some of the best I've heard in an album so rich with melodic hooks. Every performance on this album has a moment to shine, the drummer for me has the most! Yeah, everything sounds great as a whole on the album. I haven't really honed in on the individual instruments yet but obviously if the drumming isn't good then everything else suffers. All I know is everything sounds good together here. Easily Tobias's best lyrics to date as well. Really feel in love with the album after a few listens. I'm similar to Segue but for bass guitar. With all the hard rock/heavy metal I digest it's easy to appreciate great guitars and drums because they're so abundant in the genre but a melodic bass player elevates everything so much for me. Geddy really spoiled us. These days I get my lead bass fix with Mariusz Duda in Riverside, he's absolutely magic in that stuff. Impera definitely got a drum and guitar upgrade. I think I'll be trying to nail down some of these parts for a while on the guitar. Meliora is the best album, but a lot easier to play.
  15. All fantastic albums, including the two that were eliminated. Echo was also great. The 21st century had a sharp decline in quality but these guys were real pros at their craft.
  16. @73, unsure if it's been called out already, but trying to navigate to search results consistently bombs for me. Search itself works, clicking any result causes it to spin before eventually hitting the nginx 404 page.
  17. Rest in peace. Xanadu will be played today
  18. Echo is a great album but it's time to go. Of what's left these are all good. It should go down....swingin'!
  19. The Pineapple Thief 1. Dissolution 2. Your Wilderness 3. Versions of the Truth 4. Magnolia 5. Someone Here is Missing 6. All The Wars 7. Tightly Unwound 8. Variations on a Dream 9. 10 Stories Down 10. Little Man 11. 137 12. Abducted at Birth They got really good starting at Someone Here is Missing and had nowhere to go but up especially after Gavin Harrison jumped aboard. Everything pre-Tightly Unwound is too far into Radiohead or indie territory for me. Bruce Soord was definitely a late bloomer for songwriting
  20. LMU out now, I'd probably eliminate Echo or Long After Dark next.
  21. Been giving it more listens over the weekend and I think that Meliora and Prequelle are better, but I like this more than the first two albums. The pop is a little too much in areas but there are Ghost classics in here. Watcher in the Sky is the best one.
  22. Need to spend some time with it to see how I stack it up against Meliora and Prequelle but the album as a whole has me hooked. It's good.
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