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  1. Gawping/Gawking at Monica Bellucci all day notwithstanding, I took some time out to say that I finished Clive Barker's The Damnation Game recently. I've not read anything else by him but have seen a lot of the films based on his books - Hellraiser, Nightbreed, The Midnight Meat Train, Candyman and even Rawhead Rex! I enjoyed it but thought it was starting to wane a bit midway through. But then it picked up and was pretty good and ended up being a bit different to what I expected. Hints of Lovecraft in there which was good. I read a Night Hunter series by a Robert Faulcon a while back which I really enjoyed too. Anybody heard of it or him? Well it's a pseudonym for an author Robert Holdstock who has written under a few different names by the sounds of it. Night Hunter was a good series though although ended a bit abruptly and not quite how I expected it. The main idea is a man's family is violently attacked and his wife and child are abducted for some unknown reason and he has to figure out how to find them and what was it all about. It becomes clear that it was a cult group with supernatural abilities that has done it and he has to learn quickly about these things, recover and try to get his family back. Maybe a bit pulpy but I enjoyed the series.
  2. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte The End of the World news by Antony Burgess The End of Eternity by Isaac Asimov Matter by Iain Banks Hyperion Cantos by Dan Simmons Hard to choose a 'greatest' but these 5 were very enjoyable and page turners. The End of the World news was my introduction to Burgess and I didn't really know about Clockwork Orange. But it is 3 stories in parallel, one of which is sci-fi, a genre which he thought had a lot of mileage despite it's 'pulpy' reputation. But even though I liked to read, this really got me back into reading more interesting authors. Due to some studying, I had a pause in reading and then started back with Jane Eyre and really enjoyed it. I've got a stack of 'classics' knocking about that I mean to read but seem to default to sci-fi, action and horror since then and the last 3 here were once again, ones I couldn't put down. So which was/is the greatest? Maybe Matter wouldn't be at the top of the list but all the others here were very enjoyable in their own way and the 'best' I've read up until now.
  3. A couple more I've found since delving through my CD collection:- I was surprised to see Dare have been going up until 2022 and have released 10 albums so maybe this part is the 'hidden' part..to me! Great AOR-style 1st album. Main man Darren Wharton was the keyboard player for Thin Lizzy at some point. This might be a bit of cheat as well. This band, Dub war, produced a couple of albums but I didn't hear much about them after this album which I have and love. It's Alt Metal with Raggae/Ragga ovetones I would say. The singer, Benje, a Welshman, whose parents were of Jamaican origin, formed a new band Skindred after Dub War broke up and they're still going strong and have had some success I believe although I'm not over familiar with their stuff. Must check it out further..
  4. Well I was only answering with respect to the albums that have made it to this round. But I think most would agree we have the perceived best of the these bands in this round. Sure, there are other bands and albums that could or should have made it through. Love Heaven and Hell and Back in Black. BiB's definitely Johnson's best with AC/DC. I personally think Mob Rules is on a par with HaH even though the tracks Heaven and Hell and Children of the Sea alone can defeat whole discographies of other bands! Blizzard's good but too but not quite at the top for me. And much as I'm appreciating Priest these days (and I know there's a lot of love for them on here), I can't vote for Screaming as an album to match some of the others on offer here. Looking at ranking lists for Priest, interestingly there seems to be a lot of variation - Screaming is top on 1, British Steel on another etc. You don't like Queensryche or Mindcrime in particular? The albums is, I would imagine, thought of as their magnum opus whatever you think of them as a band. Personally, I'm still sad that Dumpy's Rusty Nuts didn't make it through but hey ho!
  5. What I believe is undisputed is that the perceived masterpiece by each of these bands is represented here and for me, it's difficult to choose between them. Although in the case of each band, I wouldn't be surprised if some fans of each them might argue for another album (Ride The Lightning - jostles with Master for my Metallica fave; Use you Illusion - not overly familiar with it but it was a grand 2 album undertaking; Empire is a worthy follow-up to Mindcrime so someone might argue for that....). Similiar for Moving Pics and Perm Waves. Always had a pref for the Wavey one but I can't argue with the popularity and brilliance of Moving Pics either, even with factoring in over-hearing side 1 via Radio etc. As for whether MP or PW should be in the poll, the 1001 Album Club podcast reviewed MP and said that it was quoted somewhere that Rush is for those who want the technicality of Yes married with the riffs of Black Sabbath. So surely the intersection with Black Sabbath makes them a worthy competitor in this poll! Really difficult to pick a 1,2,3 because I love all of these albums notwithstanding my pref for others in their catalogues. Not the biggest Guns n Roses fan but I love Appetite and could easily have all albums share no.1 position although PW and MP would have to squabble and take turns as to who's on the podium at any one time! Veering towards 1. Mindcrime, 2. PW, 3. Puppets but Moving Pics and Appetite can both take their turns on 2 & 3 respectively after a rolling 5 minute timeout.
  6. I have a theory that given enough time on a Rush thread, it will eventually get to a stage where TaiShan is mentioned whatever the topic! A Rush-forums version of Godwin's Law if you will.
  7. I've only got The Sentinel on LP (so haven't played it for a long time) but I've always loved the track Arrive Alive and don't remember what the rest is like. Didn't they stop for a bit after that album before resuming? Are all the albums worth a listen?
  8. Yeah, of course being the Rush forum then these albums are getting probably a much higher vote than they would on the Maiden, Sabbath, Metallica, Van Halen etc forums. It's nice to think they would still be up there in the voting but I suspect not.
  9. A bit of light vs dark:- Bloodgood - The Messiah (Christian Rock Band singing about Jesus I think) vs Van Halen - Runnin' with the Devil (Dave riffin on living fast with the Devil - yeah I know, he's being metaphorical...I think! Too scared to learn a Slayer or black metal song so this will have to do for balance!) Plus The Beta Band - Dry the rain (seen Hi Fidelity?) Cinderella- Gypsy Road
  10. A nice selection of tunes there and if you can play like Wolfie did at the Taylor Hawkins tribute concerts then I'll pay good money to see/hear it!
  11. Don't mind growling vocals as long as it doesn't overwhelm the music. I like Opeth but I suspect Micheal A's vocals are probably the mildest version of that style.
  12. Not heard of Septicflesh but meaning to check out the other 3 metal bands you mentioned (I do have a Garth Brooks CD single somewhere so that will keep me going for a while ). What albums should I start with?
  13. Remember when they came out with Script for a Jester's Tear. I like Hogarth-era Marillion but Fish-era is quintessential Marillion for me. It's got a different feel to it due to, as the band put it, Fish being ahead of the music with his lyrics-and then the band catching up by Misplaced Childhood. Well that's my memory of a quote by the keyboard player. It's very dramatic, early-on, lyric-wise compared to Hogarth-era and even Clutching at Straws. Especially when you consider early pieces like Grendel. Bit similar to Gabriel-era Genesis compared to Collins-fronted-era. I like all the Fish albums but ironically, I like Clutching at Straws just as much as Misplaced Childhood and Clutching seemed very paired-down drama-wise and maybe lyrically. It seemed like a bit of a shift towards the Hogarth-style. Without researching it, I get the vibe that Fish was going through relationship and drinking problems but that's just wild conjecture!
  14. Well here's a comment to really invite some stick regarding Perm Vs Pictures:- Well Moving Pictures isn't really heavy metal is it! It's when Rush did Police/Talking Heads so it's not really meant for this poll!!
  15. Usually Salted Caramel Cheesecake, Cream or Vanilla Slice from a supermarket patisserie section. (Or a variety thereof..) But recently was tempted by some plain old custard with banana and it was surprisingly (to me) as satisfying as the aforementioned cakes!
  16. As you seem to be the forum's Judas Priest rep, you may be glad to hear that I'm listening to British Steel and thoroughly enjoying it, even Breaking the law. Maybe it's just the chorus of that song that used to bug me! For my money, Priest had a good run of stylish album covers and then changed to a more vivid type from Screaming onwards. I quite like the Screaming for Vengeance cover but they style change seemed to be a bit of a dip in quality as the following albums were released. Breaking the law, Rocka Rolla, Killing Machine, Stained Class and Sad Wings were all quite cool and distinctive covers to my mind. The brighter more cartoonish covers of later years don't do it as much for me as much as those 'more stylish' early ones. Just my op.
  17. Lot of bands I can think of that didn't make the cut (Slayer, Anthrax, Saxon, Exodus, Dokken, Whitesnake, Accept....Loudness(?!)...) but I can't really argue too strongly for replacing any of the bands and the albums here. For the most part, they are the biggies.
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