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  1. I echo the general feeling everyone else. I love em but feel like they lost, or morphed, that magical je ne sais quoi from the 1st 2 or 3 albums. Then the songs got a little bit more straightahead with the melodies and harmonies still there on occasions. Personally love mid-era Dogman and Tapehead too. Ty said in interview a few years ago that he feels he has a great musical partnership with Doug that he's never head in any other band/musical event but whether time and distance and solo projects is, as others have said, diluted that. Or maybe it was just inevitable. People grow and bands changes. Still love em though and will still get the latest album even if it turns out 'meh'. It's like the old saying - their 'meh' is another bands good/maybe great.
  2. Genesis - Selling England by the pound Jethro Tull - Thick as a Brick Camel - Mirage Yes - Close to the Edge Mike Oldfield - Crises Rush - Hemispheres Dream Theater-Scenes from a Memory The Grand Wazoo, by Frank Zappa Opeth - Heritage Porcupine Tree - Deadwing
  3. Black Midi The Cardiacs Mr Bungle Oh my God! Got drawn into Black Midi via a Mojo mag review of their latest album Hellfire. I read that their possible antecedents were The Cardiacs and Primus or bands of their ilk. So I checked them and The Cardiacs out on the 'tube. Wow - completely manic - both of them. Very indie/punk-type genre with huge prog/jazz/rock/madness influences thrown in. Highly accomplished and crazy music, for the most part. I remembered Mike Patton referencing The Cardiacs too at some point so that lead me to see the latest incarnation of Mr Bungle. Seems to have morphed into a thrash-version now with Lombardo and Scott Ian on board. Their cover of Van Halen's Loss of Control was very entertaining and spot on. Phew - I need to calm down musically and now break out The Mars Volta and Zappa records....
  4. Bit more straight ahead Heavy Metal especially to early Priest. Love Saxon. Probably sacrilege to many but I've never really got into Priest in a big way. I like the odd song here or there but there never found their output completely satisfying. Sorry
  5. My 2 pennyworth re: Discovery and Strange New Worlds for what it's worth.... Both good but I think Sonequa Martin-Green's acting is a bit one-dimensional at times. Delivers the lines almost in the same way for every scene. Liked how the season 4 plot panned out - a bit Arrival-esque. Loved Strange New Worlds. I also wish the Kirk actor could have been a bit more Shatner in tone too but the mirror 'Balance of Terror' episode was good fun. I find it funny how the Gorn are now represented as an 'Alien'-mesomorph nightmare type baddy contrasting with the 'man in a suit' representation in the original series which Shatner had a bit of a fist-fight with. I always thought species 8472 from Voyager was going to be the ultimate lizard-type alien-thingy but they're presenting the Gorn now as a formidable foe. Obviously the Federation gets much stronger by the time it meets the Borg and 8472 etc so maybe the Gorn are trivial at that point in time.
  6. Superconductor is a bit of a marmite song - people either like it/don't mind it or hate it vociferously. I like it (and don't mind the RHine voice part) but I think it kind of sticks out like a sore thumb, stylistically, against the rest of Presto in my opinion. It might be noticed more so annoys those who don't like it and gets a bigger beating than it otherwise would. Just a theory.
  7. Hats off to your superior Scorps knowledge!! Just read about it on Wiki P. Seemed like a bit of a awkward situation as they got rid of Mathias J and then got him back '..after intense negotiations...' Hmmm I heard an interview with Michael Schenks saying he wasn't too enamored with his brother (paraphrased) so maybe something kicked off between them during that session. Maybe akin to the Oasis-Gallagher brothers' relationship! I still feel like Lovedrive onwards is 'Jabs' territory but that's just my preference.
  8. Could one say Uli Jon Roth-era and Mathias Jabs era to distinguish them? However, Michael Schenker is on the 1st album which puts a fly in the ointment of my very loose distinction between eras. IMO they were graced by 3 exceptional lead guitarists although I've not listened to the 1st album to know if Micheal had reached his UFO-level yet.
  9. Breakfast. Just an Oat bar filled with cocoa and hazelnut. And Coffee.
  10. To be honest, I've only heard a few tracks off magazine CD-freebies. I seem to have amassed 4 or so of their songs over the years on these CDs and they're all pretty good. Any suggestions which album(s) to start with?
  11. Did a lazy dump of main bands I remember and (still) listen to. Probably top 10 at the top in bold. Touch on a few different 'metal' areas IMO :- King's X Soundgarden Savatage Opeth Masters of Reality Black Sabbath Metallica AC/DC Voivod Dream Theater Megadeth Saxon Exodus Dokken Rammstein Annhilator Sacred Reich Nuclear Assault Iron Maiden Mastodon Monster Magnet Alice in Chains Kyuss Helmet Tool Gojira Amplifier Monster Magnet Anthrax Sword (Canadian band from 80s) Black n Blue Cinderella Love/Hate Orange Goblin Stabbing Westward Iron Maiden Accept (esp for Princess of the Dawn – forget the later albums!) Extreme Disturbed Blind Guardian Dio Last Crack (if considered metal:- Scorpions Rainbow Def Leppard Van Halen) plus many others still trying to listen to like Trivium, Killswitch Engage, Hakken, Overkill, ....
  12. Cue Bad News (see Ade Edmondson) arguments about whether their music is Heavy Metal or not!! (And yes Goose, I think you were subtlely correcting me - the album IS obviously Fair Warning and not Mean Streets! I'd argue the 1st and Mean..[Gawd, nearly did it again!!], Fair Warning are their (most) metal albums!)
  13. Cheating like others have:- Devin Townsend - Ocean Machine or Epicloud Sword - Sweet Dreams AC/DC - Powerage or Highway to Hell or Let there Be Rock or Back in Black Iron Maiden - Killers King's X - Dogman or Out of the Silent Plaent or Tapehead Black Sabbath - Mob Rules or Heaven or Hell or Paranoid or Vol 4 Masters of Reality - The Blue Garden Soundgarden - Superunknown or Louder than love Queensryche- Operation: Mindcrime Savatage - Gutter Ballet and to rotate in and out at various points:- Scorpions - Blackout Opeth - BlackWater Park or Deliverance Kyuss - Welcome to Sky Valley Rush - 2112? Saxon - Wheels of Steel or Power and the Glory Van Halen - 1 or Mean Streets Metallica - Ride the Lightning Warriour soul - Last Decade Dead Century or Salutations from the Ghetto nation Black n Blue - nasty nasty Tesla - The Great Radio Controversy (prob more that I can't think of at the moment...)
  14. Regarding Gavin Harrison and a slight side note, apparently Neil P and he got together sometime for a meal and friendly chat - not sure how it came about or whether they'd just met via drumming circles - but there was some discussion about a 'drum battle'/concert that Gavin and Neil were invited to in order to 'compete' against each other. It was mentioned by Gavin in a 'tube discussion forum about prog music that Gavin was on. He said that Neil had politely declined taking part in it feeling that he would be 'too anxious' to do something like that. Maybe he was scared of Gavin's chops! NB:- I've no idea how to rank and compare drummers. I'm getting to know the names of drummers who have good reputations like Neil and Gavin but wouldn't know how you compare them.
  15. Thanks for this info. I'm seriously considering going to the London one now.
  16. And Ben Harper - lost track of his output after Diamonds on the Inside and desperately trying to catch up with it.
  17. Opeth - still catching up with their recent 'prog' phase but I still can't fault Mikael's band's output. The Blue Aeroplanes - an 80s UK alternative/indie/rock-ish band with crazy Polish dancer at their gigs (see Motorhead without the big breasts and nudity!). Singer mostly talks his lyrics in a poetry style. Kind of a UK non-rap spoken style. Or something. The Tea Party - Canadian power trio. Reformed in the last few years after a hiatus. Powerful modern metal Led Zep-ish style with Middle Eastern influxes up to the max on some songs. Kerrang magazine reviewed their 'The Edges of Twilight' '95 album as '..the equivalent of a good hard shag!...' and who am I to disagree!
  18. Afterimage Then you learn the lesson That it's tough to be so cool
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