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    Long Island, NY
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    Ridin LIRR Goin into NYC, Viva La Bam!!!
    ANY Hockey!..LOVE to see the RANGERS lose! Im a Devils fan! 420,MY Digi Cam,Movies,Concerts, Hangin with friends, Meetin New Friends, Backgamon,Dominos....other stuff just ask if u REALLY need to know more ;) NOSEY!
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    7/14/08 Jones Beach
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    Fly By Night & YYZ
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    Moving Pictures
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    Seeing Rush in New York City Aug 2004 @ RCMH The best band in the best city in the world, My Very 1st Meetup With TRF peoples. meeting over 20 other Rush fans at the Heartland Brewery. Not to mention Rush totally rawked!!!
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    Foofighters,Limp Biz,Aerosmith,Doors,J.Joplin.SOAD, Sabbath, LinkinPark, list goes on...and on..
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    ~*~~Gigglin To Self~~*~

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  1. awww thanx! Missed you too! Hope your doing well :)
  2. She was a big part of this board for a few years in the early days. Happy Birthday Donna! :) Have a nice one wherever you are! :cheers: Making birthday and anniversary threads for people who haven't been on the board for years and will most likely never see them is just weird to me. It was funny once or twice but then it gets old fast. Agreed. When you see a veteran like MULTIPLIED REACTION making a thread for another veteran that you don't recognize, maybe don't assume it's a waste of time and space. Because -- well, whadaya know! -- Donna saw this thread and went to the trouble to ask GG for some password help so she could post and say thanks. See how that works? Just because you don't recognize a name doesn't mean they aren't part of this place's history. Oh and, Happy birthday, Donna! Glad you stopped by! :cheers: Thanks 73 :) I noticed things have changed since my last login, Ill lurk around and checkout all the new things & threads :) some reason it wont let me change my profile " male" to "female"
  3. Donna do you still wanna?? ;) of course silly Duck :P
  4. Well well well! Look who showed up. :smoke: Thanx to GG lol I now know my pw lol thanx Darry lol
  5. Omigosh Duckie! I missed ya! Hope your doing well hun! you disappeared from Fb!
  6. Hey! Thanks for all the Birthday wishes! Nice to know Im remembered :) I have many of my closest friends from this forum on my fb page and keep up with them there. Even tho I havent logged in for awhile doesnt mean I dont come on as guest and lurk around and read posts. This place and the people were/are a huge part of my life and was there when I needed them the most.I been part of this forum since the first days its been online. I been to many of the meetups before and after the Rush shows and met so many of you in person, even tossed back a few with the admins. And made lifetime friendships Alot of you newbies will never understand how close this forum was in the first few years its been online and great frienships its made. And all from the love of one band called Rush!! anyhowz... Thanks for the Birthday love guys. you always rocked!
  7. QUOTE (Queen of Megadon @ Aug 29 2011, 10:57 AM) HAPPY TRF ANNY LADY! Hope its as groovy as a train trip to Bangkok! Thanx Sis
  8. QUOTE (treeduck @ Aug 29 2011, 03:45 AM) Congrats Donna!! Do you still Wanna?? Ducky! I ALWAYS wanna!! I came on TRF to see how everyone made out with the hurricane & I see This thread Ur sucha sweety Ducky! I didnt even know it was my 7th yr today! thanx!!! yeahh my 24th birthday
  9. thanx for the birthday wishes everyone!!
  10. QUOTE (Daylin @ Jul 30 2011, 05:18 PM) I keep an addy for my special gals/guys and I came in here and no b-day thread for you! I'm kinda happy I can make one for you! As yourself I don't come in here too much, if ever Just too much going on......ya know?...............now you do. So, with no further ado....................... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! Miss you, girlie Yours, Lin xoxo ur the best sis! thanks soo much! Miss u!!
  11. QUOTE (rushfanNlv @ Apr 26 2011, 05:42 PM) Danny is finally awake and WANTS HIS LAPTOP! so I would expect some posts from him shortly. Omg Danny! Ur Superman!! hope ur feeling well, u been in my thoughts rest up & Speedy recovery Wadda sigh of relief
  12. QUOTE (Arleen2112 @ Apr 25 2011, 09:46 AM) Thinking of You Danny me2!!
  13. gotchu in my thoughts Danny! Hope everything went well today!
  14. QUOTE (Drumnut @ Apr 20 2011, 11:59 PM) I posted this in the topic I use as my info and seizure diary topic. Unless you have Epilepsy or know someone who does, you probably don't check in there very often. Tomorrow morning, April 21st at 2:30 in the afternoon, I have an appointment to meet the surgeon and go over the surgery process she will be performing. My surgery is scheduled for April 25th!!! I'm having a Right Temporal Lobectomy done at THE SPINE AND BRAIN INSTITUTE out here in Las Vegas, NV. I've been through all the tests and am ready to go, I'm having brain surgery! Hopefully, this is to end or at least control my Epilepsy. The end result is to hopefully, get my seizures under control and reduce some or most the medication I take for it. Wish me luck, it's been a long time coming and the people I've talked to who have had this surgery have had positive results. It's not always a win, win situation, for some people. For some, it clears up their seizures completely, for others, it decreases the frequency with fewer meds. My surgeon is very optimistic that this surgery should clear up most or all of my seizures and get me off of the dizzying meds I take for them every day! I'm excited but I'm scared at the same time, this IS brain surgery but hopefully it is to get my Epilepsy under control! wow Danny! Im excited & scared for u. I know how much this means to u. Hope everything works out. Ull DEFINATLY be in my thoughts Im nervous for u ps. before my open heart surgery I made my dr show me how steady his hands were lol & made him take his mask off so i knew it was him under that mask just sayin'!!! lol ill be lookin forward to ur update ASAP!!
  15. i havent smoked since the concert & even then i couldnt enjoy it due to bein sick I miss the high
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