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    Baltimore, MD
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    music,firearms,motorcycles,my GF, my kids, cars, PC games
    learning new stuff, my pet cats

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    all are good some are better
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    Moving Pictures
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    Meeting people at the shows, just going with my GF is enough.
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    ac/dc Led Zep most rock some metal too
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    trying the guitar!! lots of work needed

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  1. Thanks all, sorry aint been around much. Sorry to all those B days I missed. Thanks again. Did take a nice bike ride today!
  2. :haz:COOOOL in my home town!!!!! Oct 24th Oh YeAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA :haz:
  3. Thanks All, aint around much this past week or so. You guys are great!!
  4. Happy Birthday abit late.. Hope it was a good one
  5. Oh I am sorry I am late but Happy Birthday!!
  6. :clap: :ebert: Happy Birthday Trout!! catch a good B Day dinner!!
  7. just a fish bait..lol.. they are just bugs... we are a bit bigger that they are.... well some of those were :-) Have no issues , just don't like them in my shoes.. don't need a bite on the foot..
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