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  1. If you're looking for non-Obama members, reporting for duty! :codger:
  2. I'm in the hospital in Las Vegas, NV, if not for that, though, I'd come out and go with you!!!
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJ6EXyC3P9Q&feature=player_embedded
  4. No seizures today! I can't wait to get off of Disability and get out and find a job! Without getting political about it, in today's economy, even using the social security Ticket to Work program, finding a job is going to be difficult. I do hope to be able to get my drivers license back soon though, that should help.
  5. Another successful seizure-free weekend! It's sure is nicer to be able to count seizure-free periods by a few days at a time as opposed to having a seizure-free day and feel I've accomplished something! I'm still taking Depakote and Keppra every day as I was before and hope to be tapering off of meds soon. I'm off of Dilantin completly and was ordered by my Dr to throw away any I might have laying around just in case I forget and take some just out of habit. He knows I'm good about making sure I take my meds as prescribed so there's never the excuse that I forgot to take them and that was the reason I had a seizure. I take them twice a day, I just use 10:00 as my med time, if it's 10:00, AM or PM, it's med time. My memory is bad because of Epilepsy but I never forget to take my meds. To me, it's something simple-stupid. If these meds are supposed to keep me from having seizures, you can be damn sure I take them like clockwork. What I'm really looking forward to is getting off of disability and getting out and find a job. Without getting into the politics of it, (wrong forum) right now is a horrible time to be looking for a job but if I can use my "disability" as an advantage to get one, I'm damn sure going to use it after the living hell Epilepsy has put my Family and I through.
  6. http://i163.photobucket.com/albums/t313/corvettenut/coucoucache.gif
  7. QUOTE (Mrs. Huck Rogers @ Oct 11 2012, 12:54 AM)Hi Danny. Was just wondering about seizure alert dogs. Apparently they can sense a seizure coming? Is this something that would be helpful for you? Do they train them for that or is it something that you have to do on your own? I've read a lot about them and have chatted with people at The Epilepsy Foundation Forum that have them and they swear by them. I was going to look into getting one when I lived in Pennsylvania and did do a little investigating into the subject. They do train dogs to assist people when they do have a seizure but a dog that is usually "chosen" as a seizure alert dog is one that has already shown a natural ability to sense a seizure coming on. If they do 'hit' on a seizure, they'll come and sit by the person and try to warn them that a seizure is coming. From everything I've heard about them, it's the animals own natural ability to sense a seizure. Where I'm living right now, I can't keep a dog and since my brain surgery, I hopefully won't need one! I did recently adopt 2 kittens, I hope they never have to see me have a seizure!
  8. My desktop is on the fritz so I'm currently using a laptop, I have a Wi-Fi router so I can surf anywhere in the house. I use my cel phone as a phone.
  9. QUOTE Know What's Worse Than A 91-Hour Work Week? A no hour work week. I'm on disability because of my Epilepsy and have not yet been given the OK to return to work by my Neurologist since my Right Temporal Lobe brain surgery to try to get my Epilepsy under control.. I am using my "time off" to attend LV Pita.
  10. I had another seizure-free day today! I'm working with vocational re-hab here in Las Vegas, NV to try to get back to work and get off disability. If I can go out and earn a living seizure-free, I'd gladly work 12 hours a day rather than try to live on what disability pays. I miss work! And making money!
  11. Wow, what a beauty! (I want to get my MMJ card here in Nevada and grow my own to treat my Epilepsy)
  12. Thanks for the Birthday wishes, I don't know how my birthday changed in my profile to August, my birthday has been November 16th for at least the past 45 years!
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