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    Poker. Minnesota Vikings/Twins/T-Wolves. Being a glass half-full advocate for post 1982 Rush.
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    9-9-07 St. Paul, MN --- 5-22-08 St. Paul, MN.
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    The Spirit of Radio
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    Permanent Waves with Signals a close 2nd.
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    Seeing the video "Show don't Tell" on MTV back when videos mattered. Hearing "The Pass" on the radio. Went out and bought Presto...and the whole catalog of albums. I've been a Rush fanatic ever since.
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    King's X, Alice in Chains, Queensryche, KXM, The Jelly Jam, Dream Theater, Yes, Liz Phair, Live, Incubus, 311, Low
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  1. Truly great I'd go with 4 albums...Hemi through Signals. GUP would be close as a 5.
  2. I really enjoy SoT. I've learned plenty about different bands that aren't in my wheelhouse from the channel.
  3. As Segue and others have mentioned. ..the singles work in the total of the album. That was a nice surprise to my ears. I'd have Give it Up as the opener though. Some tasty hooks everywhere throughout the album. Those Jerry songs are in my head.
  4. I got the cd in my greedy little hands on release day. 3 listens so far. The good news is I have strong urges to keep spinning it. Some strong material here. Good variety of songs. Cool to have 3 Jerry songs, not sure yet which is my favorite. Watcher is by far my favorite song overall...g-damn I love this track. Give it Up, ...Children, Swipe Up...top shalf for me. Overall some dark and moody vibes. Festival might be the oddball miss smack dab middle of album. Seems like a bonus track out of place. Mr. Not's and cygnify's write up is much appreciated. I can't read it all until after 1-2 listens to keep my mind free and open about this album!
  5. I really like the title track...as I came across it flipping through music channels on my tv.
  6. Great points. The 13...14 or so years between albums could be a tell. Obviously Jerry had serious health issues, but the years without producing anything but 473 solo projests makes you wonder if the inspiration within the "3 sides of one" still burns. Give me 50% of the awesomeness from the first two (inspired!) KXM albums...I'll be happy. Hell, give me Manic Moonlight pt.2...I love that weird period of albums
  7. The band has talked up this new album for years now, like it's some of their best work. So far, it's a bit of a shoulder shrug from me. Even the damn album cover is a miss... I buy it day it's released either way. Fingers crossed.
  8. hmmm... I'd definitely be down for that.
  9. The Tea Party. I really don't know why I haven't checked them out before. I only knew the name.
  10. It's Love - King's X Love to Love - UFO Love in an Elevator - Aerosmith I don't believe in Love - Queensryche Love Hate Love - Alice in Chains Looking for Love - King's X Ain't talkin' about Love - Van Halen It's not Love - Dokken Love Song - Tesla You're in Love - Ratt
  11. DT have a hype machine with the metal press. King's X never got the attention they deserve from the metal press. Or is it the fact that musically King's X doesn't really have a mass appeal quality to them like Dream Theater does? I think King's X was a much harder band to market. King's X definitely has the chops for mass appeal, but they've leaned into some odd musical choices over the years. The lack of a promotion machine behind them after the Dogman era certainly is a factor.
  12. Was Kid Gloves done live? pre-album release track?
  13. It's amazing these guys can put out new music so frequently. Been waiting for over a decade for a new King's X album.
  14. I'd have to boil it down to Hard Rock. Make it melodic, hooky, intelligent, aspects of prog, sometimes metal...I'm there.
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