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  1. me too. Just jams without melody or hooks. Something Post 2000's kings X has struggled with IMO. they used to know what a hook was.....it's kinda sad. Mick
  2. Steven Wilson-THE FUTURE BITES (5/10) this is my least fav of his solo works. Musically i miss the guitars. and i think the anti-Technology and anti-Commercialism sentiments here cringe Personal Shopper is just lyrical content we've heard a thousand times and it's not smart nor clever. it's just old man yelling at clouds. but there are some songs i like 12 Things I forgot (a good classic Wilson ballad) Man Of The People Count of Unease Basically all the slower songs, lol I hope i like the next album. Cause this Steven Wilson sans guitar thing isn't gonna cut it with me. Mick
  3. yea i'm glad i did but when this album is good it's GREAT and it still deserves credit for the balls of it all. It also makes me wonnder what a Gabriel Genesis would look like going forward. Do we get those delightful Pete solo albums but as Genesis albums. There is an interesting alternate timeline here. i definitely DO NOT think we get genesis going mega pop as fast as they did. But we might have still gotten So i think as a Genesis record. Mick
  4. Genesis-The Lamb (7/10) I decided to try again and my opinion still the same. Sides 1 and 2 are AMAZING. Maybe the best uniform pieces of music they made with Gabriel. BUT sides 3 and 4 it's like Pete just ran out of steam. Shorter link tracks....beep-boop nonsense. it just looses me completely. I can follow a loose story (i think, lol) in the first LP. the 2nd reeks off a bad monty python sketch. if you love this all the way through. i get it because there are great soundscapes throughout, but sorry for me and my ears. This just doesn't hang together as a complete listening experience. also i really do look at this more as Gabrials solo debut (unofficial) more than a true Genesis record even though their playing here is great. it's more of a Pete showcase. Mick
  5. Steven Wilson-Hand Cannot Erase (10/10) Easily his best solo work IMO Mick
  6. The lamb actually feels like Pete's first unofficial solo album more than it does a band effort. in fact it does sound a good bit like peter's first solo album that would come just a year later. i suppose that's a big problem i have with it. Mick
  7. Steven Wilson 1. Hand Cannot Erase 2. The Raven that Refused to Sing 3. iNSURGENTES 4. Grace For Drowning 5. To the Bone. 6. The Future Bites. couple Things. I really don't think To the bone is as bad as folks think. i really enjoy it but it had to go somewhere. First time i played The Future bites since release. Didn't like it then. Don't now. but the first 4. all great IMO. Mick
  8. i actually LOVE disc 1 but disc 2....... if it was a single disc it'd be top 5 for me. and if reports are to be believe at times the band wanted to throw pete out a window.........so after this Pete did it himself Mick
  9. Just did a whole run through of Porcupine Tree and will keep on going through Steven solo now. but i too am waiting for the whole album. Mick
  10. that's why i did PT, lol. getting Ready. Mick
  11. Honestly Lightbulb sun and Stupid dream could be swapped for me too. this is just how it fell for me in this moment. Really i enjoy everything from SD on. one of the best hot streaks in music and i'm including the new one in that. even Enjoyed the Incident this time. used to be cool on it. Mick
  12. Porcupine Tree 1. Fear of A BLank Planet 2. Deadwing 3. In Absentia 4. Stupid Dream 5. CLOSURE/CONTINUATION 6. Lightbulb Sun 7. The Incident 8. Signify 9. The Sky Moves Sideways 10. Up the Downstair 11. On the Sunday of Life As you can seee i'm not huge on the first 4 albums of this band. The floyd-y Spacy stuff is fine but i prefer when they went for more structured songs but kept elements of the dreamy, prog-y side. And Fear of a Blank planet has become my fav. I think it's their most complete album. Maybe the most Complete statement Wilson ever made.....solo work included. IMO. the recent one still holds up too BUT i miss Colin on Bass a TON. Mick
  13. Porcupine tree Stupid Dream (10/10) Lightbulb Sun (9/10) In Absentia (10/10) Mick
  14. Tool-Fear Inoculum (5/10) First time i played this since release and my opinion still holds. Long and drawn out and not worth the 13 year wait. By far their worst IMO. Mick
  15. Olivia Rodrigo-GUTS (10/10) I was terrified........TERRIFIED.....Sour would be a surprise one off album. like oh that one album was great in a sea of pop duds. but it was nice.' i'm so happy that is not the case. I truly believe olivia to be a long last-er. she just keeps exceeding my hopes. Mick
  16. Avenged Sevenfold-.....Life is but A Dream(10/10) it amazes me Sleep token gets credit for genre bending when this album exists and it does it 1000 times better and is way more exciting with it. Mick
  17. as a collins genesis guy i approve. My favs from that bunch are Duke Abacab Genesis though i like them all. Mick
  18. Last Night Machine Head-The Blackening (10/10) Tool-Lateralus (10/10) Dream Theater-Train of Thought (8/10) Tom Waits-Swordfishtrombones(10/10) Yea Waits is a forefather of the metal growl. Along with Howling Wolf and Captain Beefheart. fight me. Mick
  19. Olivia Rodrigo-GUTS (10/10) I won't say i prefer it to Sour as thaat album is special to me. I will say i like i just as much though. I really want her to make a full theatrical Meat Loaf-esque album. We got a taste with Vampire. now i want her to just embrace it. She can do it but maybe not just yet. It would turn away so many fans, lol but down the line.....I WANT IT. Mick
  20. thanks i feel better already. just a cough now. last night was like the peak. i felt like someone was shaking me while i was upside down. Dizzy as hell. but a good night sleep did the trick. as far as Olivia. she's a special artist i feel it. i love how she uses real instruments in her music insteas of mindless pop or trap beats "glares a hole at swift" Not that you can't make it work....see billie Eillish but it's refreashing to hear a BAND in pop music coming back. Mick
  21. Still all the metal i've been binging but i've added the new Rodrigo. it grew on me 2nd day like immediately. i've been sick with COVID. very mild but still felt dead tired yesterday. and i think i had zero patience for anything in that state. lol. it's a FANTASTIC new album. Mick
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