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  1. Today Chris Rea Deltics(9/10) Shamrock Diaries(8/10) Auberge(8/10) this guy is a chameleon. he goees from Boz Scaggs/Elvis Costello (Deltics) to Springsteen (Shamrock Diaries) To Mark Knopler (Auberg) I still prefer the run of albums from the debut-Wired to the Moon most.....and he disowned basically that period.......yea whatever Chris, lol Mick
  2. I love ths new album. it get's better ever spin. to me it's just PT picking right up where they left off. so i donn't know what more one could want. if you din't like say the last 2 PT albums you won't like this. if you did no reason this won't please you i think. Mick
  3. Chris Rea (early Rea) Steely Dan Journey Toto basically same area of music.......i'm so chill right now that anything harder than this list makes me anxious, lol Mick
  4. Hey i've said this over and over again. i like Aja. do i LOVE it? nope. too perfect and slick. it's the same issue with Toto IV for me (that and just weaker hooks) anyway.......yea albums like Can't Buy a Thrill, Countdown To Ecstasy, Pretzel Logic and The Royal Scam (my fav) have a more raw edge to them. killer guitar solos too. AHHH Steely Dan. Mick
  5. Maybe i'm Amazed. a beautiful love song vs. pandering pap. no contest here. Mick
  6. I've had my first listen my feeling is it's very good and that most folks who didn't like the last two Wilson solo projects (i did, lol)will like this way more. as it's just sounds like PT (duh) i will say it's a little too long for me and draggy in spots but songs i liked. Harridan' Of the New day (Classic PT ballad) Herd Culling (REALLY dug this) Chimera's Wreak Love in the Past tense (great closer) Need more spins but very early first impression rating. 7/10 (this is may not be my final so don't take it as such) Mick
  7. Steely Dan-Aja (8/10) There are people who might think i hate this album. i do not. i like it a lot. in fact it's got 2 of my fav SD songs ever. Black Cow and Deacon Blues (This song is amazing) it's got a couple songs i do not like. Peg (the BIG hit......always hated it.......PEEEEEEEEEEEG. SHUT up Michael Mcdonald) and I Got the News (filler) the record is also a bit TOO slick for my taste but it's not a deal Breaker. this record is essentially Toto IV prior to Toto IV. in terms of studio slickness and being a smash hit. but I prefer Aja by leagues over IV Mick
  8. Chris Rea-Deltics (10/10) Segue Turned me on to Rea via his middle Knopler Journeyman like period. it's great but funnily it's his EARLY period here that sparked my love even more. it's that late 70's/early 80's soft rock thing i love mixed with Elvis Costello, Boz Scaggs and Tom Waits if Waits was accessible and hooky. i'm trying to get segue to see the clear magic in this era of Rea. It's my fav period of his. Mick
  9. i don't like the first 3 either. too much fusion instrumental stuff going on. on the other side i don't like much post perry. they got good replacements but it's just Schon/Cain grasping at former glory they'll never have again. when they could have tried something new and fresh. Gregg Rollie was the man though. Mick
  10. oh ok. 1. Evolution 2. Infinity 3. Raised On Radio I just love the early Gregg Rollie era. he blows Jonathan Cain out of his lil boots. i loved his songwriting his Interplay With Perry, his voice. and it was nice having a lead singer besides Steve for variety's sake. and i'm a weirdo who ADORES raised. sure in sound it's closer to Steve's Street talk but there are so many good tunes on there. Mick
  11. i can no longer Stomach don't Stop beleavin' I have in fact......stopped Beleavin', lol Mick
  12. well Segue continues his metal binge. i continue in like classic rock/AOR land Toto LRB Steely Dan Journey (the first AOR melodic Rock band and a sentimental fav always) The 70's was such a rich era for this style and it fit in so well that decade. Mick
  13. Journey Frontiers (7/10) Raised on Radio (9/10) Frontiers has a great side A. Side B is not as good. and i'm a Massive Raised fan. very underrated album. Mick
  14. Journey-Trial By Fire(8/10) People seem to really give this one i hard time and i could see reasons why. it's overlong and a few too many slow perry solo album typ songs but what's good here is REALLY damn good. Message of Love One More When you Love A Woman If He Should Break Your Heart Forever In Blue Don't Be Down On Me It's Just The Rain Trial By Fire all that is classic Journey for me. It's a bit generic to say but in his prime Steve Perry was one of the best singers ever. and i love his tone on this album not quite prime but a rich mature tone. to bad everyone in this band hates each other cause they could have gone on after this one. this lineup i believe had way more in the tank at the time but...."band politics" don't ya know? Mick
  15. Lacuna Coil-Black Anima i like scoring things but i can't score BA cause i like this record and yet i really DON''T.......like this record, lol I think the pieces were all there but it is executed very badly. Oh gosh the production choices on this record are SO cringe. I'm sorry to fans and I love LC i don't enjoy being negative to them in the slightest cause this album is so frustrating to the max. I think the songs themselves are wonderful really. Then you have the weird choices and sounds and tinker toy beeps and bloops and a drum sound that sounds like the kit is just stacked cereal boxes. Ok I'll stop, lol Mick
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