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    A toss up between Manchester, England 2007 and on the lawn at the PNC in Holmdel. And, their first ever show in Dublin, May 12 2011! Glasgow 2013 ROCKED!!!!!!! #MSG2015OHMIGAWDDDDD!!!
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    Milli Vanilli
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  1. Get over here, I'll buy you a beer(that rhymes)! Happy Anniversary TRF! And thank you!
  2. Such sad news, Donna was one of the originals. I had the good fortune to meet her, albeit briefly, at the tailgate in Jones Beach in 08. May she rest in peace.
  3. Nice paint job! What's that smell? Is that, FEET?
  4. So sorry to read this, we bonded over Queen many moons ago, she had a good heart, a sharp wit, & didn't suffer fools gladly. We were lucky to know her. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a hanam.
  5. Wishing you all a lovely St. Patrick's Day. X
  6. So....it WAS you!!! Oh and, that box of donuts on the table in the green room was for the night crew. You know this. I WAS HUNGRY, UNPLUGGING IS QUITE EXERTING.* *that's what she said
  7. Dear Lorraine, You continue to inspire & amaze me, you're always in my thoughts. Much love. Xxx
  8. ❤ Saturday evening over here, you're never far from my thoughts. X
  9. Just checking in, sending love & light. Xxx
  10. I'm not on here much anymore, Lorraine's probably the last TRFer I've bonded with. I'm so grateful to this forum for loads of stuff, but being on here with this lady has been one of the greatest things. Happy Anniversary to the best of us. :rose:
  11. Never, I've loved your posts since day 1, even more so now. Your strength & humour inspire me. Much love to you. X
  12. Sending love & hugs, I think of you every day, dear Lorraine. X
  13. My fellow Queen buddy & friend. Much, much, much love from the Emerald Isle. X
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