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  1. Jazz from Hell- Frank Zappa
  2. I would love to be able to say that I’m going to see Blur at Wembley Stadium this coming weekend…but alas, I don’t think I can make it. :/
  3. I saw Terry Bozzio perform with Jeff Beck on Beck’s Guitar Shop tour, 1989- incredible drummer. (And who I really went to that show to see was Stevie Ray Vaughan- blew me away). Missing Persons? Not so much.
  4. I knew I was missing something. Thank you. As the title of the David Crosby album goes- It’s all coming back to me now…
  5. Video, really? I did not know that at all! Would you send me a PM with a tip as to where I can find that? YouTube? Also- I said it was the only time I saw them on the CA tour. It was not the only Rush show I ever attended. The Presto tour was my first, all the way up to R40. Been a fan since 1980 (but I was too young to start going to shows then).
  6. I don’t know if I’m missing something, or if there’s a subsection of the forum that isn’t here anymore. But I’m wondering about live recordings, of the unofficial variety… Today is the 10th anniversary of the only show I saw on the Clockwork Angels tour- 2 July 2013, in Cincinnati. And I’ve never found a live recording of it, anywhere. Ahem, ahem. Please and thank you in advance, if you have any leads.
  7. David Bowie- Diamond Dogs tour Bob Dylan and the Hawks- UK Tour 1966
  8. Zero to 99- Boston Spaceships
  9. Oh god, I had no idea that he had passed…in addition to being a part of arguably the best band that Miles Davis ever fronted (his quintet of 1965-‘68), he played with my favorite jazz trumpeter on Earth, Lee Morgan, for several sessions…he played with Joni Mitchell in the mid-to-late 1990s, along with drummers Brian Blade and Vinnie Colaiuta…and by the way, he had a hell of a solo career as well. Every one of his solo albums from 1964-‘67 is essential, IMO. (And by the way, that’s eight albums as a leader, in four years. In addition to several more that he did in Miles’s group- not to mention live dates all over the US, UK and Europe). A monumental talent. 🌹
  10. Suits, on Netflix The writing, the dialogue, is really slick, it’s so much fun.
  11. I would love to see him do a tour for the new book- since I was MIA for the last one he did.
  12. And I’ll get my hands on the book just as quickly as I can, and devour the bloody thing.
  13. Truth! There’s a reason why Neil was the lyricist from the time he joined, too- else we be subjected to ‘Hey baby, it’s a quarter to eight’ for the next 40-odd years. 😂 (This is not meant as a knock on Geddy at all- I love, love, love all three guys. And hey, “Big Beautiful Book of Bass” I liked).
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