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    is ever-revolving
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    Permanent Waves and Hold Your Fire
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    2013- going to a Rush show for the first time in nearly 20 years, with a friend I’d known since the late ‘80s, and who went to a couple of shows with me just a couple of years after that. A homecoming for both of us.
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    The Black Crowes, Mandolin Orange, Ray LaMontagne, Guided By Voices, Steely Dan, early Chicago, Elton John, Bob Dylan, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, etc., etc...entirely too many to keep naming
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    Drums, acoustic guitar (and long, long ago, trumpet)

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  1. I appreciate it, goose, thank you. I hope you and your lad have been well!
  2. Sydney Rose- You Never Met Me Delaney Bailey- This is About You Delaney Bailey- What We Leave Behind Billy Strings- Renewal
  3. So my father died in September of ‘22, after a two-year battle with metastatic prostate cancer. My younger brother had a heart attack last July, at the age of 38. He has a pacemaker and he’s all right, though. Then his mother, my stepmother, passed died suddenly at the end of October. But what’s gotten to me the most is that my younger son, almost 17, was diagnosed with severe depression a few months ago, also. He’s cut himself a couple of times…goes back and forth between being ‘better’, glimmers of hope for the future, etc., and then terrible fits of anger and depression just keep coming back. In 20 years of being a parent, this is the most difficult time I’ve ever had. I believe he absolutely can come through all of this. But every day is a challenge. And even the smallest of victories mean everything.
  4. I’m so sorry to hear this. I’ve known that plenty of people who have gone too soon due to drugs, and I’ve been very close to some of them.
  5. Not really into posting pics of myself online, but I’ll just say that since I’m white, and my hair has gotten closer and closer to white, I’m pretty much an apparition at this point. I barely appear in photographs. Just a blurry wisp of white.
  6. 1978- 46th anniversary, I believe, not 45th. I was not quite five years old. I remember my sister getting to stay home from school, and we had fun out in the snow.
  7. As much as I love both A Passion Play and the Chateau D’Herouville sessions (and I still can’t listen to it without thinking about what the band members have said about how awful the circumstances were- but the music is brilliant)…I won’t be buying the vinyl, though. I’ve bought some vinyl lately, and I haven’t even cracked the shrink wrap on them, still sealed. Maybe they’ll be worth more to someone in the future than what I paid for them today. Critique Oblique is unbelievable, natch. Along with so many others from those sessions; a great album unto itself.
  8. See, it’s good to see this thread again. Considering the rock I’ve been living under, I didn’t even know a release date had been set. And then also, suffice it to say I didn’t know that anything of the songs were available yet. So I’ll be checking those out here in a bit (not interrupting the rest of the record I have on right now).
  9. Humble Pie- Street Rats (1975) Rush- A Farewell to Kings (1977) Blur- Modern Life is Rubbish (1993)
  10. The Wood Brothers, Southern Theater, Columbus, Ohio- April 3rd
  11. You’ve gotta give it to him, though, at nearly 83 years old, still out there and doing it.
  12. Jazz from Hell- Frank Zappa
  13. I would love to be able to say that I’m going to see Blur at Wembley Stadium this coming weekend…but alas, I don’t think I can make it. :/
  14. I saw Terry Bozzio perform with Jeff Beck on Beck’s Guitar Shop tour, 1989- incredible drummer. (And who I really went to that show to see was Stevie Ray Vaughan- blew me away). Missing Persons? Not so much.
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