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  1. I’ve been on a huge Blue Note jag for the past couple of weeks: Art Blakey Moanin’ Caravan Buhaina’s Delight Drums Around the Corner Art Blakey!!!!! Jazz Messengers!!!!! Free For All Herbie Hancock Takin’ Off My Point of View Empyrean Isles Inventions and Dimensions Maiden Voyage Speak Like a Child Fat Albert Rotunda The Prisoner Hank Mobley Roll Call No Room for Squares Jackie McLean Consequences Jackknife Lee Morgan Lee Morgan Indeed! Here’s Lee Morgan City Lights Candy The Cooker Lee Way Sonic Boom Tom Cat The Sidewinder Cornbread The Rumproller Infinity The Procrastinator The Gigolo Caramba The Search for the New Land Live at the Lighthouse
  2. People can be cold, and say lots of things online that they would never say to someone else in person. And then there are just plain old differences of opinion. I have an addictive personality, which takes various forms. And I’ve lost a larger-than-my-share number of friends and relatives (including two of my siblings) as a result of their own choices, or those of other people close to them. I learned to live with that and make peace with it, a long time ago. I can’t fault anyone else’s sensitivity to that kind of thing, I mean someone else who has had similar experience. We’re all different in how we react to things. But I agree with everyone here who’s saying don’t let one person, or even two people, spoil the whole community for you.
  3. I was not aware that cassettes were making any kind of a comeback until you told me, Laura…lol :) Back in the early 2000s, so about 20 years ago now, I was heavy into transferring a bunch of my cassettes to CDs. I did that a bunch, and then I stopped, while I still had hundreds of cassettes I had not transferred yet. And I do still have quite a few of them. Lots of 90-minute tapes that had albums longer than 45 minutes, so some of the B-side would be taken up with it, and then use the rest of the B side with some filler, of something totally different. Nostalgia, indeed…and I guess that’s why I haven’t thrown them all out. A quick aside- my high school had its own FM radio station (like 50 watts or something, you know, like two miles away you could get very good reception- but still), and I was involved in it for my sophomore through senior year- my senior year I was the music director, actually. And I happen to still have a cassette that I recorded of one of my own on-air shifts, at that time (1990). I found that cassette among all my other things, and it was just bizarre, as an adult, to listen to 17 year-old me, on the radio. :lol:
  4. I would love to see either one of those. Or, you know, both. I have a quick Hot Tuna story. I never have seen them live, so this is not about a show that I saw. But…back in the days when people traded live music back and forth, on blank audio CD’s- I had a list posted at a site that I was pretty active on, and I was talking to this guy who had shown some interest in some things, and one of them was a Hot Tuna show. It happened to be the only HT show on my list, and he had attended it- at Commack Arena on Long Island, September 11th, 1976. And it is a scorcher of a show; it’s four discs long, and they are chock full, I mean it is close to a five-hour performance. And the sound quality is incredible. This guy was asking me about all of that, and he couldn’t believe that I had this show, and that I said it sounded so good. Needless to say, he was interested in it…at the time of that conversation, though, he was leaving in three days to go to London to see Cream at the RAH (this was in 2005). But he really, really wanted it. So…I got his mailing address, burned the discs that night, and sent it to him by guaranteed overnight delivery. He had it in his possession the day before he flew out. I don’t think I ever heard from him again after that; we never properly ‘traded’ anything. But I was just stoked to be able to do that for him. Now I’m sitting here wondering if you might have been at that Tuna show too, custom!
  5. Happy belated! (How is it that I always, always miss these on the days they occur?)
  6. That was the very first thing I noticed when the site was up and running again.
  7. Happy belated, mate. I disappear for just a couple of days, and look what I missed! Hope you had a great day, though.
  8. So…I decided to upgrade to front row, VIP, going to meet them, and get a signed Epiphone guitar…among other swag. But getting to meet them, and thank them, and be front and be front row for the gig- that’s the stuff, right there. Hey, that's pretty cool! Will this be your first time meeting them? This will be my first time meeting Chris and Rich, yes. Actually the very last time I saw them before this was in 2009, and I met Sven Pipien (bass), Luther Dickinson (guitar) and Adam MacDougall (keys) after the show. But not the brothers. And yeah, I’ve never done anything like this. This will also be exactly my 50th time seeing them play live. My first was in August of 1992.
  9. So…I decided to upgrade to front row, VIP, going to meet them, and get a signed Epiphone guitar…among other swag. But getting to meet them, and thank them, and be front and be front row for the gig- that’s the stuff, right there.
  10. Your first time logging in after the shutdown will hang up a little as pages and images are getting cached. Plus, the board is archiving some old threads right now, so periodically we'll see a brief but major slowdown (maybe even a 404 error message) as it takes a handful threads off of the main database and moves them onto a different one. If you happen to log in when it's in the middle of that task, you'll see a slow loading time for a bit. I'm going to take the archiving process really slowly so we're not constantly seeing those slowdowns all day every day. Just came back on and it loaded up right away. Thanks for all the work to get things fixed. Yes, big thank you, 73, for doing all that you do.
  11. Past couple of days: Everything But the Girl- Amplified Heart Art Blakey- Free For All John Coltrane- Ole Coltrane Herbie Hancock- Inventions and Dimensions Return to Forever- Light as a Feather Guided By Voices- Crystal Nuns Cathedral The Black Crowes- Live at Ferrocarril Oeste Stadium, Buenos Aires, Argentina- 25th January 1996
  12. ST3V. Come on, man. I could have looked, but I just didn’t want to!
  13. The Black Crowes- Three Snakes and One Charm Megadeth- Youthanasia Pat Metheny Group- Still Life (Talking) I had only ever listened to Metheny’s first album, Bright Size Life, and didn’t really latch onto the rest of his catalog. But then last year I watched my son perform Minuano in concert with his band, with him playing the flugelhorn for the main melody (which is done on the guitar/keys on the studio version here)…and he also solo’ed on the flugel for about a minute and a half, where Metheny’s guitar solo is…I was soooo impressed. And started listening to Metheny’s albums more and more, from that point. So Minuano and Still Life (Talking) is where it truly started, for me.
  14. I will go with Presto as well, as the best answer here. I really like the album itself. But not the cover art.
  15. Do you think Rush should have dropped Working Man from any future setlist after 1975, since it's not a Rush song but a "Led Company" song? As well as In the Mood and Finding My Way? I may be in the minority but I never liked In The Mood. Finding My Way and Working Man are good rock songs but I don't associate Rush as an entity with them. They felt more like covers when Rush played them live. A big part of what makes a rock band good is the feel of the drummer, and Neil, as great as he was, served the debut's songs well but something was _off_. Almost like asking Gavin Harrison to play a Beatles song, or Dave Weckl to play an AC/DC song. I get the same feeling with any pre-Beast Maiden songs with Nicko, another excellent drummer. Lifeson was close, but Geddy still sounded like he was still searching for his bass identity, too. For your initial question, nah they're great live songs and they played them well. They just felt like covers to me. I might be in the minority there. So you're calling RUSH a covers band now? Nothing but a covers band. So now you're the covers band guy, from now on. :musicnote: I will call you Analog Covers, the god of balance you definitely won't be :musicnote: I'm calling the debut album a garage band album by a bunch of covering nobodies! You've just got it in for Rutsey! You're a Rutsey-hater! His makeup was ugly. Serious answer: the music wasn't bad with Rutsey. Just not my brand, and not what I identify Rush with Maybe you should write to Geddy and Alex and tell them to get it formerly removed from the RUSH catalogue? Have it expunged from our memories using gamma rays? I mean what else can you do? Burn some copies? Break into amazon's warehouse and nuke the lot of them? Get over to Anthem records and destroy the master tapes? Kill kill kill? Do a Putin on RUSH's ass!?? :bang bang: :rush: :laughing yellow guy:
  16. I agree that Neil’s lyric-writing was just unbelievably good in the mid to late ‘80s. He was on quite a hot streak.
  17. I live about 15 minutes from Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Consider this my goodbye to you all… :laughing yellow guy: (I’m totally teasing…I am not at all worried about the end of days).
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