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    Alex's opening night joke in Manchester, NH 2012. The extra $20 is from the guy who pooped in my pants.
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  1. Wow! I adore Chain Lightning (I find Presto to be an underrated album) and always wished they had played it live at least once, although I'm sure it would have brought up some of the trauma for Neil. How did it sound live??
  2. I wish I could make it to either of the concerts. Just can't afford the time or money to travel. It does look like they will be playing with how they listed their names but who knows I guess.
  3. Unreal. Fastest decade I've ever experienced. I still remember the anticipation I felt waiting for its release, finally getting to listen to it, and being the first crowd to hear the CA stuff live except for Caravan and BU2B. I don't love every song on it (like Wish Them Well and frankly The Garden makes me feel too sad to listen to it). However still a strong album that I enjoy to this day. Happy birthday Clockwork Angels!
  4. Territories is an underrated song imo, one of my favs from Power Windows.
  5. I've gone through phases like this too where I didn't listen to them at all for a while. After a period of time, even a few years, I always come back. I think the same will happen with you or at least I hope so...I certainly see you on this forum often enough so there must be something keeping you here.
  6. Digital Man. This is quickly becoming a favorite from Signals.
  7. I do always wish he was a TAD better with the fans, but I can tell he appreciates them.
  8. The Wreckers He'd like a lover's wings to fly on To a tropic isle of Avalon
  9. Yes, 100%. I listen to a lot of other stuff but I've known for over a decade that Rush is my favorite band. Their lyrics speak to me on a very deep level, their musicianship is top notch, and the brotherhood between the three of them, as well as their dedication to their craft, is palpable. A world class one-of-a-kind band.
  10. Subdivisions. Once a get a keyboard I'm gonna start playing again, find a good synth setting on it, and bang this one out.
  11. Anyone here in the NH area who would be interested in meeting up irl? Either respond here or feel free to DM me.
  12. I agree. So this whole thing about "so-and-so wouldn't be famous if they came along today" is almost a moot point. Someone has to come along and usher in new styles and techniques which always eventually become old ones.
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