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  1. Told my older brother about Muse touring the US and he was excited since he’s a fan of them. Found out on Reddit of all places lol. I wasn’t able to stay the full show but I saw Shinedown last Sunday. They sounded great. Don’t know much of their music but had a good time.
  2. Got to see Def Leppard on the Stadium tour like I hoped. What a great show! Also got to see Joan Jett and Poison which was pretty awesome too. I skipped Motley Crue which is fine by me since I didn’t really want to see them anyways. Today I went and saw Iron Maiden for the first time in downtown Austin. What a fantastic show! Hoping to see Roger Waters in October, I was hoping to see the Strokes as well but unfortunately they are not playing locally and the drive is just too far in Texas to justify for one show. And next summer is They Might Be Giants.
  3. I'm not sure how accurate it is, but on Wikipedia there's a list of known but unreleased songs that were played by the band. It's possible some of the songs are stuff that John wrote.
  4. Iron Maiden - World Slavery Tour (1984-1985) Live - Throwing Copper Tour (1994)
  5. Just started watching the Sopranos earlier this year. The show ended when i was really young so I never watched it when it was airing, but now that I'm older i've been streaming it and it's really a great show. Tony was one of the best actors in the show imo. Shame that he's passed. Rest in peace.
  6. In the past I did research on this particular topic but I’m still not sure if this was ever 100 percent verified. During my research I could not find any evidence that a soundboard recording of the New World Tour exists. At least not publicly. Was this ever confirmed or denied by the band or anyone close to them? I would love to see a full live show from that tour if they do a fancy reissue for Signals.
  7. I like this idea. Someone did something similar for the Permanent Waves Tour after the 40th anniversary edition was released. Since we didn’t get a full show with that reissue they combined the nearly released tracks with the Kiel Auditorium show and maybe a few others I don’t recall. Will you be sharing your custom version at all?
  8. Don’t own the physical box set but I’ve really been enjoying the streaming version. It’s awesome that after 41 years we finally have a full set list instead of the collection of songs from Exit Stage Left. I love that album and always will, but I never liked how short it was.
  9. This is a nice upgrade from the old look of the Board. I’ll kind of miss the old archaic look of the board but this is a very sleek modern look and I dig it. Just gives me another reason to keep coming back after 3 years.
  10. That is the official accepted date but It it seems to have actually been released two to three weeks earlier according to Billboard advertising and chart dates in 1976. I looked for thread about it here but couldn't find it. I may not have posted it on this message board. I recall reading something like March 1976 but if that's the case it's only a month off which isn't that bad.
  11. According to Google and other research, 2112 was released exactly 46 years ago today!
  12. This documentary from 11 years ago has a different feel now whenever Taylor is interviewed. He talked about nearly dying from his first overdose on Heroin. I guess his demons came back and this time he wasn't so lucky.
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