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    June 29, 2015 - R40 Tour - MSG, New York City
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    Natural Science, Subdivisions, Something for Nothing, La Villa Strangiato, Digital Man, The Enemy Within, Mystic Rhythms, Time Stand Still, Scars, Dreamline, Ghost Rider, Caravan, The Garden
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    Permanent Waves, Moving Pictures, Signals
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    My 6th Rush show so far. R40 Tour.
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  1. I've been revisiting songs/albums that I haven't listened to in quite some time. The most notable recent example would be "Scars" off Presto -- forgot how hypnotic Neil is on this one. Also, his amazing fills at the end of "Lock and Key" from HYF.
  2. Haven't posted on here for a few years now. Absolutely devastating news -- still doesn't feel real to me. I'm also a drummer, and Neil is not only my favorite drummer, but the biggest influence in my playing by far. No other words to say really - Rush has been such a huge part of my life. What a sad, sad day. Thank you Neil for all of the inspiration and countless hours I've spent (and will continue to spend) listening to you.
  3. Steve Harvey is just too classic, and hilarious to watch. I originally wasn't a big fan either, but he grew on me. Totally oddball guy.
  4. Rush!

    Halo Effect

    Definitely one that instantly stood out to me on my initial listen of CA- One of the top tracks from that album for sure.
  5. I was in section 223. Nosebleed seats but they weren't awful. I was on Alex's side. Great show as I had expected, and I was really surprised with the setlist in the first half. I found The Anarchist an odd choice for opening track, but interesting nonetheless. I was really satisfied with the setlist overall, esp for the fact they hit almost every album. For the first set, I would've swapped Animate and Roll the Bones with Cut to the Chase (rare deep cut that's overlooked imo), and Dreamline, respectively. The appearances by Segel and Rudd were awesome as well. Totally wasn't expecting Losing It, what a beautiful yet sad track. Excellent set, the sound was good overall, and I was floored when they started Jacob's Ladder, a personal favorite, as well as Xanadu. Excellent song choices.
  6. Rush!


    Just pre-ordered the $99 version. Looks awesome, can't wait to get it in my hands!
  7. Red Lenses is fun and light-hearted, I've always enjoyed it. The drumming is killer.
  8. Haven't heard the album yet but the title track is glorious. Amazing, catchy melodies, and the middle section is just gorgeous. Going to try & listen to it this weekend.
  9. I think MP is just fine the way it is. Wouldn't add to it, wouldn't cut from it. Witch Hunt has always been one of my favorites. Love the eerie, creeping intro, and the synths are my favorite aspect. The lyrics are sweet as well, I especially enjoy the verse "Quick to judge, quick to anger........". Really rings true for most people I encounter in life. Probably #5 overall in my Rush album rankings.
  10. Very interesting thread idea, and that's a great movie. I'd say I'd give it a shot, as I seem to envy people who've never heard Rush's music before. But at the same time, they've shaped so much of my musical interests and I picked up the drums more seriously as a result of Peart, so I'd have to give it more thought. I think I'd probably end up going for it though.
  11. I generally find 35-40 minutes to be a pretty punctual time for most albums, not just for Rush. Granted, plenty of my favorite albums exceed 40 minutes, but I sometimes find that albums longer than that overstay their welcome. For me, it's usually an issue of the songwriting not being as up to par as the first half, or first few songs. Other times, albums just 'feel' really long and occasionally I'll grow bored or maybe become tired after a while. Again, this is not usually the case with Rush, but I can understand why people would feel this way. Same thing with films. I enjoy a lot of films that are a little over 2 hours long, but I wouldn't necessarily want to sit through a film that's 3 hours long or some other ridiculous length, like the Lord of the Rings trilogy. Whereas a 90-minute film usually gets the story told in an ideal amount of time. It depends on the day as well, it's really just the circumstances and how I might feel at that point in time.
  12. Hey everyone, Been a long time since I've posted here but I wanted to share my band with all of you: https://www.facebook.com/TheStandUpEffect < This is our Facebook page, if you guys enjoy the songs please feel free to 'Like' the page, as we're trying to build our fanbase up & get more exposure. Our entire self-titled EP is on this site, for free: http://grooveshark.com/#!/album/The+Stand+Up+Effect/9186446 Please share the Facebook & Grooveshark pages for those of you who dig the music...I'd really appreciate it! Probably could've posted this in the Official New Music thread, but I figure this will (hopefully) get more attention as a new thread... I'm the drummer by the way... Any and all feedback is welcome.
  13. Listened to some samples from the new remix version of VT. The guit solo in Ceiling Unlimited is excellent...pretty sure that was inaudible or not included on the original release.
  14. Not the first one.............. Look down With the exception of the glorious All the World's a Stage. Neglected to mention that...AtWaS is easily my favorite live album of theirs, & I consider it to be the best-sounding as well. Totally captures them at their rawest, most primal period.
  15. To me it's just the same as most other bands who have had success with hit songs. Not everyone in the crowd will be super-serious fans, so they play the more popular material to satisfy the casual listeners. I was incredibly satisfied with the setlist for the CA tour. I absolutely enjoyed them going deep into Power Windows, as well as reviving Where's My Thing (a personal favorite). Neil's changes to his solo were also very well-done, imo.
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