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  1. Maybe they’re skipping re-releasing Moving Pictures and instead will focus on a live boxset celebrating Exit Stage Left with multiple full shows on cd and dvd/BR including other bonuses Who knows at this point They always needed someone or a true group of serious Rush fanatics who want to protect their legacy and make sure the fans get what they want and search the archives and be on the search for rumored rare shows
  2. www.moderndrummer.com Parts can be viewed online now On newsstands now
  3. Great little interview. Man I miss Neil so damn much.
  4. I think that’s an idea that most of us will do Someone with special skills will most likely create something great The only difficult part would be finding the right sources that are all relative and close in sound Like the bonus tracks on the 2112 release or the St Louis boot don’t sound anything like the over polished ESL Still will be nice though And Terry Brown weighed in but not sure he understood because his answer definitely doesn’t answer
  5. This is NOT worth the money that they are charging. My god for similar money check out other bands boxsets and what they include. yes they could make it right by providing a site exclusively for downloads of live concerts and videos. But yes secure everything Rush has ever done. Reach out to Rush fans and collectors. Create a great archival department digging into every rumor and getting it out there for fans.What a disservice.
  6. https://www.anthementertainment.com/ Let them know how you feel :)
  7. Hell they didn’t even include the lyrics for that song
  8. But if they don’t release them then all is lost Why would they not release a great expansive boxset Makes no sense Someone posted that the news station recorded quite a bit of concert footage in Buffalo and they’ve been waiting to be asked Also from the new book wandering the face of the earth it was revealed that Rush recorded so many shows to multi track and filmed some London gigs Where the hell is this stuff Why why why would they not release it So very frustrating I know Geddy mentioned that these box sets are the record companies things and they don’t have much to do with it but come on What a disservice to fans As Ron pointed out they only further the theory of how much they have Hell start a download site or get on nugs And that damn cover WTF They had a chance to knock it out of the park with this one and they blew it
  9. Listed on amazon https://www.amazon.com/Permanent-Waves-40th-Anniversary-Rush/dp/B084GXS8V4/ref=mp_s_a_1_5?keywords=rush+permanent+waves+40th+anniversary&qid=1581485509&sprefix=rush+pwrm&sr=8-5 Changed the cover artwork These releases by the shitty label that took over is doing nothing but a disservice to Rush fans Shit they don’t even include the drum solo in honor of Neil I can’t believe no full show when they obviously have it and multiple nights This release was a true test to how they could make things right by releasing an amazingly huge boxset filled with stuff we’ve been clamoring for for decades Geez
  10. Definitely disappointed that the record company CHOSE NOT to release a full show from the 1980 PEW tour I guess the bright spot is that between this new release, the St. Louis boot, and 2112 special edition we will be able to make a complete and great concert
  11. I think they are missing the mark horribly with these They should have been like the Metallica box sets They dropped the ball this entire time with all these We know they have full PEW shows as songs have been released like 2112 and Passage on the 2112 So disappointing if true
  12. https://forums.stevehoffman.tv/threads/rush-permanent-waves-40th-anniversary-box-set-due-27-march-2020.928667/ Ed also has something posted If the early information is true then this is absolutely horrible and very frustrating Hopefully it’s not correct
  13. Saw the tour in 1996 and 1997. Absolutely floored me. Still my favorite show. Was very excited when they released a lot of the show on dvd a few years back, but yes they have to do whatever it takes to give that a proper release. A full show with any extras possible. I think everything is out of their hands as they sold their interests, but hopefully something happens. They were at their latter day peak IMO The playing was phenomenal. The setlist was pretty great minus a few exceptions (Virtuality) Neil was so smooth in his playing. Just a great tour that needs a proper bluray release
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