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  1. Wow wow wow! Radically different bass tone for you! Excellent song all around, very Rushlike, and the mix is really good, too. Are you still doing the mixing/mastering?
  2. JARG

    About damn time!

    I requested this way back in Oct.
  3. Top 5: Moving Pictures, Signals, Permanent Waves, Test For Echo, Power Windows Bottom 5: Snakes and Arrows, Clockwork Angels, Hold Your Fire, Counterparts, Rush
  4. Feb 25th, 1979, Municipal Auditorium, Austin, Texas. "Tour of the Hemispheres" April Wine opened. Municipal Auditorium was probably about a 6000 seat venue. It was insanely loud.
  5. For sure during Tom Sawyer, but I don't see it in Overture.
  6. It's possible (but unlikely) that Neil flubbed the kick during that section, but the rest of the performances (his included) were considered "keepers" and so they just chose to mute the kick mic during mixing to hide the flub.
  7. Saw the show last night. Great concert.
  8. My god, I hope they don't play a Rush song at the Taylor Hawkins tribute. That would as bad in taste as the Foos playing a Foos song at a Neil Peart tribute.
  9. I saw him several years ago when he toured The Wall. Amazing show. Gonna' see him again in Sept.
  10. I personally think they should have just come out, given a wave or two to the audience, hugged their on-stage friends, and then exited stage left.
  11. Looks like they had a good time, but my god, that was rough.
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