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  1. How else is she going to get men to notice her?
  2. I loved his Guy Caballero character.
  3. Just finished listening, here are the notes I jotted down. Edge Of Life - vocals and bass lost in the mix. Cool guitar parts, crashes are too loud, solo has elements of lifeson and thayil Invisible Hand - love how it starts, but ok we're 1:28 minutes in and still noodling...vocals mixed well Ready Player One - it's been forever since I've heard it, still a cool song...clearly I'm summoning the ghost of p/g-era Alex here Shoulder - another cool intro, and super cool guitar parts throughout Hearts - "oh hell yeah" at lone intro guitar, delightfully bizarre organ solo, killer guitar solo Spades - "oh hell yeah" at lone intro guitar again! Clubs - cool middle section, didn't see that coming - slight hint of Hocus Pocus Diamonds - cool groove, really like how raw the guitar is here, sounds like single guitar tracks for most part Sometimes It Does - sounds like a Carter composition, nice song, well-executed guitar solo Variable, This is Knife - like the bass level in the intro Words that Hurt to Hear - very interesting, so Jeremy Sarajevo Rose - interesting choice for a closer, nice guitar work
  4. Very well executed. You guys kept the tempo under control, and your drummer in particular seemed very much in control, taking his time to execute the fills with precision.
  5. Holy necropost, Batman! OK, now that that's out of the way, imo there have been three guitarists who been game changers in popular music. First off, Chuck Berry who showed the world that the guitar could be the focus of attention, sharing melodic and expressive duties with the human voice. Hendrix came along and said, "yes, but look what else you can do with the guitar". He took the guitar to a completely different level. EVH came along and said, "thanks for opening the door, Jimi, but look what else you can do with the instrument". Certainly there have been enormously talented players sprinkled in the mix - Lifeson, Gilmour, SRV, Paul Gilbert, and Billy Gibbons are among my faves - but Berry, Hendrix, and Van Halen are the three true pioneers, imo. Eddie would have to work far less to passingly cover the Working Man solo than Alex would Eruption.
  6. There was a time when the members of Rush were like gods in my eyes. They were powerhouses on their respective instruments, writing amazingly involved pieces of music and expressing atypical concepts in a thought-provoking and poetic way. Clear that idle idol worship was all just me projecting onto them what I wanted to be true. The veneer really began to slip away as I developed enough facility on guitar to play in a Rush cover band. The more I knew about how Alex played his parts, and, by extension, the ins and outs of music composition and arrangement, the more human he, and they, became. And once I was OK with them just being "regular" guys, the less I was affected by rumors of drug use. Many of my musician friends did inordinate amounts of drugs, but that didn't lessen them as friends in my eyes.
  7. JARG

    The Garden cover

    A lovely cover. I really liked the drum fill that brought in the drums in initially -- very tasty. I really disliked the drum fill that brought in the guitar solo. The bass playing was nice -- some interesting runs and implied chords.
  8. Agreed that the movie, in retrospect, seems to have whitewashed certain "seedier" elements of Rush's backstory. It's possible, I suppose, that that was a management call given that the band was still an active business pursuit at the time -- perhaps Ray and company were not willing for the "warts and all" version of Rush to be made public.
  9. Maybe Geddy needs to write another book: My Effin Job where he can go into greater detail about recording sessions and whatnot.
  10. I've seen them enough that I probably wouldn't go again unless the new material was truly groundbreaking. And I had no intention of seeing Geddy talk about his book, but my daughter (who was too young to see Rush before they retired) really wanted to go see Geddy, so we went. So if she really wanted to see whatever permutation of Rush was touring, then I'd probably go. I mean, I'm the guy who left the S&A and CA shows early so that I could beat traffic.
  11. I'm truly envious of you and others like you.
  12. I'm sure I'm in the minority here, but using CA as a guide for the most recent musical output, I'm thinking maybe they shouldn't work on new material.
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