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  1. He’s acquainted with the Boston Dawsons. The reason he didn’t survive the sinking of the Titanic is because he only had one life to live.
  2. JARG

    The GeFilter

    I expect this thread will some day disappear. Once Tinlador builds the GeFilter, he can go back in time and not create this thread.
  3. It might not be the gear's fault.
  4. I messed around with a similar pedal back in the day. It was a two-step affair: you clicked the button to start the audio capture and then clicked it again to end the capture, which then started the loop until you decided to end it. As I recall, it could capture a max of 8 seconds.
  5. Wasn't clicking it (I don't think I clicked it in the old version, either), but that's done the trick. Thanks!
  6. No change as far as I can tell. Thanks for trying.
  7. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say the cookie expires after about 60 minutes. Previously the expire was very long -- I could stay logged in for days at a time if I didn't close the browser and/or log off from the site (I purge all cookies when I close my browser). I don't think we need to go back to that, so maybe expire after 12 hours? Update: actually, the expire seems shorter than I previously thought, so now I'm thinking it's not a cookie issue, but maybe a session variable issue. Banks use session variables to automatically expire your session if you're inactive after a certain period of time -- maybe that's what's going on here?
  8. Can the login cookie duration time value be increased? It seems like it expires sooner than before the software upgrade.
  9. He does a good job at emulating Randy's vibrato, too.
  10. http://youtu.be/PlJQXwCsZWg
  11. Alex and Geddy both have performed while sitting in chairs.
  12. How difficult was it for Rush to transition from recording bed tracks "off the floor" as a band, to tracking individual performances? Whose idea was it? Do you feel that what was gained by such an approach overcame any losses?
  13. Thank you for doing this! I've had the CD set (and DVD) since the day it came out, and I had no idea there was a bonus video of Vital Signs on the CD! Could you share how you extracted this? I put the 3rd CD in my disk drive of my MacBook Pro, and I can't find anything besides the tracks. All the same, thank you for your restoration work and for posting it on YouTube! :) The video is from a bootleg of the show, I gather, and is not part of the RIR set. Right, not from the official RiR capture. We have the audio from the CD and a bootleg video of the exact same performance that the audio is from (that was wasn't clear to me earlier), so TGR married the "official" audio with the bootleg video.
  14. Can confirm it was recorded on 19th Oct 2002 at the Quebec City gig - the same gig that video footage is taken from. I think in general Geddy's vocals were very strong on the Vapor Trails Tour, I'm guessing because they were so well rested after not touring for 5 years. https://www.rhino.com/product/in-rio Thanks for confirming.
  15. I get that the audio is a bonus on the RiR CD, but is the source of that audio from that tour? It sounds much earlier in their career, based on Geddy's voice.
  16. JARG

    Gas Prices!

    Just read this: Good news?
  17. Interesting take. Of all the countless times I've looked at the MP album cover, it never occurred to me that the pictures might be being removed. The body positioning of the movers always made me think the pictures were headed into the building.
  18. I've been getting sporadic slowdowns and a couple of 404s in the past few hours, ever since I started archiving RS. I think I'll turn that off for now, and later tonight I'll shut the board down and optimize and repair the database again. After all the content we've removed from it in the past few days it could probably use a little freshening up. As for your Chrome troubles, I know nothing about Chrome (I've never used it) so I don't know if your problems are strictly related to that browser. Can anyone help? Will clearing cache and cookies fix some things? I suspect the culprit isn't the browser, but your house-keeping activities. I just tried the site in Chrome and didn't face any issues. It's probably not a bad idea to shut the board down when you're doing your house-keeping stuff.
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