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  1. Saw the show last night. Great concert.
  2. My god, I hope they don't play a Rush song at the Taylor Hawkins tribute. That would as bad in taste as the Foos playing a Foos song at a Neil Peart tribute.
  3. I saw him several years ago when he toured The Wall. Amazing show. Gonna' see him again in Sept.
  4. I personally think they should have just come out, given a wave or two to the audience, hugged their on-stage friends, and then exited stage left.
  5. Looks like they had a good time, but my god, that was rough.
  6. Before And After is 2nd only to Working Man for most indispensable song on the album. But yes, Take A Friend could easily have been replaced with a good song, Garden Road, for example. As for early Rush covers, they're pretty hideous, so I'm glad they didn't make it onto the debut.
  7. It was cool in the sense that for the Rush fans who put a lot of stock in what the RRHOF does, they got their moment in the sun.
  8. It has its moments, but those moments do little to clean the many layers of shit from it.
  9. Not only the worst of the MCU movies (to date), but the worst by a huge margin.
  10. He’s acquainted with the Boston Dawsons. The reason he didn’t survive the sinking of the Titanic is because he only had one life to live.
  11. JARG

    The GeFilter

    I expect this thread will some day disappear. Once Tinlador builds the GeFilter, he can go back in time and not create this thread.
  12. It might not be the gear's fault.
  13. I messed around with a similar pedal back in the day. It was a two-step affair: you clicked the button to start the audio capture and then clicked it again to end the capture, which then started the loop until you decided to end it. As I recall, it could capture a max of 8 seconds.
  14. Wasn't clicking it (I don't think I clicked it in the old version, either), but that's done the trick. Thanks!
  15. No change as far as I can tell. Thanks for trying.
  16. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say the cookie expires after about 60 minutes. Previously the expire was very long -- I could stay logged in for days at a time if I didn't close the browser and/or log off from the site (I purge all cookies when I close my browser). I don't think we need to go back to that, so maybe expire after 12 hours? Update: actually, the expire seems shorter than I previously thought, so now I'm thinking it's not a cookie issue, but maybe a session variable issue. Banks use session variables to automatically expire your session if you're inactive after a certain period of time -- maybe that's what's going on here?
  17. Can the login cookie duration time value be increased? It seems like it expires sooner than before the software upgrade.
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