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  1. That's an important point actually......particularly in the early albums Geddy will have written a fair percentage of guitar lines....because he was such a monster on the bass, he must be at least a competent guitarist, and probably a pretty good one.
  2. Sure, I bet the wartime comic hero could spank his plank
  3. Lifeson by a country mile.......yes, Page has an undoubted influence, but I just don't idolise him the way others do.
  4. Thanks for the feedback John and taking the time to listen, and believe me, any praise for my guitar playing from a player like yourself is very much appreciated!....I loved RP1 and enjoyed the Lifesonesque approach to the guitar work.
  5. Sorry I haven't been around for a few days, so first time seeing this....Really appreciate your time here Jim in listening and commenting, and believe me, praise from such an accomplished player as yourself re guitar playing is very gratifying indeed....it's by no means a perfect album, but we're proud of it and it's great that there's something for everyone here.
  6. Hey folks...our 9th and latest offering...as usual, feel free to listen and constructive feedback always welcome https://sloppyfootcowboys.bandcamp.com/album/straitjacket
  7. When I started working in Casualty then Psychiatric wards.....long hair was far too easy a target for aggressive drunks and mentally disturbed people. After having several clumps painfully pulled out by the roots I though f**k it and started using clippers.
  8. Neither...that title was claimed long ago by ABBA's SOS....
  9. Very nice Stephen, great job with the vocal production, you achieved both warmth and clarity....heartfelt message lyrically too. Still hearing a hint of The Big O in your voice which is certainly no bad thing! Lovely acoustic guitar tone too.
  10. I really liked this album (how on Earth did I miss it?) and can echo Jers sentiment about the maturity and restraint...production as always is excellent and there is a hint of new wave about it. Really nice job from start to finish...will be a shame if this is the last effort from you.
  11. What can I say to this?.....coming from you this is high praise indeed, and I'm very grateful. You're right, I think I've had more free time to spend on this album, and I agree it shows....I fell in love with playing again after a period of frustration and disillusionment and have been able to learn a few more techniques (including a weird hybrid sweep/tapping) which have added to my arsenal) Anyway, enough about all that, appreciate the acknowledgement and onwards and upwards.....
  12. As ever, very valuable feedback from you Kevin, and I (and I'm sure the others) will take your suggestions for improvement on board.....I like the idea of the mix session, anything that helps I'm on board with....When I have the time (and you) I think I'd like to pick your brains on the finer points of de-essing, I'm not sure I'm getting the best out of that effect. Anyway, thanks very much for taking the time to critique our latest "opus", it means a lot....
  13. Ok, after seeing the reviews and opinions of many others, I am engaging in a humiliating climbdown and have ordered the hardcover....I'll let you know my opinions of it when I read it. Feel free to let the flaming commence
  14. Ha, good one.... I'm not really a fan of biographies at all come to think of it......
  15. Really? I can assure you I am not a miserable person and have no interest whatsoever in making others that way. The fact that I have no interest in buying Geddys book surely can't be taken as me trying to upset people?...if so, Jeez.
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