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  1. He sometimes rises to the top, but there are others up there too. I've often found him a bit of a hit or miss lyricist....when he's good he's very very good, but when he is bad......Jesus wept.
  2. Really enjoying this album...it's like a pastiche/homage of their best stuff throughout the years.....I love the way that Kiko mimics Chris Polands playing in a good few places rather than the usual neoclassical shred. They've even managed to rescue Daves voice in the studio, though I fear that won't translate live, but we shall see.
  3. Over the years I would say he is my favourite...he is absolutely indispensable to the Rush sound, and I have always admired his ability to occupy a lot of space However, there is a revolving door of others who are up there too, such as Ty Tabor, Tony Iommi, Steve Howe,Ginger Wildheart, James Dean Bradfield etc.
  4. Option 2 for me...he is indeed my favourite, but there are others who are up there with him, notably Chris Squire, Dug Pinnick, Steve Harris, Geezer Butler and Neil Muray.
  5. Kings x Black Sabbath Judas Priest Iron Maiden Metallica (80s) Slayer Rush (70s) Diamond Head Megadeth Motorhead
  6. RIP Manny, a great guitar player and an influencer of mine....I was lucky enough to meet him a few times as my Mums best friend was a school friend of his and he only lived about 20 miles from my home...an absolute gent of a guy and he encouraged me to keep playing even when I felt like jacking it in.
  7. Why the f**k would you have an organist at a sports game?
  8. I think it's great because Halestorm are totally overrated garbage.
  9. Nah you're synonymous.........with ducks and metal.
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