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  1. Saw them live in Tucson 2 weeks ago - they were excellent.
  2. Just caught a double show of YYNOT in Tucson. Most excellent!
  3. Usually I only have to listen to an album 4-5 times before, when perusing the track list, I can recall at least one part from just about every song that stands out. Not so much for this one, and I've listened to it probably 10 times. From memory: If Eternity Should Fail - pretty decent. The chorus is a bit repetitive, but that's not atypical with Maiden. I really like how it starts and ends. Speed of Light - fun & cool, typical lead single from 21st century Maiden. I think this one should have switched places with Eldorado from the previous album; both fit better with the themes of the other album. The Great Unknown - I can't tell you anything about this song. I don't remember any of it. The Red and the Black - sticks out as a cool epic, with a great chorus. When the River Runs Deep - good enough; I remember it, at least. The Book of Souls - I can't tell you anything about this song. I don't remember any of it. Death or Glory - not a great song, but at least I remember it. Shadows of the Valley - I can't tell you anything about this song. I don't remember any of it. Tears of a Clown - probably my favorite on the album. Slight prog feel, and deep subject matter. Empire of the Clouds - even though it's their longest song, it doesn't feel like it. Very well written. Instant classic. None of it is terrible, although Death or Glory comes close at times. So much of it is just kind of "there". HOWEVER - I had a similar reaction to Dance of Death, but over time, it grew on me quite a bit. So, we shall see.
  4. My wife asked for what she called a "she-hut" for Mother's Day. So, my son and I built one. It's nowhere near as fancy as the ones posted here, but she seems to enjoy it. :)
  5. I was there - wow. Moving, to say the least!
  6. I saw Joe B open up for George Thorogood, about 10 years ago or so. No idea who Joe B was, and I was quite impressed. Met him briefly after the show; I bought a CD and he signed it. All I remember from the encounter is being a bit disapointed that I couldn'tmeet his bass player as well, who was noteworthy in his own right!
  7. He was a funny, great guy. I only hung out with him a couple times in person, but those were good times. :(
  8. Oh yeah, my non-Rush-fan friends, family, and co-workers think it's all weird!!!
  9. Will you be my son? Nephew? I'd love to tell people I have a 15-year-old relative who loves Caress of Steel. haha why not. That's my boy. Now go shovel the goddamn snow. Just kiddin'. haha what's snow, I live in tucson Ha! A Rush fan... ....in Tucson... ...nerd! Oh wait... :P
  10. Just did a web search for Paradigm Blue... and of course this thread pops up. I bought the CD back then - good stuff. Stranded on Vulcan is a personal favorite.
  11. Dial-up.... no Facebook........ ....are the Amish becoming Rush fans? :P
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