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  1. The new album comes out this Friday, and I interviewed Todd La Torre about it:
  2. I think a lot of people here might be fans of Fates Warning...Terry Brown produced a few of their albums in the mid-90's, and they're considered one of the forefathers of prog metal. Sadly, I think their recording career has ended, and if and when we hear of them again, it will be about touring. Here's an interview I did recently with their guitarist and main songwriter, Jim Matheos: https://www.sonicperspectives.com/interviews/interview-with-matheos-jim/
  3. Tell me what you think when you get to listen to them!
  4. The Temperance Movement. Incredible band with Stones and Faces influence, who unfortunately broke up after only three albums.
  5. https://www.sonicperspectives.com/interviews/interview-with-doug-pinnick/
  6. Spoke with dUg yesterday. He was so cool! I'll post the link here when it's published.
  7. I am about to confirm an interview with dUg for this week. Looking forward to it! And I got the album yesterday too!
  8. If it wasn't called Pantera and all they played was Pantera songs, that would be seen under a totally different light by the fans. Without the Abbott brothers, they shouldn't call it that.
  9. Do I prefer their output with Portnoy? Yes. Do I want Portnoy to come back? No. The band has evolved quite nicely, their status is bigger than ever, and they keep putting out quality material. I do feel nostalgic about the Portnoy years, but even if he came back today, it wouldn't be the same. I hope they can do a celebratory tour or a one-off show at some point, but they're doing just fine without him.
  10. Here's the interview with Eric - and we spoke about Rush too!!!!
  11. Clearly he DIDN'T make it to 80. But I'm curious to find out what your thoughts are on my interview.
  12. In celebration of Dio's 80th birthday, there's a reissue of Holy Diver, with a few demos and live tracks. I Interviewed Vinnie Appice, from Dio's band, and we spoke about it: https://www.sonicperspectives.com/interviews/interview-with-vinnie-appice/ Also, there are lots of cool Sabbath information on the interview. Hope you like it!
  13. New interview I did with Mark Boals, who sang on a few Malmsteen albums:
  14. I did an interview with Jordan Rudess last week, and we published it today: https://www.sonicperspectives.com/interviews/interview-with-jordan-c-rudess/ Please like, comment, share, subscribe...any help is appreciated!
  15. Charlie Griffiths of Haken has a solo album out - it was released yesterday. Pretty good one, with plenty of guests, lots of heavy riffs and a proggy concept. I spoke with him about it here:
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