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  1. New song by Brazilian prog metal band Maestrick, from their upcoming album. With yours truly doing the narration at the 4-minute mark:
  2. I noticed that in the audience as well, as soon as I got into the venue...
  3. My pics weren't that great...but what a night!!!! I found a video of the first hour here:
  4. I think this will be announced in the next few months. But before that, Bruce has a new solo album coming out, with a few tour dates already announced.
  5. There you go!!! https://www.sonicperspectives.com/interviews/interview-with-mike-mangini/
  6. The interview to promote his solo album, which is being kept under lock and key for a while. I received a promo copy today, and it's...different from what you would expect. NOTHING to do with Dream Theater.
  7. I have a chat with Mike Mangini on Friday...does anyone have questions for him?
  8. And here are MY impressions: https://www.sonicperspectives.com/album-reviews/baroness-stone/?fbclid=IwAR2AL4czWlvwvTN2pi14bcS0IpYj0TqQQFbjJORZDTTG3Zp3DL0k5Qa0umQ
  9. I JUST saw this! I hope there's still time to give you a few tips. Email me at rodrigo.altaf@gmail.com, and we can chat!
  10. This album is more consistent than Gold & Grey, although it has less standout moments, at least in my first listens.
  11. Thanks again everyone! June is a busy and happy month at Casa de Rod- mt wife and daughter also have their birthdays this month! I continue to interview some of my favorite artists, but not with the same intensity as I used to. It's still great when it happens though! We're in Toronto, but considering another move in a year ir so . I'll start a new job in August, but before then we'll visit family in Rio. How's that for an update?
  12. Here's my review of the Klash of the Titans tour - Spiritworld, Death Angel, Kreator and Sepultura: https://www.sonicperspectives.com/concert-reviews/klash-of-the-titans-june-2023/?fbclid=IwAR15_rHaDGOc7K9oi3gAsbjf0vUfo2gI8sNUW2joZ21XVblFweiy1jS3KGg
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