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  1. I should point out as well: likes and comments on a YouTube video are an awesome way to support a friend, as they help the video get more views. And they cost NOTHING! If you could leave comments, like and subscribe to our channel, that would mean a lot to me!
  2. I avoided asking about that album, because EVERYBODY does. I had a question about Skyscraper in the interview.
  3. One of my favorite bass players of all time. A member of Mr. Big. Talas, The Winery Dogs, David Lee Roth...and I had the pleasure of interviewing him to talk about the upcoming Winery Dogs album, and his role in several other bands. Check it out below, and please leave a comment on the video if you can!
  4. I was being ironic, but will take the compliments!!!
  5. This guy is a famous YouTuber who does tons of great interviews, and is a massive Rush fan:
  6. Here's the link to my interview with Rick Allen:
  7. That would be great. I need an official version of Limbo live!
  8. Jordan is still doing random dates, Petrucci is doing his first solo tour right now, with Portnoy on drums and Dave LaRue on bass. There are European tour dates for DT starting January, and then I believe there will be a second leg of the View from the Top of the World Tour. Then a new album will be recorded in Q3 2023.
  9. Update: I just found out what it is: http://themedlockkrieger.org/?fbclid=IwAR2zpF5ntB6Xsnyld_03DSrnuS9d8sri0bzPNFHutao07fYdOqSIWr6o1PE
  10. Alex is playing a charity gig TONIGHT somewhere...I don't have any details of it, but I saw a picture of him, the guitar player of The Doors and Jeff Scott Soto on Facebook. Does anyone have any details on this?
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