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  1. Charlie Griffiths of Haken has a solo album out - it was released yesterday. Pretty good one, with plenty of guests, lots of heavy riffs and a proggy concept. I spoke with him about it here:
  2. Thanks everyone! I had a great day, despite the fact that we still have to isolate due to covid. I'm clear, but my wife now has it...luckily, our daughter is still ok, even though she's in close contact with us. But all in all, this was just a minor inconvenience. We had an amazing lunch together, and I went for a run early in the day. All good! As soon as we're all clear, we'll celebrate with friends.
  3. I also speak with him on Facebook...all is well with him!
  4. And I'm there as "Rodrigo Altaf" by the way...
  5. I have Tombstone on Facebook. Did all of you add me on Facebook, by the way? I'm there!
  6. Sorry to hear that, and hope your daughter-in-law feels better soon. I had a good day, and being able to sleep in the afternoon made things better. I think/hope I'll be ok by Sunday. To be honest, the whole time I traveled this week I only wore a mask where it was absolutely mandatory - on the plane. But we'll see...I'm glad I caught the mild version of it, and in few days my immune system will be in top shape!
  7. I came home from a business trip last night, and woke up felling something tingling on my nostrils. I decided to test myself with a home kit, and voila...I finally got covid. I'm feeling ok though, the symptoms so far are like a flu.
  8. Maybe they're aware that the start of the show is mid-tempo, because Eddie comes up right at the first song.
  9. https://www.sonicperspectives.com/concert-reviews/riverside-april-2022/
  10. My interview with Eric is confirmed for this Tuesday afternoon. Let me know if you have questions for him. And yes, I will of course ask him about opening for Rush.
  11. You're gonna love his two albums, man!!!!
  12. Remember you'll be talking to the whole band, not just Alex. And hey, you can actually invite three other friends to join you on the call! I've always been your best friend, haven't I? :)
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