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    Recently getting all of their catalog and giving it a full blown listen. I'm a new/old fan...rediscovering the band.
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  1. KISS’s 40th anniversary deluxe package for CREATURES OF THE NIGHT is out today, wherever you check out your music. This album remains a personal favorite and the package loos pretty damn good!
  2. …touch most on his travels along historic Route 66? I realize none of them are dedicated to just that, but which covers that highway the most? thanks in advance. PD
  3. When Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Tony Iommi, Ozzy, Jimmy Page, Mick Jagger. and the fellows from Queen (to mention just few) post long, heartfelt testimonials about your passing and how wonderful a human being and drum talent you were, you made an impact. If you told the once-15-year-old Taylor that he would be memorialized this way some day, first, he never would have believed it. I mean, who could? Secondly, you might also begin to sweat that you didn’t live as long as all these artists once the math kicked in. But the reality is that none of these folks had to say anything, but they did and all of them spoke about him as a good man. You could do worse. #olivertaylorhawkins
  4. It helps that he appeared to also be genuinely LIKED by so many. To quote quote Jules Winfield, “Personality goes a long way.”
  5. A report in a major Colombian newspaper also named heroin as one of the drugs allegedly found in Hawkins’ system, and said that forensic were “shocked” by the size of the rocker’s “enlarged heart.” Colombian publication Semana reported that the size of Hawkins’ heart - at over 600 grams, around twice the weight of a typical adult male’s heart - played a part in his passing with a “cocktail of narcotics” in his system.
  6. Bogotá's emergency center sent an ambulance to the hotel after receiving reports of "a patient with chest pains," according to the Spanish-language press release. Upon arrival, a health care professional initiated a resuscitation process to revive Hawkins; "however, there was no response, and the patient was declared deceased," Bogotá's District Department of Health said.
  7. Official statement released by the Foo Fighters. RIP
  8. John Wesley has confirmed he has had nor will he have any involvement in this album or upcoming tour.
  9. You haven’t listened in a while. :D In fact, their much improved vocals and discovery of things like melody and harmony in their music is part of why the fan base is so divided. Old schoolers LONG for the lighting speed riffs and growling vocals, while others seem to appreciate their growth beyond those things. In short, give Hushed & Grim a spin.
  10. Their very first double! Giving it a first spin this morning in just a little while. Have really enjoyed the first three singles.
  11. Out tonight at midnight or now if you’re east of the pond.
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