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    06/27/15 at the Prudential Center, Newark NJ
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    Moving Pictures
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    Exit... Stage Left Tour at Brendan Byrne Arena 12/21/81. My first concert.Time Machine Tour at PNC 9/3/10. Rush at their absolute peak!The R30 Concert. I was a Rush fan in high school but, unfortunately, I stopped listening to them in college. I bought R30 tickets for my nephew's birthday and tagged along. It rejuvenated my love of their music.
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    So many...
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    Guitar and piano.

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  1. "Maybe I'm Amazed", it's a one man show on the solo album and a superior band version on the live album. Great, great vocals. "Imagine" is basically candy coated Communist Manifesto, Lennon said it. It's a beautiful melody that's overplayed, way overplayed. Going with Macca on this one.
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