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    When they closed the CA Tour in KC the Boys were ON FIRE. Native Paul Rudd came on stage and directed the CA Orchestra.
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    Van Halen, Iron Maiden, Ghost, Slayer, Sabbath, KISS, Metallica, Zeppelin, Mastodon
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  1. The new album is a sleeper, meaning the songs take a while to set in then set their hooks in you. It's hard to rank this one so early, but I think it's going to have staying power. Song for song, the choruses might be better than any of the other 2000s Era Maiden albums. Here goes: 1. Brave New World 2. The Final Frontier 3. Book Of Souls 4. Senjustsu 5. Dance Of Death (their second most under-rated album after NPFTD) 6. A Matter Of Life And Death (their most over-rated album, IMO. People too caught up in the killer album cover) Senjutsu might turn out to be #1 or 2 eventually. :haz:
  2. Nobody is better than Roth Era VH. There are bands that are as good though, but not better. I don't put Steely D in that category.
  3. Great review of Killers with several insights into the songs I wasn't aware of. Killers is killer. I never flinch when someone says this is their favorite Maiden album because I understand why. I started listening to Maiden seriously once Powerslave was released so I have always been a huge Dickinson fan, but this album rivals anything they did with Bruce. It's Maiden's darkest and heaviest release and Dianno is perfect on it. It doesn't have as many anthems as the debut, but the performance and production on Killers are much better with songs that are better fleshed out. Up The Irons! :haz:
  4. Mick Mars. How dare you leave MM out of the poll. Mick F**king Mars. :haz:
  5. It's always The Hallowed 5 (circa '76-81): 1. Moving Pictures 2. Hemispheres 3. 2112 4. Permanent Waves 5. A Farewell To Kings Five most listened to/appreciated in the last year: Power Windows Hold Your Fire Signals Grace Under Pressure Clockwork Angels
  6. 1. Caddy Shack 2. The Big Lebowski 3. Step Brothers 4. This Is Spinal Tap 5-10 in loose order: The Life Aquatic Tropic Thunder Brides Maids Anchor Man Fast Times At Richmond High This Is The End
  7. 1. La Villa Strangiato 2. 2112 3. Hemispheres 4. Natural Science 5. The Camera Eye 6. By-Tor and The Snow Dog 7. Cygnus-X1 8. Xanadu 9. The Fountain Of Lamneth 10. The Necromancer That was hard; they are all classics. Let's face it though, the bottom two needed a lot more fleshing out before recording them. They recorded COS in two weeks.
  8. Tai Shan sucks total ass. Along with High Water and Second Nature, Tai Shan all but ruined HYF.
  9. I love all four of versions of these bands, but Roth Era and Ozzy Era are unstoppable, unbelievable and undeniable; brilliant phenomena that will never be attained again. Like Rush.
  10. I don't get on this board enough anymore so I just saw this. There are a lot of RIP threads...it's been a rough year (obviously). RIP Eddie Haskell.
  11. Except this is about gross and not quality alone. It made around $23 million in 1980 dollars so it should be inflated by 30-40 million dollar for the present. Great movie, don’t get me wrong. Marty’s most successful non DiCaprio movies are Cape Fear, Casino Goodfellas and Hugo although the latter lost a lot of money for Paramount and had a high multiplier from opening week due to the holidays and Oscar buzz. Goodfellas did the same thing since it was released in September and topped at $46 million after Pesci won the Oscar. He did Cape Fear so it could make money for Universal as a favor for distributing Last Temptation Of Christ because of its controversy. Good post. I didn't think about gross, only quality. I didn't know that's why Marty did Cape Fear!
  12. I like Ace's solo album better than some of the 70's KISS albums--and that's saying a lot!
  13. Great poll but Raging Bull should have totally been on here.
  14. The first four are almost interchangeable... 1. Defenders Of The Faith 2. British Steel 3. Killing Machine 4. Stained Class 5. Sad Wings Of Destiny
  15. Where Have All The Good Times Gone is their best cover by a mile IMO. It's such a great opener to DD and Eddie's tone and playing is sick. I might even put that song in my VH Top 10.
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