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  1. Why such different fortunes and fates? Some are blessed and some are cursed Some live behind iron gates While others see only the worst Neil demonstrating more of a real life world view.
  2. There's a freaking Alex thread? Does Zivo know?
  3. Don't fret Van squalin was at the wine store. Says an outside chance of Leefson is possible
  4. Bacck to High School for spelling lessons, Tori.
  5. The only reason for that rule is the extremism and insults against democrats are not viewable to the public. There is zero reason the public should not see what is posted under the great RUSH name. Grow up already and stop using "rules " for your personal benefit.
  6. Hey reb! SOCN is a rough and tumble place, especially for commenters supporting a certain political party. The insults, as you know, are fierce and often. Just the other day, "pinky moe" took an unprovoked personal swipe at me with a personal insult and I haven't commented with him in a long time. No repercussions if you are one of the "protected." But reb, for some reason, you got banned for honestly believing a certain political party (political ideology) operates in a certain manner against a segment of the population that looks different than they do. One wonders why socn is locked behind closed doors. Is it so a certain management group is not aware of the extremism that exists there? SOCN should be opened to the public for all to see. Other music/ politics forums operate in this manner.
  7. Listening to Porcupine Tree is a far better use of time than reading comments from a WHO doctor and then believing what she says because it fits a predetermined narrative.
  8. Rogers at R40 in Tulsa
  9. It's like cage fighting. Hint:If you think the media lied about POTUS mocking the disabled, it's the perfect place for you. .
  10. I don't think you can compare Diana mania with the reaction of Rush fans on a Rush forum to a member of Rush dying. If Elton John releases a tribute single I will stand corrected though. True not on a level with a beloved Princess but Neil kinda broke the internet on his way out. I'm thinking there will be tons if tribute material to Neil's legacy from the music community.
  11. For many years I had a deal with the Almighty: make sure these 3 dudes live til at least their 80s. Because I knew itd be difficult to witness. It's beyond my imagination how tough it's been. I wonder how challenging the last 3 years have been for Geddy n Al.
  12. Maybe a few lines of reflective writing that would sound good accompanying drop d.
  13. If an announcement had been made, be it in mid-2016, 2017 or whenever, everyone would have had years of additional misery. Every single day, Rush fans would have had to tell themselves, Neil is dying. That would have been emotional torture for Rush fans. No, thank you! Gord Downie died of the exact same illness in 2017, went public with his battle in 2016 and gave us 15 glorious arena shows to say goodbye. Still sucks.
  14. Lenny/len(songs) isn’t though. Hello reason I saw SW twice on the TTB tour.
  15. PM, Not...even Reb is back...ghostworks...
  16. I turn my face to the sun Close my eyes, Let my defenses down All those wounds That I can't get unwound I let my past go too fast No time to pause If I could slow it all down Like some captain, Whose ship runs aground I can wait until the tide comes around
  17. I'm glad it isn't just me who feels that way. I couldn't bear to listen to their music right now. Even hearing it in my head brings new waves of tears. I was extremely upset finding out at the end of the work day and thought I'd go a while before I could listen to Rush So I listened to somber City and Colour music on drive home. Broke down many times. Put Rush on when I got home. They sound incredible. Neil sounds incredible. I suggest listening and not waiting.
  18. Almost his entire retirement battling a horrific disease. He deserved better
  19. Tool has figured out the magic source to avoid releasing a dud album Just wait 13 years (ironically longer than Zeppelin's entire discography) between releases and what you come up with is an incredible album beloved by fans and a sold out tour where fans main complaint is the band is not playing enough new material. In my 38 years of concert going, I can not recall hearing that complaint too often.
  20. As an album that you play through from start to finish, I definitely like it better than 10,000 Days. I miss not having at least one snappy shorter song like "Vicarious" but that's a minor quibble. I downloaded the album from HD Tracks. Hi-res flac files. It sounds phenomenal on my home theater system. Although I prefer their 1st 4 albums, I respect that Tool has grown by further exploring their progressive, immersive and complex style. Not by leaving their roots behind by coming up with an entirely new style (ahem synth) or "that lyrical style is too immature for me now." The album is essentially six songs that average 12 minutes and a drum solo and three segues. Imagine if a band like Rush were as bold in their mid 50s.
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