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    R40 KC
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    Animate / Force Ten / Armor and Sword (tie)
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    Meeting Geddy and Alex in Houston.
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    Beatles + Related, Cheap Trick, Twenty One Pilots, Tame Impala, Band of Skulls, Foo Fighters
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    Guitar, bass, keys, vocals
  1. Grace Under Pressure, Moving Pictures... test for echo
  2. all of the pass all of nobody's hero the aforementioned freewill quote all of losing it
  3. BU2B2 We Hold On Nocturne Dog Years Virtuality Face Up Heresy Anagram Scars Tai Shan Second Nature Red Lenses Tom Sawyer The Spirit of Radio Madrigal Tears Panacea (just Panacea though) I Think I'm Going Bald Rivendell Here Again
  4. 1. Gilmour 2. Lifeson 3. Summers Alex has had by far the most influence over me as a player of guitar and listener of guitar
  5. Very, very, very, very, very close between The Weapon nd Witch hunt gonna go w/witch hunt though
  6. 1. Animate 2. Armor and Sword 3. The Anarchist 4. Bravest Face 5. Far Cry 6. Cut to the Chase 7. Spindrift 8. Nobody's Hero 9. Caravan 10. Carnies
  7. 1. Animate 2. Armor and Sword 3. The Anarchist 4. Bravest Face 5. Far Cry 6. Cut to the Chase 7. Spindrift 8. Nobody's Hero 9. Caravan 10. Carnies
  8. One of the weaker synth era tracks on the recording, but it SLAYS live.
  9. Moving Pictures. It's one of the best albums they ever did, and one of the greatest albums of all time. Hemispheres is a great prog record, with some great tracks but nowhere close to Moving Pictures in impact and greatness
  10. Test For Echo is a *Super Bad* Album fixed^^^^^ lol i love T4E, Driven, half the world, resist TCOR, Totem, etc are decent songs just not as strong as the rest of the catalog... dog years sucks, carve away the stone is bad but not as bad as people say it is, virtuality is dated but the riff is cool so i just keep the RushOddities.com version which omits the net-boy bit overall a decent album, in the bottom half but not too bad. Gets too much hate
  11. 1. Counterparts 2. Snakes & Arrows 3. Power Windows 4. Signals 5. Hold Your Fire 6. Moving Pictures 7. Clockwork Angels 8. 2112 9. Permanent Waves 10. Hemispheres 11. A Farewell to Kings 12. Grace Under Pressure 13. Vapor Trails 14. Fly By Night 15. RUSH 16. Presto 17. Caress of Steel 18. Test For Echo 19. Roll The Bones
  12. I'd absolutely hate for RUSH to tour without Neil. I want more, but I know it 99.99999999999%, ok let's just say it won't happen. I'd hate for them to turn into YES, with just one original member and a bunch of replacements (though the current YES doesn't sound that bad, let's face it, it's not YES). Time Machine/Clockwork Angels album cycle and R40 were a killer way to go out. End the career on two of your best tours and one of your best albums. Not much more we could ask for. Outside of RUSH, what other classic bands will fans rank the new stuff as high or higher than the old stuff? (For me, S&A is #1, Counterparts #2 and CA #6)
  13. Time Machine (recording) is pretty weak. HYF tour was a really weak sound, which makes it all the worse that killer songs like Lock and Key, Prime Mover and Turn The Page never saw the light of day again. Same goes for p/g and the other 80s tours. I've never been fond of ESL either, but do dig the "Spirit of the Airwaves" bootleg from PeW tour in St Louis. In my top 3 live records of theirs (if you include unofficial of course) Personally, I don't think Rush had a really good live sound between PeW through Test For Echo. T4E tour sounded pretty good, and then everything since Vapor Trails is killer. R40 and S&A are thee other two favorite live records in my top 3.
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