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still have made a choice

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    none, but im hoping to go!
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    2112, the long version
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    listing to rush songs are some of my fav. things
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    led zeppelin, pink floyd
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  1. can u give us more of a hint, and tell us which album?
  2. nice quotes every 1, i enjoy hearing ur fav. quotes
  3. Do u think "and the meek shall inherit the earth" is directly fromt he bible, or do u think neil just made it up?
  4. madra sneachta- nice quote, i like that one too, but another one that catches my attention is: "all the worlds a stage, and we are mearly players, preformers, and portrayters. One's anothers audience, outside the guilded cage"
  5. "to chose not to decide, u still have made a choice" Rush-Freewill, is my fav 1, how bout u...?
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