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    Alabama...DON'T JUDGE
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    It was what I was born for —
    to look, to listen,

    to lose myself
    inside this soft world —
    to instruct myself
    over and over

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    Encore Park - Atlanta - November 1, 2012
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    Ghost Rider
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    Ummm...can't pick just one
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    Sept. 1, 2007 - Cincinnati show: 2nd row center with RushRevisited, first row center for 5 songs in second set...and being given a guitar pick by Alex himself, without asking for it with a sign or anything. It'll be hard to top that one, folks.
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  1. I haven't posted in years, but I had to come back for this. Bless you, Donna. Peace and light are finally yours. ~Michelle
  2. Thank you Daylin! :) Yes, time has marched on. Kerry will be 22 next month and graduating from college in May! Of course the really amazing thing is that I am still 35!
  3. So that's me and my son, Kerry. I finally finished my Masters in December, so... :7up:
  4. My son, who was just a little boy when I helped start TRF, is now a senior in college, majoring in Music Theory and Composition. He's a drummer also, and grew up listening to Rush. He recorded a couple of covers in tribute to Neil. Here's one: http://youtu.be/-Aoa7_710RI
  5. Grateful to see that I'm not the only prodigal returning here today. Those who remember me know that I was by turns amused by, challenged by, and enthralled by Neil's words. I will forever be thankful I went searching online for clips of Neil's appearance on Politically Incorrect, all those many years ago. That search is what led me to this place and some of the best people I've ever been honored to call friends. I love you guys. You all know who you are. Thank you for making my life immeasurably better.
  6. I am totally numb. At a complete loss for words or thoughts. Same.
  7. Many of you don't know me. I know I'm listed as an admin but have been mostly MIA. But today this is where I have to be. I'm a Rush fan because of Neil. His books drew me in before I grew to love the music. Because of him, I'll never be the same. Chose my username because of his book... I am devastated and in shock.
  8. Y'all are the cat's pajamas. Thank you kindly for remembering me today.
  9. That was beautiful. I'm waiting on my order of "Songbook" to arrive any day now.
  10. I read this poem last weekend, and was overwhelmed with its perfection. Tom is brilliant and clearly loved Chris very much.
  11. Yes, that last one is very moving. I've watched it a few times.
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