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  1. Well That's it! The end of a fluky season comes to an end at the hands of the Maple Leafs in a 2-1 OT loss. The 3rd OT loss this series. For the 1st time since 2019 the Tampa Bay Lightning will not be in the Stanley Cup Finals,and the Leafs finally make it through the 1st round. These last few years have been a hell of a ride and as the Tampa area is, I am still proud of what my team accomplished! There's always next year.. Let's GO Bolts!!! 🌩️⚡🌩️⚡🌩️⚡🌩️⚡🌩️
  2. Tampa lives to see another day! Hanging on to a 4-2 win over the leafs! Man I wonder if Toronto fans are shittin their pants as tonight's game was the 11th time they could've closed out a series and did not! Back to Tampa Saturday for game 6. Man o man this seems like deja vu! Let's GO Bolts!!! 🌩️⚡🌩️⚡🌩️⚡🌩️⚡🌩️
  3. Tampa drops game 4 in a heartbreaking 5-4 OT loss to Toronto. The saddest aspect is the Lightning held a commanding 4-1 lead in the 3rd! Then Tampa just let off the gas and try to play not to lose! A very dangerous strategy against a hungry opponent playing desperately to get a monkey off their back. Anyhoo pile on top of that OT seems to be this teams krypotonite this round. Is it impossible for me BOLTS to win 3 in a row to win, absolutely NOT! Is it unlikely they will, absolutely! Even the majority of "fans" have already written off this playoff run. I'm still holding on to the "We got'em right where we want'em!" angle Let's GO BOLTS!! 🌩⚡️🌩⚡️🌩⚡️🌩⚡️🌩
  4. Tampa drops game 3 at home 4-3 in OT. Emotions were on full tilt on both side of the puck and officiating was horrid or they were letting them play... Both side could have merit but to me personally Tampa got the short end of the stick, IDK I may be biased ! Toronto leads the series 2-1 game 4 Monday at Amalie. Let's GO BOLTS 🌩⚡️🌩⚡️🌩⚡️🌩
  5. Tampa drops game 2 to the Leafs 7-2. Series knotted up at 1-1. Back to Tampa Saturday. Go Bolts! 🌩⚡️🌩⚡️🌩⚡️🌩
  6. Bolts top the Leafs Game one of round 1 7-3 Let's GO Bolts! 🌩⚡️🌩⚡️🌩⚡️🌩
  7. Bolts back in the playoffs for the 6th time in as many years. 1st up Toronto. will be interesting Let's Go Bolts! 🌩️⚡🌩️⚡🌩️⚡🌩️
  8. Tampa splits it's 1st back to back of the season. Topping Columbus 5-2 Friday night. Then falling to Pittsburgh 2-6 last night. Still looking like the Bolts are still working things out. Up next will be the home opener Tuesday when Tampa hosts the Flyers. I will be there! Let's GO Bolts! 🌩️⚡🌩️
  9. Tampa loses the season opener to the Rangers 1-3. There were some bright spots and me bolts seemed like they wanted to compete. However after completing a less than notable preseason, it's pretty apparent that they're still working things out. Still a long way to go! Some of the Ex- Bolts looked to be in good form for their new team. Next up on the road again to play the Blue Jackets of Columbus... Lets GO Lightning 🌩️ ⚡🌩️
  10. Can the Lightning remain in the top tier of contenders? So far they have not one preseason game! Not that it matters much for the overall season & Tampa historically starts slow. The regular season is just around the corner! Only time will tell...
  11. Kane officially on the trading block! Looks like the hawks want to do their own version of a dumpster fire!!!
  12. So I finally had a chance to thoroughly review the Lightning 2022/23 season schedule and also the preseason too. During the regular season there are 10 back to back with 4 of them residing in the opening month of October! However the interesting thing is during the preseason me Bolts play 4 games in a row. September 27,28,29 & 30! So it looks pretty grueling for a team that has skater more games than all the others for the last 3 seasons. However with that said as I have seen I the past it's better for this hockey club to play continuously as opposed to having too much rest! Only time will tell me
  13. With the 31st pick in the 1st round,. Tampa picks F Isaac Howard! The kid seems impressive and definitely overflowing with confidence!
  14. Ouch! I may have mis counted. I just did a quick glance. I am going to double check later.
  15. NHL Released the 2022/23 full season schedule for the Lighting! At 1st glance I count 10 back to backs 2 of which are in the 1st regular season month of October!
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