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  1. Congratulations Av's! On to next season. That's all I got...
  2. It's All good! That is why I say I love to see the booth dudes have to eat their words! Tonight in the pregame, with an objective ear I actually heard some props for Tampa even if it was preceded by "well how did we get here?" 😆 No worries it's gonna be a battle! I actually sold my seats so I can watch at home! If there was a chance me Bolts could hoist the cup tonight, wild horses couldn't keep me away. I got a real nice chunk of change that helps me pay for my season tickets. Game 4 with the OT made a 1:30 am return home time, 2:30am bed time & a 5 am alarm clock warning roll around waaaaaaay toooooo fast! Looking forward to a GREAT game tonight!!! LET'S GO BOLTS!!!! 🌩️⚡🌩️⚡🌩️⚡🌩️
  3. Game Day! Game 6! The story line remains the the same for me Bolts! Do OR Die!!! LET'S GO LIGHTNING!!!! 🌩️⚡🌩️⚡🌩️⚡🌩️
  4. Lovely Rhyta, I have watched all the broadcasts of the playoffs via ESPN as that's what I get with the streaming service I use. With all due respect in ALL those broadcast I have never heard ANY of the ESPN crew "Rave" about the lightning! Yes I have heard them say some favorable things when forced to eat their words about how eveybody else is better, faster, hungrier etc. when me Bolts are on an upswing. However with that said they are truly "Anybody but Tampa oriented". I would think myself paranoid if I have not repeatedly heard the same reflections from multiple & numerous sources... On to game 6! Still debating if I want to go or use my last opportunity to cash in on big bucks & sell my seats considering even if we win The cup will not be hoisted at Amalie... If there was a possibility that Tampa could close it out game 6 it would be a no brainer 😆
  5. Game Day! Do or Die! LET'S GO BOLTS!!! 🌩️⚡🌩️⚡🌩️⚡🌩️
  6. Agreed! From my chair it was kinda a "Poopie Pants" maneuver! I can assure tho it has stoked the masses in these parts. I was there last night and I can tell you the officiating was horrendous on both sides of the ice! So in hockey terms "They were letting them play!' I am sad my team lost! I don't think it's over but it does seem that something is amiss in Tampa's level of performance! It's probably due to the fact we as Tampa fans have been a bit spoiled! On to game 5! For me Bolts it's do or die! FYI, on a personal note I am starting to feel like the saddest Ranger fan did... LET'S GO BOLTS!!! 🌩️⚡🌩️⚡🌩️⚡🌩️
  7. Post Amalie update. Tampa drops a must win game 4, 3 - 2 in OT! The Av's are now up 3-1 in the series! Although it's not impossible for Tampa to come back to win it all, it is definitely highly improbable! I am still very proud of my team for the all the accomplishments they have made in the past couple of years! We'll see what happens, only time will tell... LET'S GO BOLTS!!! 🌩️⚡🌩️⚡🌩️⚡🌩️
  8. Live update from Amalie Arena! Bolts up by 1 way early in the 1st! Looking like Tampa using the same recipe as game 3! LET'S GO LIGHTNING!!! 🌩️⚡🌩️⚡🌩️⚡🌩️
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