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  1. What a good band to post here!
  2. Happy Belated ! I Totally Care About A Great Friend Like You! :) :cheers:
  3. You are very sweet Verena! Thank you very much for my birthday thread. I just got home from Las Vegas. It was a wild whirlwind of wonderful Willy Wonka Wizardry. LOL!!! Three nights. Came home up 700 USD thanks to playing slot machines with my awesome parents!!! I know many think it's Lost Wages, but if you have a strong gut and a good connection to the Universe anything is possible. I should write a book..... "How To Become A Stellar Slot Machinist." Perhaps I'm "Workin Them Angles, I mean Angels Overtime." LOL! "Clockwork Angles?" I've got it down to a science. It's all following your own personal "mathematical path." I should charge you for this free public advice. It truly works. Trust me. I'm not as crazy as some fo you think. "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner" folks. I prefer winning money, not eating at KFC, Popeye's or Church's Chicken. But amen "People" to quote Paul Stanley. I do believe. IN KISS I TRUST!!!! LOL! IN THE RUSH FORUM I LUST! I love pumping 1/2KISS down your throats RUSH Fans, but at least Paul and Gene are still out there. You should all thank your lucky STARMEN for Gene and Paul believing in RUSH and hiring them to open for them 100 times in 1975. We all know "Caress Of Steel" was a bomb to the public. Even the boys in KISS shook their heads. I think it's a masterpiece. DUH! I saw KISS in Sac and now in Vegas. Paul's voice is NOT synched. You "PEOPLE" believe everything you read on the internet? Prove me wrong. Show me that Paul is cheating. Is Gene Simmons using piped in synched bass lines? Forget the vocal issues. Milli Kissnilli? The T Mobile One Golden Knights Arena was SOLD OUT! VEGAS BABY! Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric must be doing something right! I want to make a bet right now on my own birthday thread with anyone on here who reads this. But this is just a bet for all the ignorant KISS Haters out there. I want you to write a song with lyrics that is better than any KISS song. C'mon And Love Me People. I know I have a lot of love on here despite a few wankers. LOL! It's good to be loved and hated. It's the spice of life that turns up so bittersweet. I will meet all of you girls in the "Ladies Room." I'm still on Vegas time! LOL! Heck Paul Stanley flew right over my head during a great KISS Klassic. No spoiler alert. But I know you want to pull the trigger of my "Fun Gun." During another KISS song near the end there are huge black KISS balloons that are dropped from about onto the crowd below. We had Row P for Paul on Paul's side. Yes, I planned that on purpose. So many P words. Perfect! PARTY PLEASE! Anyway, my 81 year young dad caught a KiSSS balloon! Kiss fans were so nice helping my dad get the balloon. One cool woman untied the end and delated it and my dad gave me the KISS balloon since it was my birthday last NITE! My mom's first time seeing KISS. She's 78. My mom's favorite song of the nite was "BLACK DIAMOND." I swear you guys, "Tears Are Falling." It was one of the best times in my life and like the Great Johnny Blaze has been saying for years, I am blessed and cursed. However, more blessed. Thanks again V for the birthday thread. KISS RULES!! KISSES TO ALL OF MY FRIENDS ON HERE!!! My Name Is Earl! Thank you very much too, Earl! :kisshug: :yay:
  4. I just wanted to make Earl a thread and avoid missing his birthday. Yeah, Earl's day is today. :)
  5. Are you sure that his Birthday is today? I think it's tomorrow, but Verena lives in South America, so maybe she's seeing tomorrow's birthdays? ^^^Pay ATTENTION Everybody! Be aware of your neighbor's details! [you Sumbeeeotches!] Thanks for the info Lorraine! Sorry about that, Verena! It's ok... It happens.
  6. Are you sure that his Birthday is today? I think it's tomorrow, but Verena lives in South America, so maybe she's seeing tomorrow's birthdays? Hello... I didn't want to miss the day.
  7. Are you sure that his Birthday is today? I didn't want to miss the day...
  8. Dear Friend, Congratulations!!! :cheers: :cheers: :cheers:
  9. I missed you. Good that you're back. I noticed you became a different person.
  10. Happy Beautiful Birthday Dear Friend Bean! :D.
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