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    Meet and Greet, R30 Wembley.
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  1. Of course. That would be great, however, even if he doesn't the show is still destined to be amazing going on past performances.
  2. Hey Jack. Yes, yours is a name I remember!
  3. Oh man! I'm gutted. Jack and George both gone now!
  4. You're not wrong! Prices are outrageous and have stopped us going to many shows. Having already seen Roger do The Wall and the Us and Them tour at Nashville, it's just not possible for us to miss this one!
  5. Cheers. Nice to find that light. Looks like Counterparts and Bytor forums didn't fare as well!
  6. I'm joining the convo halfway through, but I am a huge Fish era Marillion fan. Tried desperately to like Hogarth, many times, but I had to surrender.
  7. Being sad, old gits, we don't go out as much nowadays. However, we do have tickets for Roger Waters at the Bridgestone in Nashville in August.
  8. Yup. We both had to recover TRF emails from the spam folders tho. We fixed that one!
  9. Just finished Person of Interest. Outstandingly different. Didn't want it to end!
  10. I'm not sure if there's anyone here from 17 years ago apart from the admin, (hiya RR, GG and 1-0-0). In any case it's been that long since I and my partner in crime, NPG, were here. As I said to 1-0-0 we are older and wiser and despite the past, we've genuinely missed our Rush family. So, for those who know us, NPG and I are still together, I emigrated to the US to be with her. We have an 11 year old daughter now, (who first left the maternity ward to come home in a Rush onesie). NPG has just had her email reset so I'm sure she'll chime in in a minute. Anyway. Hiya all!! Edited because I can't do simple addition!
  11. I've a gouse and harden in the country An ace I call my plown. A treat I can replace to when I beed to nee alone. Caterfly and Butterpiller perch on the beefy lough. And I listen to the Dats and Cogs as they mark and they beow. Yes, wature here is nonderfull. There is no weed for nurds While silling by my windowflutter biny little turds.
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