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    Witch Hunt (hard question though!)
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    Right now, Clockwork Angels
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    Meet and greet R30 tour, and meeting my husband on an old Rush message board
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    Pink Floyd, Tesseract
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    Saxophone - YEARS ago

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  1. I remember you as well. Hi Jack!
  2. About 1:18:09 into this clip :D (we were crazy kids I think in retrospect LOL)
  3. May have to find this one. Is it on BritBox?
  4. Neil's drum instruction DVD, 'A Work In Progress'. There's a scene in there where he's in shorts in a rowboat saying something (couldn't tell you what hahahahaha) and some of us girls dug it. :D
  5. I was looking to grab my Solar Federation badge (I think mine is #29 -wow LOL) for my signature but can't find where it is. I'm sure I'm being blind.
  6. My husband (Chasartymac on this board) STILL makes fun of me for commenting about Neil being hot in the 'rowboat scene' from AWIP. As I've gotten older, its now more of a 'he fills my heart' kind of love for Neil because he is my touchstone. Ged and Alex - not hot to me. But I love them dearly.
  7. Hi Charlotte. I'm 'new' here in that I was here years ago and just came back to start posting again (I think my member number is 71, so that tells you how old I am LOL). I totally understand how you feel. I returned here, in part, to commiserate with people who are having the same feelings about this as I am. I am still not dealing well with his passing. I guess it's the typical stages of grief where some times I'm fine (and can listen to 'The Garden' without crying) and times where I can't. There will be random things that should be totally normal to see or hear - like a stupid click bait type video on YT talking about him - that end up making me bawl. And the dreams - lord the dreams! At least once a week (though usually more if I'm honest), he pops up in a dream - like I knew him and we're friends or something and doing random stuff. I guess for a lot of us, the day he died will become like the Challenger disaster or 9/11 in that I'll always remember where I was and what I was doing when I heard. His sprawling legacy is comforting to me (about the only thing that is). But we can have each other, right? Fellow Rush fans to talk to and be friends with - that's part of the legacy too, I think. xoxo
  8. Loved it. I managed not to cry when they talked about Neil (which is saying something).
  9. I'll have to scope out D&P. I've done ok on RB because I'll buy men's t-shirts to hide muffin top
  10. It did, thanks so much! Nice to 'see' familiar faces :)
  11. neilpeart_gal

    A fan is born

    Love her! Wish she'd do more (she just did Limelight the other day).
  12. We love newbies!!! Welcome to the best darn board around!!
  13. Being married is great if you find the right person. Can't wait to find out.
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