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  1. It's painful for me to listen to any live recording after S&A. His voice just sounds like crap live to me.
  2. I can barely stand Geddy's voice on any live recording after S&A
  3. Not my story but an interesting one nonetheless posted by someone on Facebook. I thought everyone would enjoy the read. "And onto my story ...[i don't really expect anyone to read this, this is really for my own posterity - one day Facebook will remind me that I wrote this sometime in 2016 and I'll enjoy reading it in my old age ... If you happen to indulge me and read this, I hope you enjoy it] ...(Photos courtesy of and used with permission by: www.camillapucholt.com) When you live in or near Toronto, Ontario, you're likely only one degree away from knowing someone who is really close to someone in the band. I'm lucky that way. My brother is a member of the Coppinwood golf course and happens to work closely with a founder of the course, Paul McLean. Lifeson is also a member, one time owner, golf buddy and good friend of Paul. Tom Cochrane is a good friend and golfing buddy of Alex and Paul. A few months ago, my brother told me there was going to be a 10th anniversary "dinner" for the golf course and that Lifeson and Tom Cochrane would probably be there and play something. He was allowed to buy extra tickets, so I agreed to go and he got me a ticket. I thought "why not, I'll get a good meal and maybe get to be in the same room as Alex and Tom and maybe they'll play an acoustic Crossroads, or something like that ..." I'll bring my Victor CD and a sharpie if the right moment arises. Upon arrival at the golf course on June 11, 2016, it was clear that this was more than just a run of the mill anniversary dinner. A well crafted stage was set up overlooking the picturesque golf greens and fairways and I noticed a number of somewhat familiar Rush-looking roadies scrambling around, as they do, solving sound, lighting and setup issues. I distinctly picked out Geddy's bass tech, John "Skully" McIntosh fiddling with things and some others wearing R40 roadie gear. A prominent "Lerxst" branded amp sat front and centre on the stage. Something special was in the air. We milled about the world-class venue, being treated to amazing food stations, open bars and sponsored drink booths (you have to try the 80 calorie "SocialLite" vodka, lime, ginger and soda beverage.) If my account of things are a bit inaccurate, I blame this company (www.sociallitevodka.com). Drinks and food in hand, my brother (another lifelong Rush fan and the reason I am a Rush fan quite frankly) and I recognized Alex milling about as he was waiting to do the mini-photo shoot with the Trailer Park Boys in front of the golf course that you can see in the photos. Alex seemed to recognize my brother from the golf club and they started chatting about golf. Alex in a humorous and animated way mentioned he was disappointed that the one summer he's had off in so many years, he wasn't able to play golf because of a shoulder injury. The thoughts running through my head at this point: "wow, I'm two feet away from Lifeson and he's talking to my brother ... wow ... he's pretty tall ... and he's got really nice teeth ..." I've always feared running into any of the members of the band as I didn't want to ruin my lifelong idolization and adoration with an unpleasant and awkward moment that would have ruined one of their days and tarnished my image of a band member. I'm no "long awaited friend" and I acknowledge that. With that in my head, I attempted my best at small talk with Alex. The thoughts in my head at this point: "wow... don't be a dumbass, you're talking to Lifeson; be cool." Without revealing what a Rush fan(atic) I am, I politely asked Alex if he was playing later, which he acknowledged and I joked with him "so this may be the biggest gig you play all year!" He chuckled a response: "Yeah, I'm not too happy about that." Alex was swept away with photo duties and with other members and fans wanting a picture, so I thought I would keep my sharpie and Victor CD to myself for the moment. I was happy not to get anything signed that night and figured it wasn't the right place to ask to get something signed. Alex is such a down to earth and disarming person and he was clearly enjoying the event like everyone else; I didn't want to be the one to start a barrage of autograph signing to ruin his evening. We settled into watching the Carpet Frogs, a great local band, perform some amazing covers and thought at some point Alex and Tom were going to come out and maybe join them to do some covers themselves. The drinks kept flowing and everyone in attendance was clearly enjoying themselves. I later found out, thanks to someone in this group, that the bass player was actually Jeff Jones, the bass player before Geddy Lee in Rush, or some proto-Rush incarnation with Alex and John Rutsey. There were some celebratory speeches and then Alex was introduced and took over as the MC of the evening. He is inherently witty and humorous as we've all heard and I've now had the pleasure of witnessing beyond any rants and jokes during past tours. He joked about not playing and that how this band was so much better looking than his other band. He adjusted a guitar strap on a red Gibson and was poised to play something and then he introduced ... Distant Early Warning! What?! He's playing Rush? He's playing Distant Early Warning! I'm two feet away from Lifeson and he's playing Rush?! I'm in the front row? Heck I AM the front row! There's no one at the front of the stage but ME! ... and they sound amazing! (Note to self at this point - find out who this bass player is - he can really sing AND play bass - answer: see above.) In retrospect, I was witnessing 2/3 of a form of Rush. Admittedly, I don't think many golf club members even knew "Distant Early Warning" - but I was there, front row, all by myself, my personal Rush concert, singing along ... "Absalom, Absalom, Absalom" ... Jeff Spiccoli from Fast Times at Ridge Mount High, eat your heart out, you may have had Van Halen play for you at your birthday ... but I'm having Alex Lifeson and a really amazing band play for me on this amazing late spring evening. It was wonderful to see Alex sing along to all the songs and truly have a great time as a guitarist and fan of well, his own band's songs. (He knows all the lyrics by the way.) If the night ended right then and there, I would have been happy, amazed and buzzing about it as much as I am now, but it continued ..... Limelight, Spirit of Radio and a closing of the set with "another from Moving Pictures and a bit of a standard at Rush shows" according to Alex ... Tom Sawyer. Alex left the stage saying, I would really love to play some more, but I don't think they can afford my regular rate. The evening continued with a comedy routine by the Trailer Park Boys (you remember Bubbles from the R40 Roll the Bones rap video!) Jokes included thanking the wealthy and successful club members for having such nice cars that they could steal from and that they should probably just leave the doors open so they don't have to break any windows .... their routine ended with Bubbles leading a left to right chorus of golf members shouting "Cock!" "Tractor!" ... I still don't get it, but it was funny. A group ensemble, including Lifeson, played (I think) a Johnny Cash standard with Bubbles on vocals and as the Trailer Park Boys prepared to leave the stage, Bubble's mic picked up his trademark whine: "I'm not leaving the fockin stage until I play a Rush song ..... there's no fockin way ..." ... and then the trademark arpeggio starts; I'm listening to Bubbles and Lifeson do "Closer to the Heart." Can it get any better? Well it did. In introducing Tom Cochrane, Alex told a story how he had a night listening to Tom play all his hits on an acoustic guitar when they were away in Arizona and how it actually brought him to tears how good they were and how talented Tom was. Tom made a joke about Alex complaining about not working and mocked him with the words "blablablablabla." (I got the joke.) Tom Cochrane then came on to play an amazing set of his and Red Rider hits. Jeff Jones continued on bass. I didn't realize it, but he was also a member of Red Rider in the past (this guy never had a break all night! Three sets with three different bands!) In truth, I think the golf club demographic was more attuned to Tom Cochrane and Red Rider songs than Rush songs and Tom had everyone worked up to a frenzy by this point of the night. You don't realize how many great hits he and Red Rider had until you hear them one after the other, played with the expertise and perfection of well, a Rush concert. Again, the night really couldn't get any better. Until, I looked to the right. Alex had come out into the crowd to watch his friend Tom play and randomly (or serendipitously, from my perspective) decided to stand beside me to enjoy the show. In my head: "I'm here watching an amazing concert, head banging to Tom Cochrane hits with Alex Lifeson beside me. Is this for real?" By now the alcohol had amplified my courage and I took out my Victor CD and sharpie and humbly asked: "Excuse me Alex (like somehow I'm on a first name basis), but could I bother you to sign this CD?" He was a bit surprised it was a Victor CD and not "just" a Rush CD and replied: "Oh for this CD, for sure...." I fumbled around for words to say (the '80 calorie' vodka drinks probably added up somewhere near 640 calories by now) and thanked him for a lifetime of music and for giving me a soundtrack to my life. I expressed how I really hoped that the band would continue and he agreed. "Don't worry, we'll be doing something soon." If you've suffered to this point of my story to hear this, then your patience was worth my verbosity. There is hope. There is a Rush. Alex definitely wants to do something. I joked "... at least another album ...." and he smiled with approval. I realize now that I probably could have kept talking to him probing for more information, as he really wasn't that annoyed with me, but I really wanted him to just enjoy the concert, enjoy the night, enjoy the talents of his friend playing an awesome set ... I motioned away, giddy (and drunk, let's be real) and almost embarrassed that I didn't know what else to say ... my final words to him were "Clockwork Angels was a masterpiece, by the way ...." He smiled and thanked me for my praise and kindness (and probably started looking for where the nearest security guard was ..) Lifeson and others later joined the stage for the crowd pleasing hit "Life is a Highway" with Lifeson soloing on this and the encore, Lunatic Fringe. My brush with greatness didn't disappoint. He's just a down to Earth, genuine, humorous, witty and class human being. I'm glad I went to Coppinwood for dinner this June 11, 2016. I need to learn how to play golf."
  4. Happy Birthday to me - 5/20 Since I didn't get a HB thread, I started my own. Come on...bring it in!
  5. :haz: Meowww! :haz: Durrrrrrrr
  6. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v423/KublaKhan/mz100206_10035877489.gif
  7. Well, apparently I've just learned via a thread in the R40 forum that in order to be a true fan, you must like every single aspect of Rush that has ever been created. Guess that just means I'm a 35 year lifelong "fan" that only loves them enough to the point of permanently marking my body with a sign showing the world how much I love them, but not a true fan.
  8. Morning sex with the wife before going to work. :sundog: :sundog:
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