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  1. No jokes about sexuality are okay, I don't care if jabs were thrown here or not, just stop it. In fact, why is this thread even on TRF anyways, all it is is hate and noncense.
  2. Staying Up All Night and waiting for my best friend to arrive, he's probs at school ( I don't have school till Tuesday)
  3. Honestly this is such a hard choice for me, given the fact that one, I have not listened as much to both bands, and two, I prefer Alt Rock stuff. Though both bands are great don't get me wrong!!
  4. Yeah she had a heart of gold yet she hated me, oh such a gold heart... Only you could take a thread like this and make it about you. There are times to say such things, and times where it's really inappropriate. Considering the turn this thread has taken, you were really inappropriate there. Learn to read the situation before you post about other people. Or, even easier, if you can't say something nice about someone, don't say anything at all. Why should I care about someone who hated me?? It is sad that she passed away yes, but she hated me, as do most Rush fans in general.
  5. Yeah she had a heart of gold yet she hated me, oh such a gold heart...
  6. I don't mind some sequenced sounds here and there, but unless it's a music video, I CAN NOT Stand lip sycnhed preformances, PERIOD!!
  7. Holy moley guacamole! :o Um...ya? :P Saya baik. Saya suka Indonesia banyak, dan saya rindu(?) pergi di sana. Makanan dan musik dan cuaca panas! Sekarang, di Kanada, minus dua puluh (kira-kira) dengan salju. Wah! Saya meninggal! (Saya tidak pikir saya pakai Bahasa di TRF :P ) Aw baik!! Saya senang kamu suka itu. Indonesia adalah besar, saya berharap beberapa saya bisa pergi di sana, beberapa saya akan melihat di orang Sylv, saya berjanji. Makanan apa?? Nasi goreng?? Ayam?? Tempe?? Telur?? Maaf, saya tak suka daging, ayam, dan makanan pedas.OOOOOOooooooooooo saya cinta salju dan musik!!
  8. haven't listened to Rush much lately so I should probs gush over them this weekend iya??
  9. That awkward moment when you leave store but you don’t buy anything, and you’re telling yourself: “act natural, you’re innocent ”
  10. I know the guitarist of Pearl Jam as well as one of the main characters of X-Files both share my birthday and they are both pretty famous if you ask me.
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