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  1. This is 9 years old but I just saw it now... if you like Neil's solos, you must see this.
  2. I agree. The drums are kind of missing... and they sound like shit when they're not. I miss the Slingerland and Tamas, along with proper mix.
  3. Okay, I just can't help myself... for any of you GVF doubters, I dare you to watch / listen to the youtube video below. It's from one year ago, a live "in studio" gig at a radio station in LA. The sound is perfect and this will give you an example of their talent without 10,000 people screaming. The second song, Flower Power, is especially worthy of a listen. By the way, these guys are barely out of high school. They're in Toronto tonight, two nights sold out at the Ontario Place Amphitheater.
  4. Well... whether or not you like Josh's "groovy" pants or his "weird" stage clothes is irrelevant. I heard from many people that they blew Twenty One Pilots (headliner) away last night as they played right before them. That was at the Boston Calling Festival. The word among industry bands right now is - good luck if you go on after GVF... they are a very hard act to follow. Right now, it's 9 pm, EST and they're about to go on stage (they're own headline show with Ida Mae opening up for them) at the Forest Hills Stadium in Queens... 14,000 people. There will be some youtube camera footage of this sometime tomorrow... check it out if you dare. They will turn that stadium on its ass. For the record, I don't like Josh's pants either... but, Jesus CHRIST that kid can sing!
  5. I am now certified huge fan of GV Fleet. I've been watching them on the Google... youtubes galore. They are now headliners and sell out almost everywhere many months in advance to 10,000 seat venues. They're playing TWO nights at Red Rocks in Colorado, the first night night sold out in three days... 9,700 seats. I truly believe that for those who really don't like these guys, watch them more. They will win you over (most of you.) As mentioned above the kid has a wicked set of pipes and he sings IN TUNE night after night. The rest of the band are all top-notch players, and they are still so young. The youngest brother is just 19 or 20 and plays GREAT bass and keyboards, bass with his feet with some pedals. I'm 57 and I have seen all the big bands... Rush 28 times, The Stones, Bowie, Boston, Aerosmith, Queen, Styx... many more. And, after watching the Youtube live concert videos of GVF, with the crowd reaction, I can honestly say I have never seen a band do that before. They were playing 100 seat shitty bars only 1 1/2 years ago. A friend of mine was in Miami to see them earlier this month... he said the place was completely packed, 10,000 people, and NOBODY that he saw sat down even once. This band has an intense connection to their fans that is rarely seen. People travel across the country to see them (if they can get tickets.)
  6. I stopped listening to classic rock stations a couple years ago. They play the same 100 - 150 songs over and over and effing over. 3 from Rush, 3 from heart, 3 from Aerosmith, 3 from Zepp, 3 from Sabbath, 3 from Def Leppard, 3 from Loverboy (yes, that band)... etc. It used to be nice to Circumstances or Vital Signs... or other bands with deeper songs. Done...
  7. I wonder if Geddy remembers this - In a 1979 issue of Canadian Musician Magazine (front cover had a close up of Geddy with one of his Siamese cats) he was talking about how their music was not the same old typical Canadian music. This is what I remember him saying and it's pretty close: "We're not a bunch of folkie types like Gordon Lightfoot or a bunch of lumberjacks like BTO" I tried to find the article on line, but had no luck. I guess it was a young Geddy just being honest but not realizing he may have been slightly rude. I guess Gordon didn't mind... neither did Randy, because they are all friends these days. At least that's what I have heard. Oh, back in the day, eh?
  8. Gordon Downey of the Tragically Hip... EXACT same thing. The last ten years of his life, he sounded horrible. I almost walked out of the show in Thunder Bay. The place had LOTS of empty seats and it only held 3,500 to start with. Gord was such a GREAT singer (studio AND live) until about 2003 or so... then, horrible. He never sang in tune and destroyed most of their great songs. Yelling is not singing. Sorry.
  9. Uh oh... Lorraine is gonna want to kick me in the onions for this, but... I listened to the youtube on your post. At 1:37 I HAD to turn it off. That was horrible singing. It was actually not singing, it was weird talking. But, what the hell do I know? It looked like about 80,000 people in the stadium and they probably paid about $500 - $1,000 each. He still sounds like shit, sorry. Do you like the studio version of that song? Do you like Jagger's voice on any of the live albums he released in his prime? I ask because Jagger has never been a technically good singer. He's a good vocalist, and a phenomenal front man. Like Tyler, Roth, and Ozzy, he has always had a voice that you either like or you don't. I love it. And he doesn't sound too different from how he sounded when I saw him in 1989 or 1994 or 2003. All three shows were awesome IMO. But if you don't like his voice, you wouldn't have liked that clip. I thought Jagger was a very good singer (studio versions mainly, but he was good live too) right through the 70s. At least he sang in tune. Anything after that... not so much. I saw the Stones at the Target Center in Minneapolis in 1998 or '99 (Jonny Lang opened up) and I was shocked at how poor he sounded. My wife dragged me to the show... so I went. Jonny Lang was far better but guess what? He isn't Mick Jagger. That's where the problem is... people get so overwhelmed and star struck, they ears don't work and they don't hear properly. The man cannot sing in tune to save his life and I wish the band would stop. Van Halen too... Jesus, they are horrible with Roth TRYING to sing. I could better and I'm serious.
  10. I heard Jon Anderson in a theater show in England from last fall... with Lou Molino on drums, Rick Wakeman (I think)... Google it. Jon sounded great. I think he's about 74 or 75??? I'd be happy if I can just breathe at that age, never mind sing.
  11. Damn it, I forgot the solo in La Villa. That might be the best rock guitar solo in history. It has everything in it. Also, the solo in Freewill... on his white ES355. Flat out.
  12. Uh oh... Lorraine is gonna want to kick me in the onions for this, but... I listened to the youtube on your post. At 1:37 I HAD to turn it off. That was horrible singing. It was actually not singing, it was weird talking. But, what the hell do I know? It looked like about 80,000 people in the stadium and they probably paid about $500 - $1,000 each. He still sounds like shit, sorry.
  13. The guitar solo in Anthem is pretty wicked... and he was only 21 then. Not too shabby.
  14. I hope Mick comes out of this in okay... I don't care about the music, just for him as a guy. I always liked him. On another note, one I'll probably get torn apart over, I really hope bands like the Stones, Van Halen and Kiss (just naming a few obvious ones) would STOP playing live. They sound horrible. This is one of the reasons I'm glad Rush stopped... they went out when they still sounded good and not like an over priced bar band. If you don't believe me, find a concert video of the Stones (or VH or Kiss) from the last few years or so. Turn off the video and LISTEN only. Why people pay money for this, I'll never know.
  15. Thanks, Jag! Just read the whole thing... great read. Alex would the wildest dude to sit down and drink beer and eat pizza with...
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