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  1. 10 years. If it keeps going like this I'll be 90 in about 4 years.
  2. What is his opinion on why Rush's albums and live music starting with Vapor Trails sound like low end rumble and muddy noise? They completely lost the ability to record themselves.
  3. My lifelong drumming hero. Now one of too many reminders that life is fleeting. As more people and things from my youth leave us or end, thoughts of my own mortality, I find, are more common. We are the next old people. How did that happen?
  4. The wall of sound, wall of noise certainly applies to the last 3 albums and live for that matter. I've never figured out why they seemed to lose the ability to record themselves. The sound quality of their recordings just tanked with VT and never recovered.
  5. 2112 - Signals. I really can't fathom another answer. Even if one loves the other eras for what they are, as I do. They aren't better. They just aren't.
  6. Dog years. Song rocks, which is more than one can say about the rest of the album. But the turtle from gallapagose part, or whatever it says there, just sucks big turtle eggs. Ruins the song. No idea why the underline is happening. I didn't turn it on, it won't turn off.
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