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    R40 Front row with wife and kids. Best set list ever. Amazing.
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  1. Or the abomination that was Snakes and Errors
  2. I heard they were going to add a "worst of" compilation CD.
  3. Perhaps Rush could put out a worst of cd to add to the GUP 40th anniversary collection.
  4. All I've ever found was an old school Cylon ornament. Have to get that beauty there.
  5. Yeah, I found the extent and heaviness of the drug use.............disappointing. Oh well. Enjoyed the book otherwise.
  6. Mind boggling its been 8 years.
  7. Was always my favorite on the album.
  8. Oh my goodness!!!! If it had had bacon I may have died from the sheer explosion of coolness! Almost did anyway. I don't get out much but this is the best thing I've seen since the Moist Board.
  9. And yet it sounded so much better than the low end muddy, rumble that their last few tours sounded like.
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