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  1. Monday night game is a fuckfest. I think the love for Dobbs will be over after tonight...I've never seen such an inept performance by a pro QB. Just as I say that Fields fumbles while in field goal range.
  2. ahhhh backups. dealt with them in many forms over a 38 year IT career that I retired from last year. At first I a skeptical of cloud backup, but now I'm a convert. Too many years of carrying briefcases with backup tapes home every night to keep offsite. Doing backups at work to tape was just too slow and costly and we converted to Veeam shortly before I left. Can't beat em so join em. I just signed up with idrive for my personal laptop. while I haven't needed to restore any files, so far it seems to be backing up just fine. And it's cheap...like $3 a year, or more depending on your volume. A novel thought might be to sign up with 2 cloud services for redundancy. Or go with a cloud backup service and a NAS device, which is a box of drives on your home network for about $400-500. Since you've had issues with one service, I'd recommend a redundant backup service or device to give you piece of mind.
  3. Oh come on now the refs TRIED to help the Packers out. Oh you need a couple extra seconds for the end of the 3rd quarter? Sure no problem. Phantom holding call? Here ya go.
  4. but Jan Smithers was a hotty back in the day.... https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0810453/
  5. well done. i'd only consider Time stand still and BU2B in the 30s to be weak stinkers, but top 40 are strong otherwise.
  6. P/G shows a lack of creativity that a qualified producer might have been able to help with. Even at first play, I thought that all the songs had similar basic minor chord patterns and similar tempo. Very middle of the road album for me.
  7. 4th quarter on top of it...that game was practically over. 95% of the guys playing at that point will be cut next week.
  8. queensryche, ratt relagated to touring water parks and county fairs.
  9. everything i have is blue - the smithereens
  10. oops needed a v valley girl - frank zappa
  11. The Rush Forum. Gratuitous suck-up? guilty as charged.
  12. i don't slam the Feedback songs like others. It was just a whimsical exercise of recording songs from their youth without the pressure of creating new material. Nothing more than that.
  13. woowoo it's draft day! better known as mel kiper hyperventilation day. glad to see hundreds of mock drafts get shot in the ass. never so much effort for so little accuracy. well maybe not as bad as weather forecasting. first time in years there's some encouraging results from the lions. good free agent acquisitions, holmes looks like he's got the midas touch for drafting. I say that with caution is there's always a knucklehead decision that's waiting to happen for the lions. just make smart picks for solid players. nothing too creative for your own good. and no first round qb picks...you got a reliable qb with goff and all of the qbs have major questions. anderson, witherspoon, carter in that preference order for #6.
  14. that was nice, but I'll be more impressed if can go end to end.
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