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  1. No particular order. Rush - All the World's a Stage - I bought this in the late 70s on a leap of faith solely on the kickass album cover. Never heard Rush before this. 20 seconds into Bastille I was hooked for life. ELP - Works vol 1 - being classically trained in piano and viola in my youth, Keith Emerson was a god to me. Now I find them indulgent and difficult to listen to. Soundgarden - Superunknown - a more polished album but still is loud, quirky and intense from beginning to end. Kansas - Leftoverture - a rock band with violin and viola?!? (see classically training above). One of the cleanest production of any prog album. RHCP - Blood Sugar Sex Magic - amazing funk rock that kept the rawness, but with a Rick Rubin focus and polish. Pat Metheny - As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls - loves me that clean midrange Pat guitar sound. I could put any Metheny album on this list. Led Zeppelin - IV - most consistent and polished album beginning to end. Peter Frampton - Frampton Comes Alive - 'Bob Mayo on keyboards...Bob Mayo''. As much over-exposure that his 'hits' had in the late seventies, this was still a favorite live album. REM - Eponymous - hooked on the jangly, folky Rickenbacker guitar. Great introduction into early REM albums. Proof there's room in this world for just good songs without the need for guitar god solos. Dixie Dregs - Free Fall - after hearing Cruise Control on college radio I dove head first into Steve Morse material. Loved that they never felt the need for a lead singer to get in the way.
  2. Could any of the other 4 pull off Jesus Christ Pose like Chris? That's my winner.
  3. Naaaa. Put this in the same category as Fly By Night...a radio friendly attempt to attract the uninitiated. When they used this song in concert to goof on with Al at the mike, you can tell they didn't take it seriously anymore ("closet in your house").
  4. All the GOAT talk is way overrated. This man was the f***ing LOGO. RIP.
  5. fun to compare previous video with this containing neil and pat in white hair.
  6. I voted for this. Can't resist seeing a hot pissed off chick ready to kick someone in the balls.
  7. Alot of credit for both of them to stay together all these years. So many opportunities for drama and egos to get bent.
  8. Reading through this post, it's not surprising that the boys are in no hurry to tour; they're probably burned out on some of their material as well. 'Ugggh....Tom f***ing Sawyer for the one billionth time?' Successful material becomes kind of a trap for a band; you're married to it forever like it or not. Lol...just as I was writing this the preview of The Iron Claw comes on TV....with Tom Sawyer playing in the background.
  9. You'll be playing Madison Square Garden for thousands, but in reality just playing air guitar in your bathrobe for the rec room attendants at the nursing home. Their only request is that you stop when The Price is Right comes on at 11.
  10. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/alex-lifeson-geddy-lee-envy-of-none-rush-tour-lerxst-1235016143/ Naaa, just getting your attention. Sounds like Al is content with just basement jamming for now. Sounds like there's been enough time passed to kill the touring urge. He also has had some serious health issues. Wouldn't be surprised to see them in some select 'special appearances' in the future, which is fine. But they're not even motivated by big money thrown their way.
  11. Time Stand Still - can't get that cheesy video out of my mind when I hear it. Mystic Rhythms - sounds like it belongs on Miami Vice, with Crockett and Tubbs racing through Miami late at night.
  12. Since the draft is over and free agency mostly completed, I figure it's time to start this thread for the new season. Liking what my Lions did for free agency and the draft, except disappointed at not adding a high quality edge and kicker. Gotta admire the stones to trade up to take the manchild Manu who probably won't see the field this year. This year I'd thought they'd kind of coast and just fill roster holes here and there. Holmes doesn't coast. Atlanta's owner needs to be checked for dementia by taking Penix on top of signing Cousins. Certainly the most WTF draft moment in years.
  13. So looks like the Tiktok ban will go through. Let's kick the hornet's nest and see what people think. I think it's funny that a government is telling the Gen Y and Zers that their stupid dance videos and gratuitous self-promotion aren't necessary. Now go get an actual life skill and become the next assistant manager at Burger King. I'm sure that someone telling you that your product is crap and unnecessary might damage your fragile participation trophy state of mind. Suck it up buttercup, you'll get over it. Waiting for the cries of CENSORSHIP! and GOVERNMENT CONTROL! ala 2112. Um no. You can still promote your crappy useless videos via other mediums so the world can watch your poodle dance. I'm in that kind of mood today.
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