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  1. After years of hearing CTTH it dawned on me as i was watching the last YYNOT concert on Youtube; hmmm that bell section would be great for a doorbell...and the Mrs would probably not have a problem with it. Just don't tell Ray Danniels...I'd end up getting a cease and desist order and an invoice for royalties.
  2. Anyone install one of these yet? https://www.facebook.com/imperialashes/videos/check-out-drews-new-doorbell-from-honeywell-he-managed-to-crop-up-closer-to-the-/850445278824891/ I already asked the Mrs for one on my next birthday. $38 at Home Depot. Will take a MP3. The intro to Them Bones by AIC would be great but might scare the dog.
  3. Four Sticks by Zep is another. Bonzo's part was so tricky they nearly gave up on recording it. Learning new songs by ear, I rarely try to figure out time signatures; just practice until the 'timing' is down. The nerdy mathematical part of music has been gone for some while. In a Soundgarden interview, they never charted out their tracks with time signatures. At some point when it was pointed out what time signature a song was, they would just say 'oh well...yeah I guess it is 7/8 or whatever.'
  4. Just stopping by on my occasional look to see the abortion issue has quite a bit of you foamed up. Let me try kicking this hornet's nest again. I guess woman will just need to resort to not allowing sex unless they are planning pregnancy. After all, they do hold the keys to the kingdom. Credit for this policy brought to you by the people that market themselves as 'keeping government out of our lives'. But by god, if a mentally unstable kid wants to shoot up a grocery store in a black neighborhood, he has all the rights to an assault weapon. There would a lot more people alive to day if his mother ended her pregnancy for her demon spawn. Abortion...OH MY GOD NO! Assault Weapon...by all means, it's your choice and right sir.
  5. My nightmare is this goomba buying all the guitars. http://images.gawker.com/nag5y7oct9ogsujptane/original.jpg
  6. with 13512 TRF members, a modest $23 per member could have bought whitey. pass it around like the stanley cup to the winning team members. *sigh* too late now.
  7. wonderful tribute from perry farrell. https://www.spin.com/2022/03/perry-farrell-taylor-hawkins-tribute/
  8. Need to treat this with Kiddie Soccer League justice. Everyone gets a trophy but no orange slices for Will.
  9. I read the Rolling Stone interview he gave last year and there's clues, for lack of a better term. He said he's always had really bad stage fright. I thought this was really surprising given that he seemed to be a 'really chill dude' and the fact that the Foos are a pretty loose, goofy group on stage. But that could be the reason he needed meds, legal and otherwise. He also mentioned that his doctor told him about his large heart and attributed it to stronger health, like a runner's heart. As far as the Foos being over, much to early to tell. Grohl has admitted he's high energy and will likely find some outlet whether it's the Foos or another band.
  10. Reported 10 substances found in his room. Among the drugs found by a urine toxicological test performed by officials were marijuana, opioids, tricyclic antidepressants and benzodiazepines, the statement said. An exact cause of death was not announced, and the National Institute of Forensic Medicine continues to investigate, the attorney general said. Not that it really matters at this point. If these were prescribed, his doctor should be sued into oblivion knowing his history. Brings me back to when my ex died after years of addiction. Died in her sleep with enough junk in her system to take down a horse, including xanax and oxycontin. Cleaning out her house I found 4 months of prefilled out scripts for oxy even though she'd been to rehab. f***ing doctors.
  11. A partial outcome of Climate Hysteria. Which like COVID is more about people in positions of authority accumulating power and money. Following the science has become a punchline. The time is now. Being a war time president or prime minister isn’t just a splashy title. Hey, my buddy got gas at the same Costco today. $4.62. Up 40 cents in a day. :cheerleader: Prices are based on future perception, not current supply. So what I do during rapid price increases is not to fill my tank, but maybe 3-4 gallons short of full. Now if enough people would follow this, it would create a temporary dent in supply. This would work for most people that don't drive extreme miles...not so good for high mileage drivers. Unfortunately, the majority of the populace would rather just top off their tank and bitch about it.
  12. Seeing that Shell purchased Russian oil because they got a good deal. Welp...guess I'm no longer a faithful customer of Shell. Also, Marathon was the leading purchaser of Russian oil last year. Guess they're on my shitlist as well along with it's subsidiaries Citgo and Speedway. Looking like BP is the one I can go to for non-Russian oil. You call it cancel culture. I call it freewill in spending my money on corporations that don't deal with the pinhead Hitler in Moscow.
  13. Hey y'all, long time no bitching. Subject: Hiring and retaining qualified employees...how not to do it. So I work for local government. Past couple of years my wage scale, which is preset for everyone, topped out and reached it's max. So no auto-raise or COLA adjustments. Raises were shit anyway, so I didn't worry about it. Today I get an email from HR stating that I was off of 'red line' (where they mark you as frozen) for whatever reason and now my hourly pay will be adjusted to the new scale. So I got a raise of 12 cents per hour. Not even 4 bucks a week after taxes. For 9 years of loyalty. If this wasn't automatic I would have told them, ya know...just don't bother. Just keep it and at least I won't feel insulted. Maybe if I want a real raise I'll panhandle on the corner during lunch hour. I thought about spreading the wealth and sending HR 3 donuts a week, in a big box, for their staff of 10. Reminds me of working at Long John Silvers as a cook during college in the early 80s. Worst job ever. Min wage of $3.35 an hour. But if you took on extra duties, they would pay an extra 5 cents an hour for each duty. Manager tried promoting this to me and I told him....naa, not worth it to me. At that rate I could have worked up to $4.25 an hour and be an asst manager! whoopy f***ing dooo! The ironic thing is, that 5 cent raise at LJS is a larger % raise than the 12 cent raise they gave me. They really know how to motivate a fella. Next year I'll work hard and maybe double my 12 cent raise! A normal person would just quit, but that's it...I'm definitely retiring next year after my anniversary date.
  14. 76. Introduction - Chicago Transit Authority (6:35) *cough* ELP *cough*
  15. Hey Lorraine, So sorry to hear of your condition. Since I don't get on here much these days I wanted to wish you the best and let you know you are loved by myself and everyone on the forum.
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