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  1. warning this is not 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' part VII
  2. 2010 - Ghosts Of Ladbroke Grove (dub) by Killing Joke
  3. most of it is awesome, excellent music that was either light rock pop hits or completely ignored/marginalized at the time (heyday being 1977-1986) - an emphasis on stellar production and exacting studio performances weighs heavily - a West Coast California vibe pervades much of it, eschewing the late 70's/early 80's hard rock posturing histrionics and bombastic displays for a decidedly 'clean' and 'smooth' approach to composition and production an incredibly brief list below of some of the prime purveyors here, and important to note; most complete catalogs by these groups would not apply as 'yacht rock' whatsoever - it's an extremely specific vibe and sound - sometimes found only on individual tracks on albums - that lasted less than 10 years Steely Dan Michael McDonald Hall & Oates Pages George Benson Christopher Cross Kenny Loggins Foreigner Rupert Holmes Toto yacht rock enjoyment level generalizations by age group • 20-somethings > mostly sincere interest but not quite sure if it's all a joke so hesitant to commit • 30-somethings > mostly ironic interest and assume it's all a joke but they earnestly stream and buy the music and attend the cover band shows • 40-somethings > mostly nostalgic interest but they sincerely resent the 'yacht rock' term itself as an insult to their favorite bands and assume everyone else 'into it' is a hipster douche • 50-somethings > nostalgic and sincere interest and don't care at all about what anyone wants to call it
  4. there are actually a few different songs they wrote and rewrote a dozen or so times over but the Lanois/Eno era (Unforgettable Fire/Joshua Tree) is unmatched in their catalog (despite half of JT's tracks being mercilessly broadcast to the point of irritation in every conceivable context)
  5. checked out some of their other stuff not a fan of the male vocals at all yet love the female vocals though (see Knifeworld - Severed Of Horsehoof)
  6. okay this song I like, definitely the wordless vocal part (as it immediately reminded me of Esperanza Spalding who does something similar in Ebony and Ivy and I dig it) but good lord who produced the drum mix? [checks] okay it was Bob Drake and the lead songwriter for the group ^ fellas, stay away from the faders when it comes to drums - you do not know how
  7. THE ONLY BORED THREAD v.1 By ghostworks, November 9, 2011 5.1k replies 176.5k views
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