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  1. theres definalety a lot of unreleased live stuff, I just think they wanna slowly wait to release them and tack them onto to other stuff just to make money every year (thanks ray)
  2. The Counterparts tour was a strange one,, They brought back analog kid, mystic rhythms,and hemispheres prelude,, but they started this tour in jan of 1994, when the country we got hit really bad with cold icy nasty weather, and geddy got hit by a nasty cold around March. so bad, it really strained his vocal cords,, to the point where the tour only ran to May 7th,, and ged had to cancel a few dates cause his voice was really shot. Theres a soundboard from largo MD where he couldn't even finish the show.. I do agree with one poster,, the 3/22/94 pro shot sold at record conventions was a rush fans dream come true . crappy quality and and all,, just happy to have it. cause no footage of them live had been available since the show of hands VHS.
  3. I just did a side by side, and I prefer the mix on DS , it has more balls and punchy.. sad they just couldn't leave lakeside park and closer to the heart on that one. and I wouldn't even would have got this new one..
  4. got mine today... the live show is good
  5. still didn't get mine from backstage yet. and I even pre ordered it back in October. never again.. cant even get a hold of them on the phone.. amazon all the way. I would have had it by now..
  6. I ordered (pre ordered in October)) mine from backstage. huge mistake. it actually shipped on Friday, so I might not have it for over a week.. next time I will do amazon..
  7. I bet they will release one of the many soundboard's that are out there from the hemispheres tour and clean it up..
  8. anyone order from backstage.. mine says shipped today. it was pre ordered and will take 3-6 weeks
  9. To be real, after signals,,the studio albums were not the same. then it was all about the tours and the live stuff. and bootlegs time..
  10. Here's my take on presto, I got into the band long after this came out, well, 1994 is when I got real heavy with rush, but I thought. wow, Rush going AM radio style, it was pretty weak, over produced.. and not catchy enough. Now. however.. I think the presto songs specially "the pass" were preformed really well live on the roll the bones tour.... they really came together on that one. But I didn't care for the actual Presto tour itself. something was missing. geddys looks and voice had changed.. Compare a Presto show to A random Moving Pictures show and you will be amazed at the difference. 2 completely different bands.. I think Rush themselves ignored presto for years even on some tours... Counterparts got the edge back!
  11. great version, the drums are off the hook,, neil was on fire,, this mix sounds more different and better than the different stages show..
  12. I would not be getting this if they would have left lakeside park and closer to the heart on the disc 3 of different stages. they had the room for it.. that would have been enough for me..
  13. to be honest the original cd of AFTK sounds really great, the silverface one from 1990, the first one that was presented to us on cd. the 97 remasters were too harsh and distorted.. the 90 one has a more warm analog sound to it.. and doesn't sound harsh when you turn it up.
  14. or I would show the test for echo footage from 97.. that's perfect. geddy sounds great, the band looks its coolest and are younger but not too old yet. and the playing is also top notch. natural science kicks ass on that..
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