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    I love movies,music,good food, Women with a great sense of humor and of course "Rush"

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    vapor trails 2002
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    Moving Pictures
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    Seeing my first concert,counterparts tour 1994
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    Kiss,Van Halen,Led Zeppelin,Rolling Stones
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    My Magic Twanger
  1. Moving Pictures!!!!! classic to the cubed power
  2. "Grace to Grace" sounds like Rush its great..........
  3. I Love Roll The Bones and Hemispheres....By popular demand i started this thread in the Rush Forum where it belongs......
  4. Circumstances is clearly the sleeper on "Hemispheres" it gets my vote
  5. Working Man and Finding My way are also great
  6. Working Man and Finding My way are also great
  7. What Youre Doing is heavy and it just grooves
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