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  1. Oh God Please, allow this to happen. Which bring up the question? Who will be on drums? Thomas Lang, Mike Portnoy, Whom?
  2. A tour with new music and they can even play stuff from their solo albums! May look like this: Set I: 50th Anniversary Medley Freewill Limelight, New Song, New Song #2, Geddy Lee Bass solo, My Favorite Headache, Promise The trees Xanadu 2112 Entirety Set II: The Camera Eye Natural Science BY Tor, the Necromancer and the Snowdog (medley) Cygnus X1/ Hemispheres (Prelude) Alex Liefson acoustic solo Closer to the hear Red Barchetta Tom Sawyer the Spirit of Radio Encore: YYZ La Villa Stangiatto Working Man
  3. Oh God Please, allow this to happen. Which bring up the question? Who will be on drums? Thomas Lang, Mike Portnoy, Whom?
  4. I don't know I think Superconductor and Scars are worse than that. Scars in particular is bad but not as awful as Heresy for me. Scars makes me think that they were smoking something really bad that week in the studio. :smoke: Not Neil Pat. Are you serious? Neil's drumming is fuckking incredible on that song. "Presto" album destroys "Roll The Bones." "Face Up" Ass down Pat! I always thought the drums on Scars sounded programmed, but never looked into it. Neil at his most atomically metronomic! yeah that just shows how good Neil is ! :Neil:
  5. I don't know? I couldn't bring these grades home to Mom! So they are both "C" to "C-" albums. Not good!
  6. I don't disagree with that breakdown, but I still prefer Presto as an album...which strikes me as weird. I think it may be the Sound/ Mixing of the Album. I think Presto Sounds better.... I think?
  7. It would be Nice to See a Reunion Tour with about 6 to 7 songs they've never played Live: Set 1: 1.Instrumedley: (Working Man/ Fly By Night/ Bastille Day/ A Passage to Bangkok/ Cygnus X-1/ Prelude) 2. Spirit of the Radio 3. Caravan 4. Chain Lightning 5. Cut to the Chase 6. Alien Shore 7. Gangster of Boats (Where's my Thing/ Leave that Thing Alone / Limbo) 8. Freewill 9 Headlong Flight Set 2: 10. The Big money 11. Subdivisions 12. Distant Early Warning 13. Open Secrets 14. Different Strings 15. Sweet Miracle 16. Available Light 17. La Villa Strangiatto 18. Xanadu Encore : 19. Limelight 20, Tom Sawyer 21. YYZ Encore 2: 22. 2112 (Overture/ Temple/ Finale) :drool: :drool: :drool:
  8. Nah, I think Rush's most Awkward Era was during Vapor Trials and it showed in the writing. Or at least in the recording of it. The the remix was so much better,
  9. Honestly, I've been really Jonesing for some RUSH right about now, So this documentary (even though its a cash grab) is exactly what I need, I'll take anything at this point. Hell I watched " I Love you man" with my son the other day cause I needed a fix!
  10. Roll the Bones; Dreamline > Show Don't Tell Bravado > Chain lighting Roll the Bones < The Pass Face Up < War Paint Where's my thing? > Scars The Big Wheel < Superconductor Heresey > Anagram (for Mongo) Ghost of a Chance > Red Tide Neurotica > Hand over First You bet your Life < Available Light So Roll the Bones wins out 6 to 4 And that's the way I see it!
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