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    Play tennis, softball and golf, ice hockey fan, raising 4 kids, 2 cats, 1 dog and 1 wife

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    R40 (Washington DC)
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    Too many to pick just 1
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    Permanent Waves
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    Going to my first concert 33 years after I had to cancel out on what I thought was going to be my first. Opened up an entire new world of incredible music for me.
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    Led Zeppelin, Boston
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  1. Man, I love that song. Such a 60's "Byrds-like" vibe in the chorus!
  2. In what has been one of the more difficult years in recent history, I've been think a lot about amazingly relevant so many of Neil's lyrics are today. As I went through all of the albums, I was surprised to find that Snakes and Arrows had six of the 24 songs that I tabbed as his most fitting. It was also interesting that two of his oldest lyrics are so freaking applicable to 2020. Here are my top ten in no particular order, although I'm putting an asterik by my top choices. 1. Beneath, Between & Behind* (FBN) 2. A Farewell to Kings* (FTK) 3. Witch Hunt (MP) 4. Territories (PoWIN) 5. Bravado (RTB) 6. Red Tide (Presto) 7. How It Is* (Vapor) 8. Far Cry (SA) 9. The Larger Bowl (SA) 10. The Way the Wind Blows (SA) What say you, esteemed members of Rush Forum?
  3. I realize Rush In Rio is not the most technically well-mastered recording of their live catalog. I'm sure it had to do with the conditions they had to deal with. It was a bit of a miracle that the show came off at all (see Boys In Brazil documentary). And I don't claim to be even close to an expert on all of the live, recorded performances, but Rush In Rio was so emotional on multiple levels. If I could go back to any concert in the history of rock, it would be that one. Plus, as Dial Up Diva mentions, there were many excellent performances there and some Vapor Trails songs such as Earthshine, Ghost Rider and Secret Touch all gained "new life" and a second/third look by Rush fans.
  4. It has only been since 2014 that I dived "headlong" into the entire catalog. 2014 was the first time I viewed Alex's solo on "Between the Wheels" in R30, I had to replay it multiple times. I literally said "WTF" out loud the first time. That further drew me in to explore the dozens of lesser-known tracks. So, its BTW for me. Analog Kid and Marathon are top of the list of many, many amazing Alex solos.
  5. I'm going (Hanover, Md.) and looking forward to the evening! Despite being north of 50/south of 60, I am a relative newcomer (5 years) to Rush fandom (wouldn't classify it as super fandom), I consume as much Rush as time will allow.
  6. maplelevy


    I've said it on other posts, but Bravado was my gateway song to the complete Rush catalog, i.e., my Rush "a-ha" moment. Just knew maybe 25-30 songs prior to, but that song convinced me to give every album/every song a listen. Obviously, I have never regretted it!
  7. Not directly related (well, sort of), if I had to pick one show, of the thousands that Rush did, to go back and attend, it would be Rush in Rio. The emotion of the fans sometimes drives me to tears (well, at least well-up!)
  8. This could be a very long list, but I'll cut it down to those that get overshadowed due to the dominance of an iconic song or group of songs (Moving Pictures, e.g) 1. Circumstances (Hemispheres) 2. Something for Nothing (2112) 3. Vital Signs (MP) 4. BU2B (Clockwork) 5. Different Strings (Perm. Waves) 6. Emotion Detector (Power Windows) With the exception of Signals, these are probably my favorite Rush albums.
  9. Animate > TFE Stick It Out < Driven Cut to the Chase = Half the World Nobody's Hero = TCOR BS&M = TAM Alien Shore= Totem TSOL > Dog Years Double Agent = Virtuality Leave That Thing Alone = Resist Cold Fire > Limbo Everyday Glory < CATS Final Score: Counterparts 3, TFE 2, 6 draws Interesting that I really like Tracks 6 and 9 on both albums, and not a fan of 3, 4, 5 on each. Carve Away the Stone, one of my top underrated Rush tracks, edged out Everyday Glory, which I also like. Interesting exercise, although very random (track order) when evaluating a comparison of the albums.
  10. 1. The Garden 2. acoustic version of Resist 3. live version of Ghost Rider 4. Crowd shots of "Rush in Rio"
  11. I actually included this in a note to my "CEO"... Opportunities exist for us today that have never presented themselves before and, without the most prudent guidance and direction, our moment of glory could become like a streak of lightening, that flashes and fades in the summer sky. I'm sure you all get the references... I know, I'm hopeless!
  12. As great of a percussionist/lyricist as Neal is, as awesome a guitarist/songwriter as Alex is, IMHO, Geddy is a phenomenon. His versatility may be unmatched in the genre of rock. At the top of the class on the bass, an underrated vocalist, pioneering in synths, and a master arranger. That said, the sum of their three parts = rock's greatest!!!
  13. What it would be: TSOR, Limelight, Sawyer (in that order) What I'd like it to be: Limelight, anything but Sawyer, TSOR
  14. 1. Subdivisions (epic) 2. Digital Man (oh, that bass!!!) 3. Analog Kid (great imagery, love Alex's solo) 4. Losing It (tend to like Rush songs that stray from their norm, whatever that is.) 5. Countdown (quirky) 6. New World Man 7. The Weapon (don't like it as much as many other Rush purists) 8. Chemistry
  15. I had two thoughts when seeing their covers on FB. 1. They are all really talented musicians. 2. Makes me appreciate the musical genius of Geddy Lee even more than I had previously. Geddy takes the roles of 2, sometimes 3 of the players (vocals, bass, keyboards). Unfathomable!
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