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    60s Bond. Art . Sade . Robert plant . The police
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    Jacobs ladder
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    Discovering them after all these ignorant years
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    Zeppelin Van Halen
  1. Red3angel


    Anybody have clockwork Angels in the top five? Lately it’s been my most played album, maybe because it’s the newest. Some days I think it’s the best. Which is not a bad thing to go out on top
  2. Red3angel

    My new top 10

    In order Mp Cos Ca Aftk Hemisphere Gup Signals Pw Hyf 2112
  3. My view of rush has changed. I’m sure that has happened to some of you as well. Here’s my current top five albums and no order. Ca P/g Hp Fbn Mp.
  4. Red3angel

    Best but least

    What 3 rush albums do you like a lot but rarely listen to? Mine are fbn 2112 Aftk. All classic rush My top 3 played are p/g. Ca. Hemispheres
  5. I could easily say my top 5 are 2112 Pw Hyf Fbn Ca And I could feel just as happy
  6. I feel bad for the people who hate some albums. I love them all but of course some more than others. To me all rush is top shelf but some is higher!!!! What an amazing band.
  7. In order 1 signals 2 gup 3 hemispheres 4 mp 5 aftk
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