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    Either Xanadu, Totem, or Force 10.
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    Hold Your Fire or Test For Echo.
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    When I first discovered them!
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    The Rainbooms (From MLP Equestria Girls.
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  1. It’s honestly kinda disgraceful that crappy pop stars were directly associated with the awesomeness of Geddy.
  2. R50 Tour Set 1: Working Man Take A Friend Fly By Night Rivendell The Fountain Of Lamneth The Necromancer 2112 (in it’s entirety) Tears A Farewell To Kings Cygnus X-1 Natural Science Free will Tom Sawyer Witch Hunt Subdivisions Chemistry Afterimage The Enemy Within Manhattan Project Emotion Detector Mission Tai Shan Encore Not Fade Away/Can’t Fight It Set 2: Presto Available Light Roll The Bones The Big Wheel Nobody’s Hero Cut To The Chase Test For Echo Totem Vapor Trail Freeze Seven And Seven Is Far Cry We Hold On Clockwork Angels in it’s entirety (Except The Garden). Encore The Garden
  3. Were all the sets from 2112-onward completely static? Would the guys ever throw random songs in at certain shows?
  4. There is no hard evidence that any parts of "The Fountain" were ever played. In the book, no one knew definitively but everyone in the crew said it was unlikely. Alright. So I’ll just take off ITIGB.
  5. Not Fade Away and Can’t Fight It WERE definitely played live, I think Alex said so in an interview.
  6. Ok, so should I just list COS as “Every song from this album has been played live”? Does anyone know If “Take A Friend” Was ever played?
  7. @Superconductor Oops, Emotion Detector was NOT played live, I’ll edit that if I can.
  8. RUSH Take A Friend FLY BY NIGHT Making Memories Rivendell CARESS OF STEEL I Think I’m Going Bald The Fountain Of Lamneth 2112 Lessons Tears A FAREWELL TO KINGS Madrigal HEMISPHERES Every song from this album has been played live. PERMANENT WAVES Different Strings MOVING PICTURES Every song from this album has been played live SIGNALS Every song from this album has been played live GRACE UNDER PRESSURE Every song from this album has been played live POWER WINDOWS Emotion Detector HOLD YOUR FIRE Open Secrets Second Nature Tai Shan High Water PRESTO Chain Lightning Anagram (For Mongo) Red Tide Hand Over Fistu Available Light ROLL THE BONES Face Up The Big Wheel Neurotica COUNTERPARTS Cut To The Chase Alien Shore The Speed Of Love Everyday Glory TEST FOR ECHO The Color Of Right Totem Dog Years Carve Away The Stone VAPOR TRAILS Peaceable Kingdom The Stars Look Down Vapor Trail Sweet Miracle Nocturne Freeze Out Of The Cradle FEEDBACK For What It’s Worth Mr. Soul Seven And Seven Is Shapes Of Things SNAKES AND ARROWS The Bravest Face Good News First We Hold On CLOCKWORK ANGELS BU2B2 Grand Total: 44 Please let me know if this list must be edited.
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