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  1. Top Hemisrears.. Yeah, it's the naked dude... but he looking at the well dressed business man. Battle of the heart and the mind upon the hemispheres. Fly by night. Farewell to kings Permanent waves Moving pictures Perhaps rush and Hugh Syme were peaking at the same time? Bottom ? Honorable mention to All the world's a stage. Simple but indicative of its contents...
  2. Yes indeed. Great stuff. Their first record is one of mine all time fave instrumental records. 3 minute warning!
  3. Hells Kitchen is one of my fave DT instrumentals. Let's go LaBrie Free for a moment. What's your fave DT instrumentals?
  4. Absolutely love that performance. I never cared for ITIGB much when I was young. Now I realize the brilliance of the lyrics. Crazy energy and I would of loved for it to have been included on ATWAS.
  5. I could not get that link to load?? Likely user error on my part. Here's another link and some info. Like trying to raise a million dollars and that Neil's old cymbals will be melted down for metal. https://www.loudersound.com/news/design-revealed-for-bronze-neil-peart-statue-in-lakeside-park
  6. May he RIP. Hair of the dog was one of my earliest music purchases via a mail order record club when I was 10 or 11. One of those, get 8 records for a penny deals. Great tunes. Killer cover art too.
  7. Lines in the sand- dream theater. Derek Sherinian killing it.
  8. Yeah, it is great . carouselambra is another fantastic keyboard intro.
  9. Crocodile rock - Elton John Oh what a night- Frankie Valli Green earrings- steely dan
  10. Space intro- fly like an eagle by Steve Miller 1984 to jump by Van Halen Not sure if they count as they are two songs but serve as intros? How's about Your time is gonna come by led zep Planet Claire by the B52s
  11. I liked the 2112 intro. Modern and got the point. Then Alex starts ripping it. To me they were shooting for an ATWAS vibe... Could not be happier with the setlist. Old school.
  12. Yeah, he played them crooked vultures set. I was hoping for a ged , Alex and JPJ led zeppelin jam with omar Great show but I am little surprised no zep. Best day for rush fans since the final show imo.
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