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  1. Guilty as charged. I was 13 when it came out. Didn't know any better. Had to look up when it came out. Wiki says it was their only one #1 hit. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Babe_(Styx_song)
  2. Yeah I was thinking that If Alex and ged ever got together they should bring in her or someone like her. I think Neil would approve. If she plays with TMV , she likely can improvise very well.
  3. They were amazing live. Omar is great player. I do think some songs were good but Cedric is hard to understand, lots of the lyrics were nonsensical imo and then some were sung in Spanish, so yeah hard to get into. De-loused was produced by Rick rubin which made it the easiest to listen to. Having flea play bass on it helped too
  4. Good tune but I am more of a Babe fan
  5. Only when drinking beer and watching soap operas
  6. Me too and imo their best lyrics. I remember listening on 8 track back in the day and taking note. We make the grade and still we wonder....
  7. Thanks Effffing auto correct got me there. I like them up through the bedlam in Goliath. There's an old thread about in MOTS.
  8. Got a bag of Utz potato chips seasoned with Mike's hot honey. Yikes.
  9. Never see a drummer who plays with one foot in a shoe and one in a sock. Gonna have to break out deposed in the comatorium
  10. Yeah, the new TMV is weird but not in a good way. Imo. Glad I saw them with Thomas pridgen. That was cool and she is a great talent. I really like her take.
  11. Holt shit what a great TDF. Congrats to Cavanendish! So intense to watch that . Way to go Girmay! Amazing to see his growth.
  12. Drum duet- Phil Collins and chester Thompson dueling banjos- ?? Cowboys are frequently, secretly fond of each other. Orville peck and Willie Nelson
  13. First 10 rush studio records. No else come close. Besides rush these are the earliest records I got into circa age 11 or 12 that I still enjoy. Animals Zeppelin 1 Paranoid Never mind the bullocks Foghat live Second helping
  14. Summer of 69- Bryan adams Jukebox hero - foreigner
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