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  1. Episode 4 has an even better rush reference. I love rush! While TS is playing
  2. The height of hot dog perfection. I rarely eat hot dogs but do make a skyline inspired chili regularly to serve on pasta. Great stuff.
  3. Harry Styles to Rush! Watched 3 episodes. Not sure if I watch anymore though.
  4. The old man on Hulu. The elderly dude kicks ass Watched first episode of Yellowstone on peacock. Really thought it sucked. I watched all of the first season of killing it on peacock. It had a few funny moments but was weak. Gonna watch the new Beavis and butthead!
  5. Still working through the series. Vincent Price as egghead!
  6. Look at the image below Note - special appearance by Dave chappele. If ged and Alex were not going to play it seems like they would be listed like that. Not with musicians. I gotta think they will play a rush tune! https://www.jambase.com/article/taylor-hawkins-tribute-concert-london-lineup
  7. Blabbermouth list them as performers https://blabbermouth.net/news/rush-and-queen-members-among-musicians-who-will-perform-at-taylor-hawkins-tribute-concert-in-london
  8. Two new fave hot sauces. Pico Pica. Imagine taco bell hot sauce but way better. Young guns roasted green chili. Sold in large plastic jugs for around, $12. Imo the best prepared green chili product beating out my prior fave. El Pinto. El pinto still kicks ass though.
  9. Hazed and confused? Nice. Talk about a feather in your cap!
  10. The professor from Gilligan's Island looks very much like the professor on the drum kit.
  11. My name is tangy and I prefer to hop on the train to Bangkok over driving a red barchetta any day. Gleaming alloy air cars don't seem all that scary. The fact that they are air cars that are stopped by a bridge definitely gives me the cojones to break the motor law.
  12. I wondered if they were ever approached by the makers of Febreeze to use their song for a TV commercial. You know the scented aerosol spray. Summer febreeze!
  13. RIP Just read he played guitar, saxophone and violin. Closer to you and we may never pass this way again are great tunes as well.
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