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  1. I liked the 2112 intro. Modern and got the point. Then Alex starts ripping it. To me they were shooting for an ATWAS vibe... Could not be happier with the setlist. Old school.
  2. Yeah, he played them crooked vultures set. I was hoping for a ged , Alex and JPJ led zeppelin jam with omar Great show but I am little surprised no zep. Best day for rush fans since the final show imo.
  3. I saw Omar play with sting on the dream of the blue turtles. He is awesome. I thought Josh did great. Was surprised at how Bowie like he sounded
  4. Not really a fan but he is a very talented young man. I saw him open for umphreys Mcgee around 3 to 5 years ago?? Anyways, great player and vocalist. Good stuff. He kinda reminds me of a younger Warren haynes.
  5. Well, I was wrong about amazon prime. Turns out it will be on paramount + here in the states. Others options explained in link below https://www.jambase.com/article/taylor-hawkins-foo-fighters-tribute-concert-livestream-london
  6. We will see what they play. I fail to comprehend how musicians who Taylor loved playing a song he loved in his memory could be in bad taste. Most charity all star tributes includes songs made famous by the guests. And hopefully extended jams. I will be shocked if all they play is the foos. Then again, my interest has diminished greatly. A large part of the appeal of this show was to see ged and Alex play for the first time. Glad they jammed with primus first!
  7. Lol I can envision a army of middle aged men with cut off tee shirts raising their arms to throw horns all while emitting a gaseous blend of mighty taco and Genesee cream ale.
  8. Pretty sure it will be live streamed on Amazon prime. I am still calling that they play a rush song. I think the primus gig was a practice run of sorts. I hope so as I do not care for the foos.
  9. So many soul patches in one photo.
  10. More racing on redbull today at 5:20. Live from Quebec! I have been hurt for the last two months watching people race on TV nursing a hurt back. Brutal I think I am healed so it's time to make like horse shit and hit the trail!
  11. It sure is. My top ten rush records are the first ten rush records.
  12. I was never much of a fan of porno for pros but watched the lollapalooza set. Perry's voice sounds great. I was really surprised. The band was tight too. Great players.
  13. So... I was having a few beers with my brother last Sunday. I told him I had been checking out lollapalooza and his reply was pretty much the same as yours.
  14. https://www.guitarworld.com/features/how-to-sound-like-royal-blood Interesting read. Royal blood was the best band I saw on Hulu. Strangely enough, the performance I enjoyed the most was a band called hinds. 4 girls from Spain. Killer energy and just fun. The crowd was into maneskin. They rocked but it was a little cheesy imo. And very nippley! Lol None the djs or rappers impressed. Except for sampa the great. She was from somewhere in africa?
  15. https://youtu.be/mv_OPfQ80SE Get with times you dinosaurs! Here's some ghost for you two to enjoy. Lol
  16. Royal blood was good. Great drummer and the bass player was really unique. He seems to play the bass like a guitar? Kind a modern version of older muse? I like muse fwiw
  17. Imo the second most important song on the debut after working man is in the mood. A fan fave with the hey cookie lyrics and included on atwas. As a fan I am glad for no covers. But if they did do a cover, they should of played the slade classic. Cum on feel the noize. I can can hear ged belting it out now.....
  18. Well the mens TDF was awesome! Jonas kicks ass. Hard to watch the women's tour with all the brutal crashes. This afternoon at 4:22, it's mens and women's short track cross country mtb race on redbull Tmmrw it's gonna be a muddy shitfest for the downhill race. Sunday it's Olympic cross country. This weekend is at snowshoe in west Virginia. Only us stop this year. West Virginia has been getting hammered by rain. Gonna be sick. Streamed live or catch replay for free on redbull.
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