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  1. "Hey Steven, loved the new record. The bass playing on it was especially amazing. Who'd you have guesting to play all that, Geddy Lee?" Steven Wilson blushes "Haha, oh, aah no.. That was all me, yeah? Thank you though!"
  2. "And now finally, with Colin out the way, it's time to have the bass be a more prominent instrument within Porcupine Tree's compositions" -Steven Wilson
  3. I've only listened to it once so far but I like it about as much as I expected to, not as good as the peaks with In Absentia or Fear of a Blank Planet, but still very good. The only song I don't really like is Walk The Plank. My Favorites are Rats Race, Chimera's Wreck, and Never Have. The bonus tracks feel necessary to the full album. Also despite Gavin and Richard's contributions, for the most part the album reminds me of Grace For Drowning or The Raven That Refused to Sing more than anything PT. I guess that's expected since Steven's always been the primary songwriter, and this is just how his creative direction has changed over time. He's definitely divorced from guitar.
  4. He disappeared in the early haze of morning And with him left his prophecies, they didn't care All the years that passed away he's locked inside my head His tales became reality the prophecies he said He was the chosen one to see His words will burn eternally It hurts, that no one understands
  5. animal secretions, toxic poisonous liquid, cancer inducing appliances, and war mongering buoyant machinery...
  6. i swore i was going to go to bed early tonight but time flies when you're... hm... well, time just flies no matter what.
  7. i gave myself a very weird and unconventional haircut and that's how you know i'm a real artist
  8. original lo-fi beats to blip to
  9. i think season 7 of south park is a peak
  10. seed oils are the bad ones, vegetable oils are good. i usually go for olive/coconut/avocado, olive's the most economic, coconut helps burn fat, and idk much about avocado oil actually but whenever i see those kettle brand chips with "avocado oil" advertised on the front i get them
  11. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
  12. i really dont think i can handle keto. i feel like a limp half-living goofball
  13. you mean the recent ones or long term? i realize there's overlap. jamie pops in and out infrequently, onion even less, and TOG is still on his road trip i imagine JR and goose obviously still active.
  14. i once saw someone describe northern MI as a hidden haven
  15. i'm sure a wintry Indiana would provide me with a lot of cool scenic shots
  16. sierra nevada? i guess the distinction between north california and south california is just as important as coastal versus inland/mountain. if not more so
  17. new Stratovarius album finally on the way. 7 year wait time, by far the longest gap we've had yet (and they weren't on hiatus or anything like that, either)
  18. how about that Botanist documentary?
  19. It's a lot like it's own country in many ways, but one time a proud right wing Californian I knew said "if you want a preview of what the United States will be like in a decades time, it's more or less what California is like now." and I think he's right about that
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