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  1. Press the steps I take to cross your door frame You decide to answer when my fist swings hello
  2. Prob should rank Distance Over Time higher, put it up to 11 over s/t and Systematic Chaos. I really like the lyrical theme of this album and it's definitely a good comeback from The Astonishing. Pale Blue Dot is kind of a weak closer though, that's my only complaint.
  3. Misgivings and dismay, nightmares of wasted days Can't live your life this way, something needs to change Healthy, accepting thoughts, intent on driving us Avoidance at all costs, a painful thing to watch
  4. Yeah... I'm packing a book with me.
  5. Living vicariously through fantasies of all the places you'll hike and fish this summer But i should start now since Spring is actually the better season to do all of this in my area. Still have to get a license first though. Oh and I still have to do file my taxes (oops)
  6. This exchange inspired me to give Awake another full visit today, because I thought maybe we're in the wrong here. We're not.
  7. it was very underwhelming here in bay area CA, for this occasion i parked at the very top of a parking garage i was working underneath, but I got back to work within about a couple minutes. i didn't make glasses or observe the sun itself, a lot of people do that and it's kinda lame - IMO what's cool to me is getting to witness the atmosphere go dark for a brief amount of time and then light up again - this leads to golden photographic opportunities. with the 70% illumintation we had here, that didn't really happen at all.
  8. recently learned that multitasking has a negative effect on the sympathetic nervous system and piques anxiety since you're putting your brain in a needless state of alert by shifting from task to task . it would certainly explain a lot
  9. I do think it's a great album but I like the ones I put above it more (no shit right?) It has a similar appeal to Images and Words production and sound-wise but there are some key differences that set it apart; compared to Images and Words it's often heavier and colder rather than soft and warm. the songwriting isn't also quite as tight, certain songs drag or I tend to skip, but the album isn't without its masterpieces either - Lifting Shadows off a Dream is probably my favorite song by Myung for example. But yeah, I've seen a lot of people rank Awake on par with or even above Images and Words and I definitely disagree there, no question.
  10. Combed through this thread and i did about four bands twice between 2022-2024, lol - but surprisingly never once DT (unless i missed it) Dream Theater 1. Images and Words (undeniably hit the nail on the head with this one and were never able to replicate the albums "feel" above all else) 2. Metropolis Pt 2: Scenes From a Memory (i listened through this album against recently and it wasn't as awe inspiring as i remember it being when i first listened to it as a teen, but that said it's still to this day arguably the most groundbreaking Prog Metal album there is with the way it bridges so many elements together all while being a good, coherent story) 3. Octavarium 4. Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence 5. Black Clouds & Silver Linings (rated high due to sentimental bias probably, as this was the first DT album they released after I had gotten into the band) 6. A Dramatic Turn of Events 7. Awake 8. Train of Thought 9. Falling Into Inifity (it would have made sense if they changed it into a double album and tagged on "Change of Seasons" - why not? def would be ranked higher if that were the case) 10. A View From the Top of the World 11. Dream Theater 12. Systematic Chaos (I've always found this one to be too portnoy - in the bad way. too heavy, and they experimented with the vocals in a way they shouldn't have. they did the more aggressive metal approach much better with ToT) (i'm a little apathetic about these next few albums, there are some songs I really like from each but overall.. meh at best. i do think i need to give Distance Over Time and the debut more listens, though) 13. Distance Over Time 14. When Day and Dream Unite 15. The Astonishing (hey, Gift of Music is a great song you can find in that >2 hour mess! ...and i remember some other sections of certain songs being cool too, but I'll let someone else find them)
  11. Jerry Seinfeld: Alright, let's settle this once and for all. Geddy Lee or Glen Matlock, who's the better bassist? Jerry Seinfeld: Well, Geddy Lee is pretty incredible. I mean, the guy can play bass, keyboards, and sing all at the same time. That's impressive. Jerry Seinfeld: But Glen Matlock was a founding member of the Sex Pistols. You can't deny his impact on the punk rock scene. Jerry Seinfeld: True, but Geddy Lee's technical skill and musicianship just can't be beat. Jerry Seinfeld: Plus, Geddy Lee is Jewish. You gotta stick with your own kind, right? Jerry Seinfeld: Oh, come on, that's not fair. Glen Matlock could be Jewish for all we know. Jerry Seinfeld: Alright, you've got me there. But let's be real, Geddy Lee is the obvious choice here. Jerry Seinfeld: Yeah, I guess you're right. Geddy Lee it is. Case closed.
  12. I saw a billboard for a comedy tour (or something like that) she was on recently called "Grow Some Lips", and that was the one time she made me laugh. I probably wouldn't have laughed in a different setting; seeing that joke on a billboard caught me off guard.
  13. New Henshall single coming out in 6 days (April 12th) https://www.instagram.com/p/C5Yx-DvMt_e/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  14. tried him out several times and even have been personally recommended him since i'm heavily into shredding, prog rock, and jazz.. seems like he'd be perfect. I like a lot of it but most goes one ear and out the other. this thread inspired me to give him another try and it's good but i actually prefer his calmer songs. lately though, in general, i've been gravitating towards calmer/softer music. I've listened to half a dozen of his albums on spotify as well as some random ones on shuffle My favorite songs by him (so far)
  15. Sarah Silverman: Hey, have you guys heard of this band, The Mars Volta? Yeah, they're like the soundtrack for incels everywhere. I mean, seriously, have you listened to their music? It's just a bunch of guys screaming into a microphone while playing the most pretentious, self-indulgent guitar riffs you've ever heard. It's like they're trying to impress you with how complicated and obscure their music is, but really they just sound like a bunch of angry teenagers who can't get a date. And don't even get me started on their lyrics. I mean, what the hell are they even talking about? It's like they picked random words out of a dictionary and threw them together in a jumbled mess. "Sailing in a wooden shoe, across the ocean sea of flame"? What does that even mean? I swear, listening to The Mars Volta is like a surefire way to make sure you never get laid. It's like they're trying to push away anyone who might actually be interested in them. "Oh, you like our music? Well, sorry, you're not cool enough to understand it." So, if you ever find yourself listening to The Mars Volta, just remember that you're basically waving a giant red flag that says, "Stay away, I'm a total incel." And if that's the message you want to send, then by all means, crank up that awful music and let the world know just how lonely and miserable you are.
  16. This is how I'd describe all the best Yes songs and I've seen others say the same. I also think that they set this precedent for prog rock
  17. Sleep with your *** hole open Gripping your pillow tight
  18. Decent flick. A lot of parts were too edgy for my taste and it's a very "late 90's early 2000s" type movie. Fight Club, Memento, Donnie Darko, The Game. etc. The second half of the movie is better than the first, i was almost going to drop this movie I'm glad I didn't. It was an enjoyable watch. What I appreciated about this movie most is it made me more thankful for my own health as well as my family's.
  19. Never cared about Dune Never will
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