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  1. 8 string guitars sound cool but i dont like messugah that much tbh and that's bad for me because all 8 string guitars will automatically be equated or drawn back to messugah / djent.. but i dont really enjoy that stuff, it's haken who finally managed to warm me up to the idea of going even lower.
  2. you think John Petrucci will ever jump on board with 8-string trend? oh, i guess i need to listen to "view from the top of the world" again, looks like he did for a song.
  3. Don't Think Twice, It's Alright Tab by Bob Dylan | Songsterr Tabs with Rhythm
  4. ^ ultimately it's pointless to cover folk singer/songwriter songs anyway, they are the songs
  5. it's a postmodern world now so it makes sense to not try to make sense of anything and instead just take care of yourself above all else, yeah. just set goals for yourself and work towards them, that's all there really is yeah
  6. we live in a world where millionaires will off themselves we live in a world where peasants are as happy as can, content to eat from pig troughs just take care of yourself above all else yeah
  7. raising the hourly rates so you can deal with more pleasant people?????? hmm no that doesn't sound right i think you have it backwards if anything but if it worked for you then i am happy for you buddy
  8. alsfjep scheudle and a pointment for important work soon!!!
  9. robert fripp needs to learn to stand up for himself, he needs to learn how to tell his wife "no"
  10. like a bitter in a lonely room, all day long, right or wrong i sit waiting for the bride and groom, all day long, right or wrong
  11. it's not my least favorite king crimson album, but it seems to be the least important one.
  12. will robert ever be able to save himself? will the humiliation ever end?
  13. a great "double-feature" to go along with maggot brain
  14. Petrucci's already been mentioned but here's what's still his best solo imo: and in direct inspiration of Petrucci, prog-metal crazy/creative guitar soloing, Richard Henshall:
  15. here's two songs in particular i've been enjoying a lot recently, not sure about the players on the whole but these are great guitar-centric songs. next-gen yngwie, it's annoying how high the bar is being set for metal players now lol: makes me want to listen to more jazz for sure:
  16. PT never reunites, but 'The Future Bites' similarly never happens, and he goes on to continue to release several more Grace/Raven tier albums as a solo project. As time has gone on he's grown more bitter towards his own body of work and the fact that he never managed to become "a pop star like Prince", and he is no longer tongue in cheek with his self-deprecation, instead it comes off as unhinged and is a focal point of concern among the people around him. The year is 2025, Steven has just finished playing 2 sets with his touring band. His hair is grey, long (chest length), and he has grown out an unkempt beard. he no longer wears his glasses and, despite fan rumors, isn't using contact lenses, ("My ears are all I need; music is all I need. I'd rather not see..." -Prog magazine interview). Steven comes onto stage for the encore with an acoustic guitar in hand, and sits down on a stool, a single spotlight shines down on him, his freshly moisturized bare feet gleaming. Steven lightly hangs his head down in sorrow as he waits for the crowds cheering to die down. After a moment of silence, he utters into his microphone, "This final song is dedicated to the love of my life... Ninet Tayeb.."
  17. a very exciting day for me, still proud of it. thank you
  18. that ending zoom in shot of her blank expression, wow, isn't she gorgeous?
  19. yeah, most fans seem to really love this album but i just like it. i'm glad that Steven is doing something new with this "third era" of PT instead of just continuing where they left off, this just missed the mark for me in some places.
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