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  1. Sunroof not necessary. 392 = 6.4L. Do it, don't b ghey. Buy in a crazy color. Future collector piece, in a sense. That engine was a riot in my buddy's Jeep on 33" tires. Must be a real best in a car.
  2. I still think that some heads rolling would solve a lot of the "capitalism run amok" problems today
  3. In 1980 they predicted that computers were going to usher in the 3-day workweek Instead we get wages fighting downward and record corporate profits yay
  4. Maybe meet in the middle and try to keep one of the old ones around? The final Challengers (and fine, I guess Chargers too) are neat relics. Just don't half-ass it with some piece of absolute garbage like the 5.7L. 6.4L or bust.
  5. LABT doesn't like Miatas his wife might though
  6. Some 19 year old dude in college was pretty certain that automation was going to decimate every industry within a decade. I really doubt that in my industry. Too much unique "negotiating with uppity tractor town planning departments" for that to happen, frankly.
  7. Just had a blast camping and exploring a 50 mile mountain ridge road in the ‘99, but it’s just getting too old
  8. Always a good day when you can learn how to do the job properly, skirt a tradesman, and keep the money in your own pocket
  9. SOCN has decayed pretty severely i still like it just enough to participate, but the glory days were a long time ago
  10. "The Rise of Lonely, Single Men" https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-state-our-unions/202208/the-rise-lonely-single-men interesting headline, absolutely zero findings, statistics, research, anything in the article. A "men need to do better" nothingburger
  11. Girlfriend and I started watching a month or two ago, binged to the end of Season 5. We are thoroughly, thoroughly enjoying the show. Phenomenal. And neither of us has ever seen Breaking Bad. Didn't notice this until it was put in front of my face
  12. New PT has had some more time to settle it's ok
  13. We have a minimum flair count here
  14. The one in my signature is Soul Crystal Red Metallic looks great on all their cars
  15. f****t needs to bring his barefoot ass back to SLC again, been four years, I want more the remaining portions of pt he chose not to smother could come too I guess, not required
  16. September is gonna be a wonderful blur
  17. getting written out of the will without getting written out of the will
  18. Peggy’s virginity loss story might be the biggest piece of horseshit on KOTH nobody would do that
  19. Took the Miata out for a killer burn with the boys Wednesday night might do the same tomorrow morning
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