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  1. I’m loving the album and the bonus tracks. To me this the album that The Incident should have been and is far better than that album. There’s not a lot of new ground but you can really hear the difference between this and a SW solo album. Gavin’s playing is off the charts good too.
  2. I don’t like pop music.
  3. Justin Bieber has a condition called Ramsey Hunt. And any Cockney will tell you it perfectly defines him…
  4. Steven Wilson: 5/5: Hand Cannot Erase The Raven… 4/5: To The Bone 3/5: Grace For Drowning Insurgentes 2/5: The Future Bites
  5. Never heard of him and not a Rush thread.
  6. Sad news. A great Prog drummer. RIP.
  7. As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster. Ray didn’t have too many great roles but it would have been almost impossible to top his part in Goodfellas and the way he brought Henry Hill to life. RIP Ray.
  8. No one will ever better his Blade Runner soundtrack. Chariots of Fire is also pretty amazing. RIP Vangelis Papathanassiou.
  9. Thin Lizzy and Judas Priest should be higher. I might intensely dislike 80s Priest but they practically invented twin guitar heavy metal.
  10. And dodge the spit…
  11. Very sad to hear of Lorraine’s passing. Like many here I made an instant connection with her and we had quite a few private messages that still make me chuckle. We are a community of people who only really share Rush and rock music and not much else. But we all shared Lorraine. Rest in peace, your grace under pressure will never be forgotten.
  12. At least Rick doesn’t pretend he’s not heard it before like those “reaction” video channels. There is something infectious about all Rick’s videos even when his moaning about YouTube censorship.
  13. then the video wasn’t aimed at you…
  14. Me neither. I don't necessarily dislike that song, but I would hardly consider it to be Rush's best epic tune. It’s perfect, epic and pinnacle Rush 70s era.
  15. Belated Birthday wishes, pal. :cheers:
  16. Hi Lorraine, you are permanently in my thoughts. I can’t imagine what you are going through but take strength from the many, many people on here sending you positive vibes.
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