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  1. That’s too bad. I knew her though her recurring tv role as Rousseau in Lost. RIP :rose:
  2. So you're sayin' there's a chance?!?! http://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/images/jennifer-lopez-for-guess-2-1579039777.jpg?resize=768:*
  3. Trying to schedule a vaccine appointment here would probably be akin to trying to schedule a date with J.Lo
  4. Name 5 bands who’s music you would’ve loved Rush to play Pink Floyd Kings X The Dregs The Beatles The Brian Setzer Orchestra I guess that kind of did The Beatles with “Bad Boy” even though The Beatles was doing a cover of that themselves. Pink Floyd seems like a decent choice but biased since they’re my #2 band. King's X is a good band but I can’t imagine Geddy singing those tunes.
  5. Name 5 bands who’s music you would’ve loved Rush to play AC/DC Dillinger Escape Plan Bon Jovi Nirvana RHCP I can’t tell if that’s a joke. But let’s run with it. Which songs from each band?
  6. Name 5 bands who’s music you would’ve loved Rush to play
  7. I like Peart’s solo in “Hoax” (part IV in the trilogy ‘The gang of bangs’)
  8. Tiddlywinks or tic-tac-toe?
  9. I could’ve summed up my reply with one word: “What?”
  10. You guys have probably heard this before but if not, here’s Rik Emmett of Triumph [apparently with Peart] attempting Red Barchetta: http://youtu.be/mWwb_uRzo8I Imho, Emmett’s vocals in the context of Triumph are perfectly fine but Geddy’s vocals in all of their classics just can’t be covered.
  11. I skipped around and took in several seconds of select cuts. The “best” were Comfortably Numb and Sweet Child o’ Mine. :lol:
  12. But nothing beats a salty pretzel rod dipped in chocolate. I like a mouthful of salty nuts. I kind of figured you’d say “Nothing beats a Jersey wiener”
  13. I’d buy two more Snakes & Arrows then throw all three out! :P Real answer: Snakes...only has a few songs that I think are okay, the others I dislike or really dislike Bones...has a couple of songs I really like, the rest are forgettable or I dislike Test...has a couple of songs that I think are okay or good, everything else is forgettable
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