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  1. That’s too bad. I knew her though her recurring tv role as Rousseau in Lost. RIP :rose:
  2. So you're sayin' there's a chance?!?! http://hips.hearstapps.com/hmg-prod.s3.amazonaws.com/images/jennifer-lopez-for-guess-2-1579039777.jpg?resize=768:*
  3. Trying to schedule a vaccine appointment here would probably be akin to trying to schedule a date with J.Lo
  4. Name 5 bands who’s music you would’ve loved Rush to play Pink Floyd Kings X The Dregs The Beatles The Brian Setzer Orchestra I guess that kind of did The Beatles with “Bad Boy” even though The Beatles was doing a cover of that themselves. Pink Floyd seems like a decent choice but biased since they’re my #2 band. King's X is a good band but I can’t imagine Geddy singing those tunes.
  5. Name 5 bands who’s music you would’ve loved Rush to play AC/DC Dillinger Escape Plan Bon Jovi Nirvana RHCP I can’t tell if that’s a joke. But let’s run with it. Which songs from each band?
  6. Name 5 bands who’s music you would’ve loved Rush to play
  7. I like Peart’s solo in “Hoax” (part IV in the trilogy ‘The gang of bangs’)
  8. Tiddlywinks or tic-tac-toe?
  9. I could’ve summed up my reply with one word: “What?”
  10. You guys have probably heard this before but if not, here’s Rik Emmett of Triumph [apparently with Peart] attempting Red Barchetta: http://youtu.be/mWwb_uRzo8I Imho, Emmett’s vocals in the context of Triumph are perfectly fine but Geddy’s vocals in all of their classics just can’t be covered.
  11. I skipped around and took in several seconds of select cuts. The “best” were Comfortably Numb and Sweet Child o’ Mine. :lol:
  12. But nothing beats a salty pretzel rod dipped in chocolate. I like a mouthful of salty nuts. I kind of figured you’d say “Nothing beats a Jersey wiener”
  13. I’d buy two more Snakes & Arrows then throw all three out! :P Real answer: Snakes...only has a few songs that I think are okay, the others I dislike or really dislike Bones...has a couple of songs I really like, the rest are forgettable or I dislike Test...has a couple of songs that I think are okay or good, everything else is forgettable
  14. But nothing beats a salty pretzel rod dipped in chocolate. I don't like pretzels they seem too hard and inedible to me. What about soft pretzels?
  15. It's how some people get things done, unfortunately. If you enjoy the music and can look past the personalities it doesn't matter. I use my ears to enjoy an album, the rest is minutia. I couldn’t agree more. How many in Pink Floyd had egos too big for the band? One? Some? All? Never mattered to me as the music far exceeded any drama I might’ve come across.
  16. You don't understand that taste is subjective? Obviously this is all subjective, but usually it makes some sort of sense. Here in NY they have a top 1000 countdown of the best classic rock songs of all time. Stairway has won every year (at least 35 years). This makes sense to me especially given the older demographic of classic rock stations and how much people love Zep. I believe a poll done on this site voted Hemispheres #1 and as a fan for 40 years, I think what are these guys smoking? The album has only four songs and lets be honest Cygnus X1 Book II is a 7 at best. I was just trying to understand why people loved this album so much I'm pretty sure you still don't understand that taste is subjective :P
  17. I entered it and came up with too much personal info. It wasn’t a TRF thread that’s for sure. The only reason why I did it was to see if an obit would come up. I don't use google. I didn’t use google for what I found
  18. Yeah, I’ve mentioned it tons of times but I wind up talking to the wind. A lot of people seem to have issues with YouTube but I’ve got nothing but praise for it - Rush vids and interviews being a huge part of that.
  19. Maybe they're stunt doubles who are just standing in for the real McCoys.
  20. Where've you been too? Trying to keep sane. Are you voting in the poll? No. I've heard of only 5 of these bands. Consider yourself lucky. There are probably just 2 or 3 that I'd consider tolerable, and even that would be in small doses. Earl won't like this! After he posts about it if he even does that, he'll forget. He can barely remember his last name! All his energy goes to generating his daily spasticity!
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